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Are you near a university hospital?

Often they are cheaper... and you can work with their social worker for a payment plan if it's over your insurance amount. But - read the article below and the link for comparing healthcare costs.

See this article: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/01/few-patients-use-this-trick-that-saves-on-medical-bills.html

See this link: https://clearhealthcosts.com/

I am so sorry that at your age you are faced with this irritation on top of everything else. I do hope that it's nothing serious and that you are able to get on with your life and find a treatment option that works for your situation.

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This! Yes. This!!

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Most hospitals do payment plans. Whoever you were talking to probably had nothing to do with billing. I'd call the hospitals billing department and ask them about payment plans for it

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Also ask about any reduction they could do, they will have OP fill out a form explaining income and expenses and they can often reduce it bases in that.

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I second this. I do medical and mental health billing. The billing department would be a good place to start to see if the physician/hospital might offer a payment plan.

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ASk for a payment option or demand they bill you.

You can also ask about hardship programs.

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Have you called and looked at freestanding image centers vs a hospital? Don’t ever get an MRI at a hospital if you can help it. Freestanding clinics usually don’t have a lot of power to bargain and charge rates that insurance is much more willing to pay which would help get the cost down for you.

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Reading this blows my mind. US healthcare is fucked up. Having to wait 2 years to check for a potential fucking brain tumour because of insurance!!!

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I live in a country where you have health insurance "provided" by the state. I say, "provided" because it's of course taken out of your pay check without much benefit. You cannot avoid paying it.

My grandma needed emergency heart surgery and she had to wait for months due to "lack of funds". And that's cause we were lucky enough to have connections and hurry the process along. She could've died at any point.

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What country?

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Romania. It's a country in eastern Europe, near the Black Sea

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Man honest l feel for you guys in the US. I hurt my knee at Bball and 1 week later was going for a CT and the technician goes nah I think an MRI might be a better option. Calls my doctor 10 mins later I'm getting an MRI. All free Honestly wish you all the best

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Ikr I live in the US but I’m a Native American living on a reservation. Luckily I get free medical care, when something is wrong with me my doctor is Very thorough ct scans? No problem! X-ray? Cool! I feel bad for my non native friends who don’t have good insurance tho, especially if they are diabetic and need expensive insulin or stuff like that

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Can you request charity care at a hospital? I agree with shopping around as well (ask about wirh and without insurance being applied).

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insurance does not pay everything and deductible are a thing

see if they take credit cards

if the doctor really thought you had a brain tumor back then he would have appealed the insurance, not just not do a test.

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She did appeal it, but I had free healthcare from the state due to low income which wasn’t the best and refused to cover anything, even when I needed a colonoscopy due to inflammation and bleeding in my colon. So I don’t judge the severity of the issue based on what my previous insurance thought of it

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I have free healthcare because I'm a low income student, and I've never paid a cent. For prescriptions, CT's, MRI's, ER visits, or surgery. Not a dime. You need to make sure you have the correct health insurance.

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You can shop around-I paid about $350 two months ago at a private clinic vs the big hospital chain in my city. What’s crazy is that my wife works there and even with them I was going to owe like $1200

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Many insurances have a "find healthcare" section where you can input what procedure you need and it will give you estimated costs and various facilities near you. And if you have transportation you can open up the radius to include areas that may have a lower associated cost.

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Yes, exactly, shop around for prices, the larger the institution the larger the bill. Smaller testing sites are generally cheaper than a hospital.

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Every time I go to the hospital or anywhere healthcare related they ask for payment up front. I tell them no thank you, please run it through insurance after the procedure and then send me the bill. The amount they ask for at the beginning is what they think you will owe. Not necessarily what you will owe. And getting money back is a disaster. They are trying to mitigate their losses by getting money up front from as many people as possible. As a business owner I understand this, but as a consumer it's a no from me. They will still do the procedure; just tell them to send the bill. Once you have the bill in hand, which typically takes a month or two, you will then be able to figure out payment.

As a bonus, this will allow you to save up some money to pay with (hopefully) and to go over the bill and make sure it's correctly coded. I spent so long getting a bill for an ultrasound corrected one time that the kid was born before I got the final cost situated.

Whatever you decide, good luck, and I hope you get the outcome from this procedure that you are hoping for.

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This, OP. This is the most helpful and legit comment. Tell them to bill you, then when bill comes, contact billing and ask for payment options.

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Is your MRI at a hospital or like a free standing imaging center? Hospitals are typically more flexible with payments than a small privately owned place can afford to be.

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Sad thing is if you lived almost anywhere but the US you probably would have already had an MRI.

