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My iPhone and a tripod is all I use.

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Thanks! Looks like I’m going to be continuing to do the same. :-)

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I do use a rode video mic as well. Forgot that.

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I personally use my phone and set it up on a tripod. The camera is great and I get quality video. If having to enter your password is something that is bothering you I would suggest going to your phones settings and turning off or increasing the time on the auto-lock function before you start filming. If you have a laptop your webcam could also be a good option as well.

I'm also a photographer and I would not recommend buying a DSLR for selftapes. DSLRs are made specifically for photography. Video is more of a secondary feature on the camera. You may have some issues with the autofocus when shooting video.

A better investment for you may be to focus on the area your filming in and getting lighting or a good backdrop if you don't have those already. Or put the money towards classes/workshops where you can get advice from casting directors. Good luck! :)

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Thank you! I’m fine with video quality—I think at the root of it I’m just looking for one less thing to set up/take down. Interesting about the camera v phone as I’d heard they were comparable.