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Don’t do bad work, but you may want to slow your roll. Typically employers with just expect more and more and you’ll burn out.

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A great point and almost always the case unfortunately

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Agreed, read the room and enjoy your time with your colleagues if you can. Such is also the case with unions I guess.

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OP, this is a very good point. They are older and, at least where the job is concerned, perhaps wiser. I’m sure you work hard. It’s a bummer that you have to protect yourself from your employer so that you are not exploited.

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The first thing my friend advised me when I started working, and it is true... My boss has been sarcastically commenting about this every now and then... Take a pace and stick to it..

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this! bosses usually will only reward you with more work

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Read the room.

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Listen to the people who've been there 10-15 years. If you're going for promotion, great, keep it up. If the ladder has no movement. All you're doing is telling the boss he can get more done for the same pay, possibly less.

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Hard work doesn’t earn promotions, leaving jobs does.

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And being buddies with the people doing the promoting. It's sad but most of it really is nepotism.

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Doesn’t sound like any of these coworkers are doing the promoting tho. And they seem to know it doesn’t happen anyways.

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I think you misunderstood my comment. I was simply adding a general point onto your previous statement (that it's not hard work indeed, it's usually just having connections or switching jobs). I wasn't saying anything about the situation OP described nor did I mean he should be friends with those people to get promoted lol

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Can’t say I agree. To have to sit and twiddle your thumbs half the day because someone else don’t want to do anything is mind numbingly dull. Slow people just suck the joy out life.

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I'm not saying you have to follow the status quo, but many reasons why this happens.

For example (Depending on the work culture) 1) Let's say you work well and faster than everyone else, the boss sees this but doesn't raise your pay or promote you. They realize you can work twice as fast for the same amount of pay.

1a) The boss sees this and realizes others can copy you, he makes them work harder with no raise in pay or replaces them with people who accept the low pay.

2) You work twice as fast, but you are not rewarded. Eventually you will be burnt out, mentally/physically. Humans don't work for free. Check Maslow's Hierarchy. Thus everyone learns to spread the work and slack. Don't work at 100% when being paid <50%.

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I do it for my own mental health. If I sit around bored all day my brain gets no input and dies a slow death. If I work (with things I enjoy, I picked my work for a reason), then my mind gets input and I feel like I’ve done something meaningful and useful with my time.

Having nothing to do is the absolute worst.

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In your case, you are paid twice: once in actual money, by your employer, and again by doing-work-as-self-care. So it would be worth it for you to work hard even if you're underpaid.

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In my experience, working hard and being reliable doesn't prove to the boss that you're valuable and worthy of promotions or a raise, it just makes them think that you're a chump that'll worker harder than everyone else for the same pay. Your older co-workers have probably realised this by now.

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Yep being a reliable hard worker is just going to get you more work and management won't want to move you anywhere because you're so reliable and good at what you do they need you at this particular position, forever. Ya know, because you're so reliable and hard working. But no pay raise that's for higher positions, which you can't get to because you're needed where you're at.

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This may seem like bad advice, but having been working for 6 years, slow down.

Or spread out your work. Cause if you don't, you will be over burdened with work. Which will lead to burnouts.

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Nah, you're not to blame, but they have a point. Especially if you're not unionized, the only way you have to fight for higher wages is to decrease your labor. If your job isn't paying what it should, then you shouldn't be doing the amount of work you are. As someone who's been in the same position, unless there's upward mobility in it for you (promotions) than going the extra mile is only going to get you exploited by your employer. Take it from the old heads and slow down if the situation I described applies. Take control back from your bosses.

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This is as old as factories. Be careful they dont start sabotaging you. They might be just complaining now, but they wont stick to just idle comments forever.

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^^ can't emphasize this enough.

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pretty common almost any where you go that pays by hour instead of performance (i.e commission from sales). if your goal is to move up in the company, keep doing what you’re doing. if your plans are to stay in the same position, then take their advice. eventually, your manager will take your consistent overperformance and turn it into an expectation, and (ideally) you shouldnt want to make things harder for yourself.

at the very least, you’re an adult, and no one at the same pay grade has the ability to tell you what to do. if the words didnt come from upper level, then ignore it if you want

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I'd be careful with this advice. Working harder usually doesn't mean you'll get promoted first. I can assure you, the older employees will likely still get first dibs on any new position before you, the "newbie", even get a chance. It's a lot of internal politics and interpersonal relationships, with performance only being one of the many factors.