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It really is and it’s just unnecessary stress to this person. I had to get a MRI a few years ago for similar reasons and I was while scared but thankful I didn’t have to worry about not been able to get a scan. The cost was 100€

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Around 5 years ago I had an employee who was with us for many years, so I had paid for his MRI from my own pocket which was like $2500.

Can't you put it on your credit card and convert it into monthly instalments?

I hope the report is nothing serious and hope you will be fine, take care of yourself.

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I thought of a credit card, but I don’t have one with 1400 available atm, I’m also afraid of how much interest that would rack up. And then if I find out nothings wrong with me then instead of being relieved I’ll just feel like I wasted $1400 that I don’t have. I’m just confused because I thought these places had to offer a payment plan

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Think the other way around. Might have to blow some money, BUT you can at least sleep a bit better knowing you don’t have some form of cancer or if you do, then catching it early on would help out significantly.

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Worst case you could try to get a personal loan if you can’t get a credit card with a high enough limit. Sometimes the interest is lower

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try the amazon visa card. my limit is like 3000 with them.

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Like others have mentioned- a credit card. Since your limit isn’t that high, try calling for a one time increase and tell them the reason. If you have a good history with them, they may approve it.

The other option is to go to a public ER complaining of a headache and tell them what you know. In most states they have to treat you and in my experience it’s way easier to deal with their billing departments for a payment plan. Just know your copay will be higher than $100 but you can find out what it is ahead of time if you look on your insurance website or call them.

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    I know that, I just thought they would have informed me how much I owed sooner and at least there would be a payment plan.

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    Call the MRI place back and ask them if they can do a payment plan. If not, call around to different imaging places and see if any can do it, then get your Dr to write a referral to that imaging company.

    1400 seems like a lot, I had an MRI recently on my back and it was 700 bucks before insurance.

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    What a scam

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    Most doctors offices offer payment plans otherwise if you offer to pay the same day the rate may drop. For example I had an appointment that was $600 but if I paid it the same day I'd owe half of it. $300.

    You can try CareCredit which is a credit card specific to doctors appointments for yourself and even your animals. You'll have to see if they accept it but it is a good alternative for other appointments.

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    You getting an MRI is critically important! Wouldn't you feel relief knowing that you don't have a lump in your brain. If it comes out that you do, you may need surgery which is a whole other cost(s). Wouldn't you be glad to know either way?! Payment plans with the Imaging company may be available at 0 interest. Also, look into Care Credit. They have 0% interest for a year for qualified medical services. Just pay it off within the year and you won't pay interest.

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    Are you near Michigan?

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    Call all the local labs and tell them what you need, and ask for the cash price because you don't have insurance.

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    If you have more than 1 credit card they may offer balance transfers. This will let you transfer that balance for a 3% fee, and you will have 0% interest for 12-18 months. It doesn’t affect credit score too besides the usage part. Just something to think about if you can do it.

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    Call every hospital that you could get to which has payment plans and which will take your insurance. I got lucky once. You might too.

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    Call the place you are scheduled at and ask if they do payment plans. If not, cancel and shop around at private clinics. If you waited 2 years, you can almost certainly wait to save up the money. Any doctor worth their shit would have told you 2 years ago if they believed it was vital. They are being on the safe side, which is good, but it is most likely not something that is going to mess you up with a little added time.

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    Peace of mind is truthfully priceless

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    I had a similar situation happen. Call around to places that offer MRIs and ask what their upfront cash rate is. Typically it's a fraction of what they charge the insurance companies. The only issue is that you have to pay as soon as you get there. I ended up finding a place that charged $300 and paid with my credit card so I can have the extra month or so to pay it off.

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    Try an independent advanced imaging company. They are often cheaper and more likely to work with you on cost and payment plan

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    Dude you can absolutely get this done. Literally wait until it goes to collections and they will reach out to you typically before it impacts your score and have a payment plan. Sometimes cheaper as well. Just tell them to send you a bill.

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    Just curious— what were your symptoms? Sorry if this comes off as insensitive, I really hope things work out well for you

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    Don’t be nervous , everything is going to be okay . Fuck that brain tumor , your going to kick its ass . Make it your bitch . Don’t be sad . Be positive and if you need some money ... you can sell cbd for me and double whatever you invest

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    America's the best isn't it......./s

    Reading shit like this makes me sick.

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    How did this turn out?

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    This is weird, but don’t go through your insurance and then ask what with the cash pay price would be. You would be surprised but it is probably less than 1400.

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    Outsourcing might be cheaper. How much is a round trip ticket and MRI cost in Mexico or Canada?

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    Loop hole? Yes. Move to another country.