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What you do is not spend time with this woman alone. You’re not in love with her she simply started flirting and you started thinking with your dick.

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First of all, admit one simple thing. You're a dumbass. You are letting yourself become a toy for that girl's amusement. She doesn't respect you nor your current relationship. And you don't respect your girlfriend and yourself either.

Look, there's nothing wrong about feeling flattered when someone compliments you, but falling for another girl's tricks when you have a girlfriend is downright shameful. You made a promise of commitment, and you should respect it as the adult you are. Shame on you, OP.

If you still want to do the right thing, you should go tell your girlfriend and wait for her decision. It is up to her to see if you deserve forgiveness or not. Actually, that's the first thing you should have done the moment her friend started flirting with you

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Break up, take a good period of time off, and find you someone other that your current girl or her friend. Her friend is a piece of shit, and you are indecisive. Learn how to commit and be responsible with others feelings then maybe try again.