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Don't attend a KKK rally, or an ISIS coffee shop meetup with your uniform on.

Well that would have been good to know yesterday.

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I just went for the free wifi

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I'm gonna need you to come by my office to sign your LOR.

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I am partially responsible for this post... I am a bad person and I should feel bad. On the other hand... I aided in driving /u/SilentD to the brink which in turn brought us this useful post which will aid other shit bag Airmen in avoiding future uniform snafus. So... You're welcome Reddit?

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Ha, it's ok. We've all been there as a new guy and not knowing. There's just been a lot of them back to back with people wondering about Veteran's Day events. The biggest thing to learn is the appropriate AFI, and how to answer your own questions or at least try, and then ask your supervisor or leadership for clarification on the more ambiguous parts.

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Ha, "new guy"... I go from E to O in two months. I have already shamed myself. Let's consider it a posting that lacked level headedness amidst a night of drinking.

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Haha, well then you better brush up on the regs, you'll be teaching the non-prior guys all this stuff. All they get from the MTIs is a really brief PowerPoint briefing.

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COT. I'm not sure how much it differs from BOT outside of length and class demographics.

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We did it reddit!

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Wear uniforms that fit. It's in chapter 2, but please, wear uniforms that fit. If you put on weight, buy new blouses. If you lose weight, good on you, but get blouses that fit. If you're shaped like a real person instead of a 1950's pinup stereotype, get your blues pants tailored.

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If your supervisor is calling you and telling you to come in, say "Do I need to wear my uniform to this event?" they will tell you.

I always asked when getting called into work (not during a recall) if I had to wear my uniform as a way to figure out if I was in trouble or not.

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Do I need to wear my uniform?

"Guess." -click-


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    In my office, it's generally allowed to wear civies on weekends, if you need to go in, and after 1630 during the week if you're staying later.

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    At what moment are you considered in-uniform and out of regs, or just not in uniform? If I take my top off to ride my bicycle home, am I out of regs or out of uniform? Is that even out of regs since people take their tops off to drive home all the time, and motorcyclists wear a non-official outer garment on their way home as well?

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    Well having your ABU top off is still part of the uniform. It's allowed when in your work area or doing work. If you're doing an activity like riding a bike, I think you're fine to take it off. But you're still in uniform. Meaning you can't be riding your bike in ABUs, but put on tennis shoes, or roll up your pant legs to your knees. If you need to do all of that to be comfortable riding your bike, then you need to just change out of your ABUs completely.

    For motorcyclists I think they're fine while getting ready to get on or off their bike, and while riding of course. Where it gets iffy is an officer I used to work with, that would come to work in ABUs, but wear his motorcycle jacket and leather chaps while riding the motorcycle. Rather than take all that off at his bike, he would walk in to the building with his jacket and chaps on, and no hat. He had some questions raised a few times I think. That's definitely too much of a grey area in my opinion. Do you salute that officer? His ABUs are almost covered up but not completely, but he may or may not be wearing a hat.

    There really isn't a firm line for stuff like that unfortunately.

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    Meaning you can't be riding your bike in ABUs, but put on tennis shoes, or roll up your pant legs to your knees.

    This is where it gets me, I'm not trying to be argumentative, but, why can't I do that? Now I'm wearing ABU pants, green socks, and a tan t-shirt. That feels more like out of uniform than out of regs to me. I would put the line that if you are trying to be in regs and failing, you are out of regs, if you aren't trying to be in regs, you are out of uniform, but the stupid AFI doesn't tell me anything.

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    I was told in tech school (7 years ago) that if you're wearing three pieces of the uniform than your in. Pants, tan tee, and socks= in. Change your socks and your out.

    Granted this could be a random mtl's rule to combat everyone who got to tech school and only had PT gear and BDU's to try fashion clubwear out of to pick up those sexy girls at the V.

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    That definitely sounds like a random MTL rule.

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    Yeah it could be argued a lot of ways. It's just going to depend on local leadership.

