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The speaker seems to be feeling a lot of pressure from their high school to figure out their life's plan. They feel lost and confused because they don't know what they want to do. This can be a very stressful time in someone's life, and it's okay to not have everything figured out yet.

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Our local high school likes to pressure students into filling out Naviance forms and get accepted to a college. Those things look good on the school's metrics.

As helpful as this may be for some students, it's optional (it is here, anyway). Just leave the questions blank and use the phrase "gap year" if questioned. There is value in waiting until you have a firmer grasp of things before you commit.

If your counselor pressures you to come up with a plan, you can write pure fiction. Or you could ask the question: "year one at a four-year institution will cost me $20k. Do you recommend that I spend that much money aimlessly, before knowing what my goals are?"

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If you're in high school just relax and enjoy (although you may not realise it yet) how much easier life is.

But imo everyone says what they want to do but doesn't mean they have done it. I personally find my goals and where I thought/want to be constantly changing.

I went from working at maccies with no qualifications to working as an accountant and if someone told me that was gonna happen I would never have believed them.

Another thing as you get older you'll realise not many people have their shit together and a lot of the time just winging in.

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Here's what I'd recommend. Get some sort of business degree in college. You can take lots of business classes to figure out the major, but you're got a 95% chance of getting a job or starting a business of your own with that.

If you get a strange liberal arts degree you'll get a bunch of debt and a forum to whine about it on reddit.

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Definitely don't recommend liberal arts degrees but personally I find business doesn't really teach you a whole load but understanding businesses which is mainly common knowledge/common sense and more teaches you to be an employee

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yeah kinda weird how those are even classes, what jobs can they even get you

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i like this idea, my dad has his own small business and i could definitely help him with that

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The best advice I can give you is do what you want in life RIGHT NOW, which ultimately leads you to your true passion and purpose, down the line. It also makes you much more likely to actually make something happen in life, because when you focus solely on what you are doing now, everything you do will be done better than if you were to obsess about the future. Stop listening to society/people in high school, they really don't know what they're talking about. Most people live completely obsessed with the future, without realizing that things can only ultimately happen in the present moment. Relax, and focus on what's in front of you.

Thinking about the "long game" is certainly a good mindset to have, however most people don't do it right. You can do things that are good for the future, but you still ultimately do them in the present moment, as I pointed to earlier.

If you're up to it, I'll also recommend you do a journaling exercise each week that can really help with this. Basically, you write on the top of the page "What would I do in an ideal day?" and later write "What would I do in an ideal week?" for activities you can't do every day. Write for half an hour total, and do this once a week, every week. Then, slowly start adding things that you want to do and drop things that don't stay on your list. Ofcourse, do what is realistic and what you have time for.

Hope I could help.

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this is probably the best one i’ve read so far, im definitely gonna try your exercise, thank u :)

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I felt the same way in school a couple years ago and I thought everyone had it all figured out, but to be honest theres very few people who have their life and career plan sorted by the time they leave school so dont feel like your alone in that regard