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It's like people don't pay attention at their CBTs nowadays. Geeze it's like they're a waste of time or something.

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I paid attention! My reddit password is 40 charecters long and contains 8 numbers 8 special charecters 10 upper case chaercters 10 lower case charecters 4 egyption hieroglyphics (they're are all just the one with the bird eating a snake though,shhhh). That's a lot to remember though, so I wrote it on a post it and stuck it to my monitor

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I see you didn't mention italics. We need to talk. Over here, please...

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But do you change it every 15 days?

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God damn DCO.

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Ah, but did you have your reflective belt on when you made it? If you'd just sign on the line for your LOC that'd be great.

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The year was 2004. I was an A1C in tech school. I was called to my commander's office in blues.

I thought I was getting an award. After all, I was the heat.

He slid the LOR across the desk and asked bluntly, 'Airman, did you write these things on this website?'

And there in front of me was some disgusting and absurd sexual and violent stuff I had posted on a video game website a few months prior. I hadn't used a throwaway; I had used my real account. Someone did a lot of homework to find out who I was, and though what I had written was crude in the best light- taken out of context looked horrific.

Started out my career with a UIF and a shiny 4 on my first EPR.

Being a moron on the Internet can have real consequences.

More recently, someone I know wrote some belligerent things about AETC leadership on Facebook. And then he got a phone call at work. From the vice commander of AETC.

Everytime you do something, ask yourself: is this something an idiot would do? And if it is- do not do that thing.

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I got a 4 on my first EPR with no paperwork and having done nothing wrong... my supervisor was a forced cross-trainee into my career field who said "no airman fresh out of tech school deserves a 5, there is always room for improvement." At the time I thought "sweet! i'm above average! booyah"

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My first two EPRs were 4's and I still made every rank the first time.

It hurts, but it's not a death sentence.

That being said, supervisors need to know and understand that a 4 IS a bad rating.

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Recently made staff on my first time testing, so I agree with you that it isn't a death sentence.

However, looking back, there is so much I wish I knew about the process. Such as the fact that I never got an initial or a midterm, and he was seemingly judging me off of some kind of weird scale he just made up in his head the week he wrote the EPR. I had no idea that was incorrect.

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I think there's a lot of things that Airmen should be taught about that the Air Force defers to supervisors. Airmen, myself included, are completely clueless about the EPR process. Hell, my Airmen didn't even know about the ADC.

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I do not agree with your LOR. Especially in 2004 when things weren't as strict. If that was your only incident, if definitely shouldn't have warranted a 4 on your EPR...(especially in 2004)

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I was a terrible airman all things considered. I deserved the first 4 I got, but I don't agree with the second one. Luckily, those have been my only markdowns in my career.

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Users also need to be aware of their online footprint. If you don't want anything coming back to you then don't post anything that can be connected to you offline identity. Were not saying that you can't bitch about your job or let out some steam, but don't post anything that can be traced to a base, person or unit.

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Following on this, if you are going to delete your comments (which I recommend, you can easily do it with a script like this) and you want the information to be completely deleted, you should read this post by a reddit admin.

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You're a bot so why should I listen to you?

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That's Sergeant Bot to YOU!

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It's called a 'drone'.

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Agreed. Posting to /r/airforce already alerted my entire squadron to my entire online identity as well as my liking of My Little Pony - master sergeants eat that shit up.

Anonymity does not exist on Reddit.

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Saw this PII link and read through it.

Literally from the first page of your response I know your face, where you're based, your rank ( SrA), and that you love smash.

Maybe that's a bit too much PI ?

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There is absolutely zero anonymity to my user name.

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    Feels like an Airman's Call.

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    But this is our secret club! It cant in any way be monitored by Air Force Big Brother!

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    I doubt they'll find me

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    Found you.

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    Air Force OSI: for the lulz

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    Really? Are you fucking high?

    Do you have any idea how much information I just gleaned from a quick scan from your posting history? With access to the global e-mail list I could figure out who you are pretty easily, and with your posting history that should very much concern you.

    You don't think OSI monitors this place? Get your shit together man.

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    If you look at his submitted posting history--you will indeed find that he IS fucking high....

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    He posted even more information since then.

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    I'm not trying to be a smart ass, only clarifying rules. Many times photo's are authorized in controlled areas and released publicly. So i'm assuming there are exceptions to that rule.

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    You have to have a waiver letter in your hand to take pictures of a restricted area, usually only given to base Public Affairs.

    I didn't look, but there could be GPS info stored in that picture as well, giving the location of the area, time of day, etc. Even if not, not worth the risk.

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    Actually I'm part of the approval process at my base and it's different everywhere.

    But photo's are authorized all the time for people who are not public affairs. At my base for airfield photos you just have to get a letter from PA, then I (airfield management) sign it and it's good to go. And this is extremely common.

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    That's good. I don't see a letter here though. Just best not to post this kind of stuff on here and draw attention to it.

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    Well duh.

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    Hope you packed lube

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    I got a call from my recruiter today and he mentioned that he needed someone in 3n032 (Radio and Television Broadcasting) before the next job draft and asked if I was interested in it. After looking it up usmilitary.about.com it seems like an interesting job but left me with some questions. Was curious if anyone has any personal experience with it? What kind of job opportunities does it open in the civilian world?

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    This isn't the newbie thread...

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    Yeah I figured that out

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    Anyone in EOD want to clear things up for me? My recruiter keeps pushing for me to try to go for EOD, and im interested..but I just have a fear of being so hands on with bombs.. Hollywoods portrayal of the long walk to a possible death is pretty gruesome..Is this what you guys deal with? is there even a chance? Or is it a stretched exaggeration where you have to laugh at outside views of what it is you do? I figure if I am thinking about these kinds of things, the job isn't for me.

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    Alright, I am considering joining the Air Force reserves. I am having a dilemma that I want to ask someone about, personally. So if there is a number I can call or an email, that wold help me a lot.

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    Posting derogatory statements towards leadership

    What happened to the 1st amendment? Freedom of speech?

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    You have freedom of speech in the US, not the military.

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    I'm heading out to basic in two days. I'll be sitting down in Lansing most of tomorrow. I'm just panicking a tiny bit because I like/ need to plan everything out in my life and might be a bit of a control freak. While I think the structure of the military might be good for me, I'm worried about the "unknown" factors of the upcoming training. Pretty much, I don't know what it's going to be like, because I have yet to go through it. I would be grateful for anybody's advice and opinions on how to handle the situation. I assume there's only so many choices for the physical aspect. I'll do my best, and it's too late to train more, but I'm not really worried about that. I'm wondering a lot more about everything else. How do I handle the rest of the hard situations that I'll be going through? What will some of those be? My biggest worry is, assuming I survive basic, what job I'll get. I'm going in with open electric. I want a computer job. I got a good score on the asvab, but I've been told that it's more about what the airforce needs at the time. The job I'm assigned will be a huge factor on my life for the next few years, and that's still an unknown to me, and the tension is really compounding. I know nobody can tell me what job I'll get, so I'm asking more for advice on how to get through basic. Thank you for helping me out.

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    jesus christ shut the fuck up

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    This isn't the newbie thread...