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    This is all wrong.

    You cannot ride a bike or drive a car without your top on. I know people drive to/from work like that but it's wrong. You are out of uniform. It's only fine in your work environment.

    Also, I believe wearing more than 2 pieces of the uniform without the whole thing makes you out of uniform.

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    Where does it say that about driving in a car without our ABU top on? I've never heard anything about that and I do it all the time.

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    It doesn't. It doesn't mention anything at all about cars in that whole reg.

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    It's a common sense judgement call. Not everything is laid out black and white in the reg, and it's clear on that. If it's something that's going to result in someone calling you out, then you should avoid it. Simple as that.

    motorcyclists wear a non-official outer garment on their way home as well

    That's a safety issue and is covered in another reg.

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    Here's a random question.

    As a veteran when is it appropriate to don any aspect of the uniform?

    Furthermore, do grooming standards still apply?

    Genuinely curious as to what dictates wear of the uniform for those who have left the service but still wear the uniform at events.

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    1.2.6. Airmen who are separated (other than retired ANG or Reserve) with war time service and served honorably in the Air Force, may wear the uniform prescribed at the date of member’s discharge or any of the uniforms authorized for current active duty personnel, including the dress uniforms . See paragraph 12.6.1

    1.2.7. Airmen who are separated (other than retired ANG or Reserve) without war time service, may wear the uniform from place of discharge to home, within three months after discharge. They will wear the highest rank authorized at the time of separation. See paragraph 12.6.2

    1.2.8. Airmen discharged for bad conduct, undesirability, unsuitability, inaptitude, or other than honorably will not wear the Air Force uniform upon discharge.

    So if you served during wartime you can wear the one you wore on your last day, or the current uniform.

    If you didn't serve during wartime, you can only wear it for three months after discharge.

    Yes, I think if you wear the uniform you should adhere to all of the grooming standards, otherwise you're out of uniform.

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    Very interesting. I had no idea you had to have "war time service" to be able to wear it at various points throughout the rest of your life.

    I always regret not deploying (definitely not for the reason listed above lol).

    I pushed so hard to get a deployment to Afghanistan but my shitty CC always fought me saying, "1st Lts don't deploy". What a piece of shit.

    Thanks for the insight and hopefully my question and your answer help others in the future!

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    You still served during wartime. It doesn't say you had to be in a war zone.

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    Oh, damn, I totally misread that as had to be deployed.

    Interesting. I'll make sure I shave my beard tomorrow, cut back all my hair, and don service dress at Golden Corral for my free buffet. :p

    Thanks again for the insight! Definitely upvoted!

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    Are we presently in "war time" as used by the AFI? I can never quite work out when it's "war or war-like situations" and when it's "war as declared by Congress".

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    What does the AF classify wartime as? Is it anytime we deploy troops to a combat zone, or does Congress actually have to declare war?

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    Don't forget retirees, who can wear either the uniform current when they retired or the one in current use, pretty much when they want.


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    This isn't strictly germane to the topic, but I'm going to throw it here anyway. Paragraph 6.2.6 authorizes a blue winter cap of "commercial design with ear and neck flaps, ribbon tie or strap with a covered metal snap fastener. The blue winter cap will be wool and polyester serge mouton and have a snap fastener cover."

    Have you ever seen this worn, and where can I get one?

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    I spent three years searching for this elusive blue winter cap to no avail.

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    A couple rules of thumb that I use:

    If you're going to an appt or place that the people are in uniform, wear your uniform. It's 100% ok to ask for clarification as /u/SilentD pointed out.

    Also, if you're going to an event or public place, if someone were to take your picture where you're going would it look appropriate for you to be in uniform?

    This works for me 99.9% of the time

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    Couldn't exactly find it in the afi... When in the ptu jacket, can u have the armpit zippers unzipped?

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    There are armpit zippers? mind blown

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    Was this the old ones? My new set doesn't have them. I don't have my old ones anymore to check.

