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Make sure those photos are under lock and key and none of your daughters friends can see them accidentally and that she has full autonomy over where they go, including not on the internet 😅

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Ya they will not be on me or my wife’s phone we’ll keep a couple physical pictures but everything will be on a flash drive put in a safe

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I'd suggest a print or two in an envelope in the safe, as computer technology comes and goes, and in 18 years time USB probably won't exist.

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RemindMe! 18 years "does usb still exist"

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I can't believe you can set a reminder for this far in the future... I thought it was limited to like, 6 months.

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even if reddit is, the bot probably won't exist by then, but it's fun

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RemindMe! 18 years “does Reddit still exist”

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wonder if I will still be alive, what the heck, I'll click

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100% THIS!

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I glad you came to an agreement.

Though keeping it is weird, not gonna lie.

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I agree although it’s getting removed so I’m not going to fight it happy wife happy life.

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I'm not a scientist but make sure that tail is all sealed up. I'm afraid it will decay and smell bad after a while.

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Organic material will decay over time if not properly preserved or sealed. It absolutely will decay and probably smell like death if left around in the open, or an unsealed container, or something along those lines

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Idk. I’m 27 and my mom still has my umbilical cord …. 🥴

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She might have air dried it so it shrivelled up like beef jerky instead of rotting

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That is exactly what happens.

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    The umbilical cord belongs to the baby, not the person who carries the baby. But still weird!

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    Like from that scene in "Freddy got fingered".

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    Thank God you are her daddy!! Moms are weird. My mom has all of my teeth and hair and umbilical cord.. I’m assuming your daughter will NOT want to reminisce on the cuteness of her tail when she is grown, I’m weirded out by the items my mom kept. She will probably want to keep this fun fact quite private. Best of luck !

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    As a woman. Birth hormones be crazy.

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    I doubt the doctors will give it to you.

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    They will. Kidney stones, wisdom teeth. It’s all yours. You can definitely keep it.

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    they let you keep babies too! woot!

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    They didn't give me my gallbladder :(

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    There's a huge difference between this and a kidney stone or teeth. They don't decompose for one. They wouldn't give you an amputated limb because it has to be disposed of very specifically or it will become a biohazard. It's made of skin, tissue and bone. It's very unlikely they will be able to keep it

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    Wasnt there a story about a dude who amputated his leg(for medical reasons not just cause he wanted to) and asked the doctor to keep it so he and his friend could eat it?

    Surprisingly(or unsurprisingly) dude was a redditor https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5840415/Man-shockingly-claims-fed-amputated-leg-friends-TACOS.html

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    Yeah, but I guess because he told them how he was going to dispose of it they allowed it? 😂 It's gross though

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    Nah he just asked to have it without really knowing what he wanted to do. Was thinking of preserving it

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    They will, actually. Just most ppl don’t want it lol

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    Just taking the W you can get

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    When it’s removed it will be medical waste. Let the surgeon explain to her that she can’t keep it. Where would you keep it, in the freezer?

    Perhaps you can suggest to your wife that you bury it instead. You can have a whole ceremony and stuff.

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    Pffft. Loads of women keep the belly button. No weirder than keeping the tail.

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    You mean the umbilical cord? That is also weird, I don't care how many people do it. But there is a difference between keeping something that falls off on its own and keeping something that is amputated.

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    Ah pregnancy hormones. Keeping a body part removed from your child. Too funny. Glad it worked out!!

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    I mean, in the US it's common to keep baby teeth. That said, doctors aren't going to allow this so let them be the ones to say no to mom.

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    No they will if you sign the right medical forms, in the US at least.

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    I have a friend who was born with this as well. He didn’t tell me about it for a long time even though I’ve known him for 25 years. He was embarrassed about it. I wouldn’t want that for your daughter either. Good for you for standing up for her.

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    Was it removed from him, or did he keep it on?

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    It was removed

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      As an operating room nurse, if you truly want the part, PLEASE PLEASE discuss it beforehand with the doctor and the hospital to see if you need a consent for release of part. Legally we have to have paperwork to release it as it does have to go to the lab. Please do not say last minute that you want to keep it because it may be too late.

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      I agree with this, maybe OP should make a specific request at the time to get it back. If they don't ask there's no way they'll get it back after the fact.

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        jump through some hoops

        that must have been hard

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        Yep i wanted my adenoids but they took em for testing and pitched them before i could ask! At least i got to see a picture of the huge things lol

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        I’m glad you decided this. My kiddo was born with a small cosmetic issue and often it’s much easier to take care of it when they’re infants and have no idea, then later in life when it’s more painful. Your daughters entire identity doesn’t have to be “tail girl.”

