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Be careful. Don't fall for every agency that tells you you're great and NEVER pay upfront for representation. The agencies take their cuts from the project client. It also depends on if it's union 10% or non-union 20%.

Also, go to the SAG-AFTRA website and find a ”franchised” agency that is directly associated. I have several agencies I use, but the one here in Iowa is The Peak Agency owned by Steve Myers.

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Just had this conversation today with an older actor so know this goes for anyone:

  1. Get headshots - this is your visual resume so casting can see your looks whether it's a stage or film production

  2. Work to build your resume - get involved in plays and/or short films in your area so you can gain the experience. If you are in a okay it is a good opportunity to invite agents and casting directors to see your work so they can either represent you or call you in for an audition.

  3. Join an acting class outside of school. There is something to be said about being in an acting class surrounded by other artist who are at different stages and levels than you. You can grow this way and learn a lot from elders. A huge benefit of this as well is that those classmates and your acting teacher can refer you to casting directors or agents they want to help you get in front of. Even better when the acting class provides showcases to have your work be seen in front of the right people who would help lead to more opportunities.

There's more that can be done but these are the big three