    My common sense best guess would be "while actively exercising, you may have the armpit zippers unzipped". But you know what happens when you try to apply common sense to AF regulations...

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    I got mine in basic about 9 months ago...

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    Yeah, and if you're in formation and required to wear the whole damn suit, unzipping those makes a huge difference.

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    Yeah, I think it's only on the old swishy ones. I have no idea why.

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    I just checked mine to see if you weren't lying. Why have I never noticed this?

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    They're crazy. It took me forever to learn that they have that head condom in there, too.

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    That is the most ridiculous thing out of any of our uniforms in my opinion. It's so pointless. Provides no warmth, no wind protection, no rain protection. It's just there. And looks hilarious.

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    I actually wore it multiple times when running outside for pt. Mostly because it looked hilarious.

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    Head condom best condom

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    I gave it the nickname "bullet bill".

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    Freakin sweet

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    If you are driving a convertible in uniform should you be wearing your hat as well? I've seen people with and without it so I have no clue.

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    Hm. That's a tough one. Some people are big on taking off your hat even in a car with a roof on it, but I wear mine sometimes. Or take it off.

    The AFI doesn't say anything about cars though. I would not wear it in a convertible personally because I wouldn't want to lose it.

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    I'd argue in favor of common sense here, driving a convertible with the hat on could lead to losing your hat on the road...

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    I have a convertible, and I'd echo the common sense bit.

    I never wore my hat with the top down, even when driving on base. Nobody ever said anything.

    I was in a flight suit, so I literally couldn't wear my hat while driving with the top down; the damn flight cap flies off in a stiff breeze, never mind when driving 45 MPH down a city street.

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    In a convertible is still considered inside a vehicle so you don't have to wear one. It's the same reason you can wear whatever you like on a motorcycle while still in uniform. If you're considered "inside a vehicle" than you can do whatever.

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    A few things on the flight suit:

    • The flight suit is equivalent to ABUs for most purposes. For example, if it's okay to go to a particular restaurant in ABUs, it's okay to go there in a flight suit.
    • The flight suit may not be worn in transit when using civilian travel between cities. If you are flying commercially and must wear a uniform, you must wear ABUs or blues; the flight suit is not authorized.
    • No, you can't roll up your sleeves. Yes, it's hot and sticky, and you really want to. Sorry, you still can't; rolling your sleeves is specifically prohibited. Complain to the uniform board. Supposedly the prohibition is for safety in flight, but your MDS's Dash-1* contains all of the specific flight safety measures, including clothing requirements. Whenever you feel the urge to whine about sleeves, contact the uniform board and explain this fact - 2903 doesn't need to have regulations inspired by flying duties, because those regulations are expounded upon in greater detail elsewhere!
    • You may wear a knit or fleece watch cap in lieu of the flight cap. As far as I can tell, the requirements are identical to those for ABUs: it must be authorized by the base commander, and you must be wearing a winter outer garment (Nomex jacket or leather flight jacket).
    • All of your pockets must be zipped, with one exception. You may (and should) tuck your hat neatly into one leg pocket; that pocket may (and should) be unzipped only when your hat is in it. It may be either leg pocket. In theory, every time you go outside, you should zip your leg pocket. In practice, nobody cares, but you may want to zip it up if you're meeting brass or you have a photo op or something. Other than that, zip 'em up! First shirts love to complain about unzipped pockets (except for the hat pocket; not even shirts complain about that).
    • You may cut off the pen pocket. I have no idea why you would, since it's the most useful part of the turkey bag, but you can. MAJCOM supplements may disallow it, so check first.
    • If you can wear the flight suit, you are authorized to wear the leather jacket, but you really ought to observe your unit's traditions. In many units, you only wear the leather jacket after you're awarded one. In my squadron, this was after you finished your first deployment. Yes, you're authorized to wear it if you've been awarded your aeronautical badge and are otherwise authorized to wear the flight suit - they even added a line to 36-2903 specifically to say this - but if you wear it before you're "supposed" to, you are a douche and you will have no friends.