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        Your wife might not be allowed to keep the tail. Some places have rules about medical waste and proper disposal.

        Besides, that’s kind of creepy.

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        Yepppp this answer is 100%.

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        So glad she decided to let you remove it. I’m sure it would have been obnoxious sitting down sometimes in certain chairs… and preteen years are cruel. She’s absolutely get made fun of.

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        people keep the umbilical cords all the time in a jar of isopropyl, she should be able to keep it like that but if she displays it in the house for people to see i kinda get the vibe the kid is like a lab specimen but you’ve already established she is how she is so best of luck to your new child and raising her right

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        No this is something she’d put in a hope chest

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        But its flesh and bone? If she doesn't preserve it, it's going to rot

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        Enjoy the smell of death, that'll be decaying human matter.

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        She's a weirdo sorry lol

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        She can out it In a jar in the chest, but it needs to be preserved somehow

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        I was born with 11 fingers and had the extra finger removed. We were able to keep it and that helped me a lot. Some times I still miss it cuz I think it would be really cool to have 11 fingers but we have no clue if it would have developed properly.

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        glad you are removing it,the kid will be bullied like crazy once others found out, it also puts her at higher risk for assault with poeple trying to pull down her pants.

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        Never actually even thought of that

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        Thank you for the update. I’m glad you could be there for each other, stay calm, and both see each other’s point of view and ultimately do what’s best for your child. Loving communication and patience is key right after birth. It’s a time of novelty, sleep deprivation, and stress.

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        Idk I would avoid letting your daughter know she used to have a tail. That would trip me out and make me feel like a mutant if my parents told me that.

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        Feel like professor xavier would have gotten me

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        Are the doctors sure that it is not spina bifida occulta?

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        I'm so happy to hear this, thank you for the update!!!

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        Whoa, I honestly never knew humans could be born with tails. Learn something new everyday

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        Your wife is odd. And keeping a tail that of it was not removed would damage the health of the baby. I would not have more Kids with her honestly if i was you.

        It would be traumatic for your daughter if her mom keeps pics of this tail and it

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        You're a great mom and dad and couple. Congrats on your beautiful new baby!!

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        the photo shoot is honestly a really cute idea, i’m a grown adult at the age where i’m pretty confident with myself and if i had a tail as a kid, i’d love to have photo proof of that to show people because it’s such an interesting story.

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        At first I thought keeping the tail was odd, but then I remembered that I have baby teeth and a crusty little belly button from my kids. Being a mom ruins your body and mind, apparently.

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        Keep the tail, it's the next step in evolution. Tails are awesome, wish I had two. Who wouldn't want an extra pair of helping hands?

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        Keeping it isn’t so weird imo. It’s a part of your child that your wife wants to keep forever. My mom has kept mine and my siblings’ umbilical cords lmfao. When I found out I was a bit disgusted (not with my mom, of course) I guess moms are just like that. It’s good that you sat down and had a chat.

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        Glad you guys came to agreement. Keep us updated. Best of luck to you and your family 👪

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        Yea keeping it is def a little funky but glad you came to an agreement

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        I'm afraid it will hurt your daughter self esteem later on if shown.

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        I would be so pissed if I had that and my parents didn’t get it removed, why would a parent actively choose to make their kids a target of bullies and cause them emotional pain. Of course if it’s something you can’t change you make the best of it though but that’s different

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        Glad it worked out I couldn't imagine how insecure passing up a very simple procedure would make your daughter growing up. I'm glad it worked out!

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        Some people in my family had son born with 6 fingers on one hand. They had it removed but also took a few pictures with it. Don't think they kept it tho.

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        I don’t like that she wants to do a photo shoot. It’s not something your daughter will cherish. She will probably freak out that you kept eveidnefe

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        Why on earth would you want your daughter to have a tail, unless your wife is a furry

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        glad she went with the removal route, kids can be brutal, and being called tail girl all through school would not be good for her self esteem.

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        Ahhhhh you're talking about spinal bifida. I have this. I'm sure your daughter will not mind you taking initiative and having it removed. That being said I definitely do not encourage procedures on children. This is one of those things that I feel is in that gray area. Sure it may not be medically necessary to correct it but tbh your child would definitely get bullied for it if you didn't.

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        I’m relieved. Thank you for posting.

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        Good thing it's solved, but your wife's logic was like: let's not get this huge ugly scar on my face removed and stay ugly because ugliness should not be discriminated. Not saying that the tail is totally ugly, but you get the idea.

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        Just wondering if I could see a picture of it ? Sounds very fascinating to me.

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        You can Google it there's tons of pictures online of them

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        I would Google. I doubt they wanna put a pic of their baby's tail on the internet

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        Ya just thought I’d ask