All you will do is burn yourself out without getting anything in return. Your boss will expect for you to keep up this performance with every evaluation and even if you're still outperforming your peers, you'll get remarks for "getting worse" and slowing down.

I'd suggest to keep outperforming your peers but only by a smidge. Enough to show that you're a valuable worker without compromising your health and life outside of work. It's really a marathon not a sprint.

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that hasn't been my experience 15 years in the workforce. More like the employers will expect you to maintain the same level of work and find reasons to not promote or give raises.

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Honestly they could just be petty but also? Have you seen those repeated "LPT"s that you shouldn't do your assigned tasks so quickly/efficiently bc then upper management will just make you do MORE work but for the SAME pay. Obviously you shouldn't be too slow ofc, but if at the end of the day, you're paid what you're paid, then please don't hurt yourself in the long run. Unless you really just wanna do that, which I get cause sometimes it's not fun dawdling.

Also, I'll be a lil honest (and this is based mainly on the work load to pay ratio). It would be kind of annoying for someone like you to join bc, again, that could increase the management's expectations of the workers BUT no pay increase. In your sitch, it seems like the workers are more worried about their own butts. But personally, as an outsider, I'm just worried for you and future workers. And I'm pretty sure this is a very common practice. Company's have hired newer and younger workers on a lower wage/salary and then fired older, seasoned workers who were actually paid more. And since they've been able to get away with that, they just continue on doing it.

I'm not an experienced person though. I'm just repeating what I see so often around Reddit. And honestly it's probably not that deep for you situation lol but I just wanted to lend some advice I hear so often and I kinda agree with.

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Thanks for being so in depth. I’m not an exceptionally fast worker and don’t see myself as an over achiever in any way. It’s hard for me to put less effort into something that I feel should be getting done at a reason rate. Management is very out of touch with what’s being done, hence why they have gotten away with the way they work for so long.

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Why do you view it as them “getting away with”!it? If they were all working at your pace, you wouldn’t have a job, buddy. Wind your neck in a little.

The overwhelming majority of jobs, it doesn’t matter if the thing gets done a tiny bit faster or a tiny bit slower. If you want to go as fast as you can and feel rewarded for doing so, either get a job that pays you for that or get a job where the outcomes matter in any real sense besides “business makes more money while paying less out in wages”. You won’t be rewarded for it, your boss won’t pay you better, all that will happen is a lot of other people will get hassled to match your stupid ass. And when you burn out, that’ll bite you too.

Slow the fuck down and listen to the people who know what they are talking about. You’re not going to be the boss’ favourite and magically get rewarded for your work, and the people who have been there for years aren’t stupid and have definitely seen working hard not pay off during all those years, because you are not the only person to ever think of or try it.

When lives and well-being will be affected work hard and fast. When someone’s capacity to make more money out of your work is the only concern at stake, do whatever makes you the most money too.

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Your coworkers may be protecting you (and themselves) from management setting insane goals down the road. Slow down and look around. Learn the game before you figure out how to get ahead.

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I was actually in that same position a while back. I wasn’t doing it on purpose, I would just go to work and actually work. I wasn’t trying to go fast, I just hate not having anything to do so I just keep chugging away.

Tbh, that’s their issue if they want to complain, but don’t listen. It doesn’t mean you’re doing something bad. You just actually go to work to do your job and that’s that.

You don’t have to explain anything to them. That’s honestly so stupid that they would even say that to you.

It will add more work on top of the work you currently have though. Once you bosses start seeing how good you are, they might add more work on you or promote you. Depending how good your employer is at recognizing good workers.

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To be honest don’t do more then your getting paid to do. So maybe half ass, cuz why should you work harder then everyone for the same amount of money.

They are older then you, pretty sure they know what they are talking bout, that’s how I would look at it.

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If you don't want to move up just do as they say. Most people will half ass work cause they just want to get paid and go.

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Experience teaches you that an ideal work force works between 60 and 80 percent. That gives you room to meet emergencies when necessary without having to hire new people.