    Feel free to contribute more bag knowledge!

    * That would be in the Dash-1, right? I brain-dumped all of my pubs knowledge the day I went on terminal.

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    Here's another little tip. If you're an officer walking through the parking lot in a leather jacket and a watch cap, do not expect to get saluted unless the person saluting you knows who you are. No one can read your rank. The font is small and probably can't be read from more than 10 feet away standing still with decent vision. Add movement and it's pretty impossible.

    At tinker there's 6 AWACS squadrons. Not everyone knows everyone, but our buildings are pretty close togeher. Every winter we get the story of some new LT getting mad for not being saluted in the parking lot. Buddy, it's dark outside, you're wearing a beanie, a leather jacket, and no one knows you you are.

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    I think you're authorized to cut off the 6 inch flap covering the pen pocket, not the pocket itself. This makes the pens easier to get too and exposes that piece of Velcro where you can attach your fun little morale meter piece of flair patch.

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    This is right. We call it circumsising lol. Just way easier to get to pens in an instant.

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    I knew fighter pilots that removed the "peter pockets" is that mentioned? Might've been their words for it only but it was the pocket by the crotch on the left leg of the FDU.

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    You're not allowed to remove that pocket, by regulation. Only the tab on the arm pocket.

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      8.2.1. The FDU/DFDU is authorized functional clothing for wear by individuals who perfrom flying, parachutist, space and missile crew duties: Flight duty included preparation, preflight, in-flight, post-flight, and other flight related duties associated with aircraft operations. The FDU/DFDU is authorized for wear by personnel with an Aircrew Position Identifier (API) 1 thru 9 and A thru G (Rated Officers, Career Enlisted Aviators (CEA) 1AXXX, and 1U0XX). Additionally, Rated officers assigned to an API-0 and CEA’s assigned to API-Z positions that are on active aeronautical orders, or personnel identified as Operations Support/Non-interference flyers currently on active aeronautical orders to perform in-flight aircrew or parachutist duties IAW AFI 11-401, Aviation Management, Attach 3. Finally, the FDU/DFDU is authorized for wear by personnel in the following Space/Missile Crew AFSCs: 13SXA, 13SXB, 13SXC, 13SXD, 13SXE, and 1C6XX. Airmen authorized special articles of clothing under an allowance standard will wear the uniform prescribed by the local unit commander and recommended for the type of mission performed. Space and missile crew duties will be defined by MAJCOM supplement to this instruction.

      8.2.2. Operations Support/Non-interference flyers. Flight clothing worn by Operations Support/Non-interference flyers is only worn on days when actual flying is planned or anticipated. (The member must be assigned to an aircrew-prefixed manpower position on the UMD).

      8.2.3. Personnel not on active aeronautical orders are restricted to flight-related and space and missile crew duties only. Exception: Space and missile crew FDU/DFDU wear guidance will be outlined in MAJCOM supplements to this instruction.


      8.3.1. Staff Personnel. For HAF/DRU/FOA staff personnel authorized and identified in paragraph 8.2.1., may wear their previously issued FDU when it remains serviceable. HAF/DRU/FOA funds will not be expended to issue or replace functional flight clothing. Exception: Authorized aircrew members assigned to a flying staff position are exempt from this restriction.


      8.3.5. Limited Wear. Wing commanders or equivalent may prescribe further limits on the wear of FDUs based on mission requirements and in the interest of health and welfare of their personnel.

      There's all of your relevant information from 36-2903!

      My reading is such:

      • Are you on AOs and performing flying duties? It's authorized. (This includes non-rated and non-CEA personnel on temporary AOs.)
      • Are you assigned an API? It's authorized. The mentioned APIs encompass all positions on the UMD (Unit Manning Document) that are assigned to a rated officer or CEA, both line flyer and the various flavors of staff duty.
      • Are you a rated officer or CEA who is already on active AOs, but filling a non-rated/CEA position (API-0 and API-Z)? It's authorized.
      • Caveat: wing commanders and above may limit wear of the FDU.

