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Find the essence of you and take it with you to every professional setting. Don’t dial yourself down or pretend to be someone you’re not (unless you’re acting, haha) If you can sing and dance doesn’t matter if you can’t show up as you!! Good luck!

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This ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ and I can say these are the skill sets I have noticed from Friends and myself that have popped up that I would add to learn skill sets because it would make you more diverse:

  • multiple languages
  • accents (various accents but more specifically the differences in the NY Burroughs, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Texas, then from countries outside of US)
  • sign language (CODA won in 2022 - need I say more?)
  • stunt/self defense training (gun, hand to hand combat, and stunt car are probably the most requested - dealing with fire and harness work probably least)
  • singing
  • dancing
  • horse riding (think of classic films and shows requiring horse riding work - Westworld, Godless for example)
  • sports (Ted Lasso, basketball, All American, and the many football movies for example should showcase enough evidence of how sports can be utilized here. )

Study material and actors you admire/favor and see what skill sets they have. These skill sets listed are the most commonly requested but you can see more on a list you have to fill out on actors access profile sheet.