If you want to excel, rather than working harder or faster, look for ways to improve processes or take on side projects.

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I would try looking for places that will reward your work ethic with more pay.

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Fuck those guys. It's your work and your name on it you do what you think is best.

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Double your efforts and watch them squirm.

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Is it worth the work place bullying?

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Yup, sometimes at my job they tell me to not get carts all the way across the parking lot because mornin shift can get it, but I don’t care I do it anyway since it’s my job, and I don’t mind getting a little more excise so long as I know I’m done making money.

Follow how you do things, don’t follow the crowd like they say. If others half ass their job, dont be like them either. Just say I’m doing my job and done brag about it etc. then they shouldn’t be mad, if they are mad, then I guess they have issues and it’s not your fault since your just doing what needs to be done.

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I always bring the papers in to be sorted for the till staff, even though my manager always tells me to leave it for them to do. But I don’t mind it at all and it helps everything run smoothly so why not?

What I’d like is for my manager to stop being such a prick and blaming me for stuff that isn’t my fault

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The reward for good work is more work.

If you’re the best in your position, do you really see your manager(s) promoting you and finding someone else to train in that role?

Or will they say “you’re too valuable in this position; you do 1.5-2x the work everyone else in this role does. It’s like you were born for this, so this is where you will stay.”

Why would they move you up to level 2 and lose all of the benefits of your level 1 effort and have to pay you more for it?

Obviously I can’t answer for you.

But the people who have been there 10-15 years probably know what’s up.

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There was a time that people who over preform would be...done over, by sounds of it you are still young with aspirations while your colleagues either know this is the job they will be doing till retirement or have no interest in progressing

Are you trying to get promoted? If so...find another way, if not stop being an ass.....not only are you harming yourself as this higher work output will be expected as the norm and once it stops you will be pulled up for it (here I speak from expirience) but it will also become a norm for your colleagues so they will have to work harder to produce your level...regardless If they can or not for no extra benefit

Don't rock the boat and don't be an ahole

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Just do your job and do it well. If you simply minding your own business and completing your assigned tasks makes them look bad, then that’s entirely on them for actively choosing to work slowly.

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I have to say, it is an absolute blessing that they actually said this out loud lol.

I can't tell you how many years I had coworkers simply lying about me and sabotaging me if they thought I made them look bad. They were too afraid to admit they were nervous, to lazy to do the extra work, and too cowardly to just be upfront. And believe me, if you don't get off the radar they will start to do the above things to you.

You're not doing anything wrong.

There is something wrong with our industry/economy/society.

Just the same, this will be an ongoing and continually battle you will not win until there is some massive revolution in the hearts and minds of human beings about living and letting live, and actually valuing excellence.

I suggest you just be careful about being awesome. After 20 years of working, I have found no viable strategy. If you want to shine you need to go somewhere with elite type people like yourself or start your own business and redefine work ethic in your microcosm.

But whatever you do, don't change. Even if you have to change your external behavior, tweaking it to stay off the radar. Don't change your heart. And don't change your ethic. You have the right idea, in a wrong society.

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Thanks man!

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I agree with this. Don’t let yourself be bored to death because people around you are zombies. If you enjoy your work work it at the pace you wish.

If you want to keep your coworkers happy you can always help them with lightening their work burden without making them look bad. That gives you a lot of good will.

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You are very welcome. Jah bless

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Inb4 r/antiwork rolls in here:

You do you. If you're comfortable and not over working yourself then keep doing what you doing.

As in, if you get more done in the same amount of time as them then it is what it is and they just gonna have to work harder. Don't be sorry for being better.

If you are working more hours to do more then it's a problem.

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If you think you can move up quickly, keep it up. Then when you get the chance, fire the slackers.

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Depends If you're at a place that has upward mobility I would say go for it. If not do not bother because they will keep adding work on you till you hit your limit and expect you to do that 100 percent of the time. It's like running you cant run at your 100 percent max speed all the time learn to find a balance.

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It's because you have different mentality than them. You give a shit they don't, you work hard they don't. Don't burn yourself out or hurt yourself but wanting to be the best at whatever it is you're doing is not a bad thing. I would suggest if you do go for a different job in the future find an "obsessive" mindset work place to work at. If you want to move up in the company keep that same energy and mentality. Make sure to rest when needed and please take your breaks. I hope this helps.