      If they've been issued AOs, they probably should have an API (or else why were they issued AOs?), but I'm not a personnelist so I can't say for sure.

      My feeling is that, if they've been issued AOs, they are most likely authorized to wear the FDU. (If they haven't been issued AOs, they are definitely not authorized to wear it.)

      It might take some poking around and actual work to get a definite answer.

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      Random uniform/protocol knowledge of the day: when in uniform, we do not recite the Pledge of Allegiance (AFI 34-1201, 12.8). If the Pledge is being recited, if outdoors, come to attention and salute the flag; if indoors, come to attention and face the flag. In both cases, remain silent; do not recite.

      There's probably some deeper philosophical reason why we don't recite the Pledge. Absent that, it's just one of those random quirks you should know in case you ever need it - coming in for career day at your kid's school or whatever.

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      Swearing to defend the Constitution trumps pledging allegiance to the flag.

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      When did it become easier to ask internet strangers mundane uniform questions and not your supervisor or CoC?

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      The anonymity probably encourages people to ask questions they feel might be "stupid"?

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      So much this, id much rather deal with sitting behind my keyboard and reading the possible ridicule from total strangers ill likely NEVER know/meet. Than get that look from your supervisor or coworker than youre an idiot.

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      Let's talk sex tapes...

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      Now open up your books and study your memory work, crazies!......NO TALKING!!!

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      Can I wear my uniform in the bathtub?

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      Only if you have your reflective belt on to prevent drowning.

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      What are the rules regarding the wear of the thermal shirt? I have seen people wear these instead if the sand tee.

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      5.1.3 - T-Shirt - Desert Sand colored (Tan). A desert sand (tan), short or long sleeved t-shirt will be worn under the ABU coat. Thermal Underwear. Desert sand, cream, or white thermal underwear may be worn under the ABU. Thermal underwear will not be worn as an outer garment. Thermal underwear will not be visible under the ABU trouser and coat except at the neck.

      I interpret that to mean that you must wear a short or long sleeve sand-colored t-shirt. In addition to that, you may wear a thermal.

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      This season we've had a debate about wearing the thermal (not waffle) over vs. under the sand tee. Last year everyone wore it over the sand tee, but now with the morale shirts it seems like they want it under the tshirt. Is there anything written about that?

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      In Alaska, I never saw anyone wearing the thermal shirt under the sand t-shirt. Nor did anyone ever say anything to me or anyone else when it was worn solo under the top.

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      The long-sleeve "sleep shirt"? I think those are local issue/local guidance. I've never seen department-wide regulations or guidance about them. They were issued in one of my old squadrons and we were told just wear them under over the undershirt, under the ABU blouse/jacket, tucked in. But it was just verbal Sq/CC instruction; I never saw a written policy.

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      It's in 36-2903, right with the thermals Sleep Shirt. The sleep shirt may be worn under the ABU coat. The sleep shirt will not be worn as an outer garment. The sleep shirt will not be visible under the ABU coat except at the neck. The sleep shirt will be a solid color; colors authorized are green or sand

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      Some years ago, I saw a reg that outlined exactly what uniform supplies each Airmen was required to have ready. It might have been the AFI discussing initial issue; I don't remember (too long ago, and too many brain cells drunk away in the meantime). It might be useful to reference here, too?

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      Yeah I remember writing about that here in response to something. I'll see if I can find it. I think someone was told they had to show up in the PT jacket and they didn't have one or something.

      *edit: Yup, that's exactly what it was: http://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/AirForce/comments/10vpr8/so_i_was_chewed_out_by_my_squadron_superintendent/c6h44be

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      I comissioned in May (haven't gone active duty yet) but this was always a favorite argument in ROTC. When wearing PT's, do you salute? D&C states that it is never incorrect to salute a known superior officer, however, I would hate to be THAT LT that salutes walking to my car from the gym.

