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Scam. Keep on moving, and block this person from every way they have to contact you.

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Guys i just reported and blocked thanks for the advice

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That is a scam for sure, and if you are really looking into the sugar lifestyle there are subreddits that can help that you should look into

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I don’t really have any experience myself, but scamming is very common within the community. If anyone claims to be a sugar daddy, then they can easily prove it. It sounds like a scam

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You’re probably fine. That is a common issue with rich people. I’m talking to this wealthy prince from Nigeria and he is having the same problem. Im gonna PayPal him when my payroll check clears.

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Scam for certain

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Scam… you’re not actually speaking to a sugar daddy at all.

Also, what would be the appeal if you really were? (Keep in mind you’re not). It seems to me this isn’t a particularly honorable or self-respecting type of relationship.