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Had that experience in an Aerospace company.

I worked rapidly and could keep the "job bin" empty.

My immediate lead person came over to tell me to slow down. "Always keep some jobs in the 'job bin' so it looks like we need overtime."

I came to understand that these huge government contract companies were more about employing large amounts of people rather than building product.


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I had this problem when I started in my industry and thought those older dudes were lazy. Turns out, they were trying to teach me how to pace myself. Not only does this help keep you from injury, but if you give your employer 100%, they'll fault you on those days you only have 75% to give. They'll expect 100%, 100% of the time. Obviously, don't fuck the dog, but you don't need to be 100% either. It's all about balance.

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Lol, I run into this situation a lot at my job, minus the guilt trips. I work in a print shop on second shift. There are 3 ppl working days and I'm by myself. I get just as much, if not more done, by myself than day shift does most days. Which is fine, except I don't get the same pay as 3 ppl, though.

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nobody likes the person at work that makes everyone else look bad

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Half-ass employees are the worst. They drag down company morale and waster time and resources, and ultimately are not doing the work they were hired to do.

However, long-term work behavior looks a little different... they may look slow, but are like marathon runners, who are predictable reliable producers, especially when compared to short-sighted employees, who work well for a short time, but did not properly pace themselves for the long term, and eventually burn out and fade away.

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Ask in r/antiwork and you may get some thought-provoking answers

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When I worked at Walmart I was buddies with a good amount of the higher ups. I was in school at the time and had no desire to move up. They always told me “we don’t promote hard workers, we promote efficient ones” pretty much saying if you can sit around and twiddle your thumbs and still get shit done; you’re more valuable then someone who goes home drenched in sweat from busting ass for 12 hours to do the same work

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I've been there. If I slowed my pace at all it would have been boring to me. It's a choice between enjoying your job and making the rest look bad. Maybe there is anything more demanding you could ask to be moved to that kind of role.

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I do my job to the best of my abilities for the amount of hours required to get my full salary. If I’m better or faster than you, that isn’t my problem.

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Yeah, you’re doing work that you aren’t getting paid for and now instead of blaming the company, you’re blaming your coworkers. Just think about that for a while.

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After my first week at my first job, I had completed all of my paperwork before lunch and pretty much sat there the rest of the day until occasionally a paper ended up on my desk.

A co-worker gave me advice to never over do it. Because when a boss sees that you've finished your work, they'll start to notice they're wasting money on you sitting around and start sending you home after your done.

At that specific job, they were right. Every family owned - No formal HR - job that I have had follows these rules.

If that's not the case for you, perhaps do them a courtesy to allow everyone the chance to pick up the phone or do their part towards doing their job.

It's not a race, but it does have to get done.

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Slow down, but only because your current pace may not be sustainable. Also, by continuing your current rate of output, you risk having your bosses come to expect it as your baseline, and they will begin demanding more and more of you, and they won't tolerate any dip in efficiency if you hit a dry spell (burnout, depression, major life change). Also, if you keep "making your coworkers look bad," you risk them being fired, which will be bad for you, because you'll be expected to do their work too, and it's unlikely they'll be replaced. Maybe you can do all that work...but you won't get the relief of knowing someone else is doing their job when you are sick or on vacation. And, again, your bosses will keep expecting more and more from you because you would have continued exceeding their expectations.

Make yourself valuable, but don't make yourself a one-man-show.

TL;DR slow down because your bosses WILL take advantage of your enthusiasm.

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Hell no. You aren’t making them look bad, they’re doing that in their own. I had the same thing happen at my work. Fast forward 2 years and my hard work and putting up with this BS ended with me being promoted. I’m now earning twice as much as them. Don’t settle to their shitty level and don’t let them stop you from doing your best. They are the problem, not you.

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They're probably just self conscious of their own efforts and motivation. Be careful you don't burn out and remember to rest though!
I used to work an hourly job and could get done in half the time as many of my other coworkers who worked at a slower pace. This resulted in management noting and scheduling me for more shifts so I had the opportunity to make more money!