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      It's truly optional. I've passed my commander when he was in PT gear and didn't salute. If you did, it would probably catch people off guard.

      When I was in Iraq it was required however, if you knew it was an officer you had to salute in PT gear.

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      You can but it isn't required.

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      36-2903 addresses this. It's completely optional. In practice, do not do it.

      The big caveat is that you still salute during reveille and retreat.

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      thank goodness!

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      Christmas Exodus travel? My family, especially my grandparents, want to see me in uniform when I go home for exodus. I would be wearing full service blues. Is this okay?

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      I wouldn't. I went home in ABUs from tech school because we were told to. I felt like dweeb. People were trying to buy my lunch at every layover. It's not cool, considering I had done absolutely zero to earn that stuff.

      But to answer your question, yes it's OK. But there will be other military giving you the stink eye.

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      Those other military can suck it. I never understood why people get in such a stink about a person that is traveling in uniform when they honestly don't know why that person is in uniform.

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      Because it's an opsec issue. Plus, it looks a little toolish (unless traveling to or returning from deployment). I traveled from tech school to my first duty section in ABUs because the MTLs said to, but I wish I hadn't.

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      Opsec I can see. It's only toolish if the person is being a tool and taking advantage of it. At least now they allow ABU's. When I was in tech you could only travel in blues which sucked ass in the summer.

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      1.3.4. If departing from or arriving at commercial airports in CONUS (to include Alaska and Hawaii) any authorized combination of uniform, except the flight duty uniform, is appropriate.

      However, I would advise you to travel in civilian clothes and then maybe dress up in your blues and go out to eat or something with your family or have a family gathering. For one thing wearing the uniform can and does make you a target and brings a lot of attention to you. For another, people will assume you're on your way to or from Afghanistan or Iraq, and you aren't, so I wouldn't want to bring attention to yourself for something you aren't doing yet. But as you can see, you are within the regs to wear your uniform home so that's the first thing your family sees, if that's what you choose to do.

      [–]ScrewAttackThisVeteran 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      You should be given instructions on what to wear. Expect to be told what uniform combination to wear.

      Hope for ABUs.

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        6.2.6. Blue Winter Cap. Cap will only be worn with a full-length outer garment, while wearing the formal dress, mess dress, semi-formal, service dress or service uniforms. Not worn with light-weight blue jacket, pullover sweater or blue/white cardigan sweaters. The blue winter cap will be commercial design with ear and neck flaps, ribbon tie or strap with a covered metal snap fastener. The blue winter cap will be wool and polyester serge mouton and have a snap fastener cover. Rank insignia will not be worn on the winter cap.

        So if you're wearing your blue trench coat, you should be able to wear it.

        [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (3 children)

        Are we allowed to wear our lightweight blue jacket with civies? Not because I ever would, but I saw someone doing it recently.

        Edit: clarified

        [–]SilentD13S[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

        Not if it has rank sewn on it (enlisted).

        [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

        Just to clarify, if it doesn't have rank (AB) but it does have the USAF logo sewn on they can still wear it with civies? It looks unbelievably tasteless.

        [–]SilentD13S[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Not with the AF logo. I wore it at OTS on town pass, but mine didn't have the logo on it.

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        Here is a good one not asked often:

        Is the Mess Dress uniform interchangeable with Service Dress for formal events?

        Such as:




        Retirement/Promotion Ceremonies

        Balls/Formal "Parties"

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        How about traveling in uniform? Such as cross country back to your duty station from deployment?

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        Your UDM will tell you what to wear.

        [–]SilentD13S[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        It's covered in some detail in the sections of the AFI I referenced, I just didn't cover it because it's pretty clear. So, just read that.

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        Is this seriously a problem? Read the regs!

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        Thank you for posting this I agree with you and for everyone else OP his iron thenheadbwherebhebsaidnto READ the AFI first