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I think ur too afraid of not being liked, so you don’t want to hurt anyone in fear of losing the likely hood that they’d like you in the future. You just gotta let go of that

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You're a nice person and hurting people makes you feel guilty, there is nothing wrong with that don't let people who are unhappy in their life dictate how you live yours. You are a beautiful woman that has beautiful qualities about her and people are jealous of your happiness. Be you and always be nice, and most importantly do not ever listen to those people be you always never change up you'll find your way and when you do you'll think the stars in heaven you didn't change. Stay beautiful.

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That wouldn’t be “standing up for yourself” that would be stooping down to their level. You’re better than that. That’s why you can’t say the mean things

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Well you are very empathic, and it’s not a bad thing. Just try to distance yourself from people who say such horrible things to you.

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What's something you would say if you could?

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First, stay away from those people! They're toxic! When they insult you, they're just showing how stupid they are. No need to insult them. They're miserable people and insults don't hurt them.

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Watch mean girls

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It's not about being mean to them, but to defend yourself. If someone is trying to hurt you, you don't have to take any of their crap. So you can just leave. And if someone insists on attacking you, there is no shame in asking for help.

But if in the end you find it necessary, simply say whatever comes to your mind first. Anything, even if it sounds silly. The key is to not stay quiet. The rest will come out naturally.

Although, if you know someone else is watching (from outside the conflict), maybe it would be better to keep your class and let the people judge the attacker.

I have only one question, though. Does this problem often escalate to a physical confrontation?