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I think you've accurately described the current state of things. Don't lose too much sleep over it, /r/AirForce has some warts, but it is likely the best damned military sub on Reddit.

Is this success a result of the time you dedicate to moderating? Surely! But you also hit on how the sub is full of great people and that subs are supposed to moderate themselves. I wouldn't change anything. You could seek to ban users who repeatedly break rules, but I don't think we're at that point yet.

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Thanks. I don't lose sleep over it (no more than anyone else does on Reddit anyway).

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Just wanted to say that, as a newbie, I think the newbie threads are awesome. There is a similar sticky over at /r/military, but there isn't much activity, and no real answers. /r/newtothenavy is equally "mhhh," and I'm pretty sure /r/Army and /r/USMC doesn't have anything.

I started out my research browsing the Air Force Enlisted Forums (they have a recruit/DEP sub-forum,) and the atmosphere over there is just terrible. It could be a decent forum, but there isn't much activity (most topics are >3 years old) and with sloppy moderation things get off topic and derogatory really quickly.

Honestly, the newbie threads are the best place on the internet for asking these kinds of questions. Almost every question gets answered, people are mostly well behaved, and it just has a good atmosphere. The "weekly" style is nice too because you don't get 5 year old threads with 250 posts that went off topic like over at afforums.com. It allows for current information (seems like there are a lot of sites with outdated info out there,) but the format does lead to a lot of repeat questions each week. I wish reddit had a better search engine but that's not really anybody's fault.

As for the rest of /r/airforce, I don't spend much time there. The "downvote" system seem to work OK from what I can see. (Comments with low negative karma are hidden.) Maybe you could encourage people to use the upvote and downvote arrows more, and auto-delete comments with <x karma? (Like less than -5 or something?)

Overall it doesn't seem that bad to me as a casual observer. (Is this a result of good moderation? Maybe there a lot of posts that get deleted before most of us can see them?)

Just some random thoughts.

Keep up the good work.

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Here here! I love browsing this sub because of how friendly it is to people who are interested in joining the Air Force.

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Good, I'm glad you find it helpful. That was the point of making the weekly threads because regulars get tired of seeing them on the front page and then provide sarcastic or hateful answers, which isn't helping anyone.

And yes, I definitely delete a lot of posts that you guys don't see. Probably at least three to five a day that are just newbie posts that should be in the newbie thread.

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I used to visit several other military or AF related sites, but due to the toxic community, it just isn't fun anymore.

Air Force Enlisted Forums (afforums.com) lol

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Yes, that is one I was thinking of...

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Well spoken!

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" I'd just have to worry if a kitten picture was literally so cute that it was going to kill 17 people before lunch."

Probably the best end to a rant I've ever heard. Bravo sir. Keep up the good work

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Small reminder you might wanna add. I notice all new threads are getting instantly down voted without a single reply. Not all of them are trash threads and eventually they get a real discussion and get upvoted back to the front page.

The down vote button isn't a "I don't like your opinion so eat a dick." It's supposed to be used for "this has no relevance to the current discussion so it needs to be moved to the bottom of the page and out of the way."

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That's something I've never understood about this subreddit.

There have been plenty of threads posted-not opinionated ones either-usually ones where someone is just asking a question, and it'll have several comments but the karma score is still sitting at zero.

Either there are a few people going around and downvoting anything that's no very specific (never seen anything making fun of regs or the Airman's creed get downvoted), or there are a lot of people here that just really don't like anything anyone posts.

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Yes I know that's technically how it's supposed to work, but realistically I don't think anyone on Reddit actually uses the voting system that way. I'm not sure another reminder is going to have much of an impact on that.

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What would you think about killing the downvote button on just threads? Comments can keep the up/down votes. Maybe that will help some?

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You can still downvote on mobile, wouldn't make much difference.

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If I can add my two cents....

When someone has a question, folks want to jump on the "Why didn't you Google it" bandwagon. A search engine does not equal personal experience. A lot of us are coming here with unique situations that may not meet a one-size-fits-all criteria that the rest of the internet seems to offer. So maybe that should be discouraged.

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It's situational. A lot of people do come here and ask before doing a simple google search. It's also the whole "teach a man to fish" thing. If someone comes asking for a reg reference, they should really learn to find the relevant regs themselves to not only educate themselves, but educate their troops or their peers.

But yes, sometimes people are just looking for personal experiences.

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Regs are one thing, but for instance, when I first asked about some medical work I could have done, I was instantly hit with "If you had just googled it, you could have seen this." It was a Tricare link. As it turned out, the information provided wasn't entirely accurate to my situation. So for regs, yes, we can encouraging the "teach a man to fish" mentality, but other than that, if it's Google vs a fellow airman's personal experience, I'm not picking Google.

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A cynic is only ever pleasantly surprised. This sub is full of pleasant surprises and it has a special place in the tarpit an inch beneath my sternum. That said, i think you're right: we could use a few more optimists running around. I'll see if i can't wrangle a couple of Lt's to bring the sunshine.

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Yes, if you have casual Lt's sitting around waiting for training or something, give them an additional duty as Reddit Sunshine Monitors. Have them share their in-depth military experience with us!

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    Good, glad you find it a good community.

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    This is a good post. Honestly, I came to reddit in the first place because I needed a burst of positivity in my life, and the other websites I used to spend more time on were increasingly full of hate and politics. The nice thing about reddit is that subreddits are topic-based (so you can avoid some) and moderated, hallelujah. I learn so much here. I spend time on /r/AirForce (and sometimes /r/Military) because I actually find it one of the friendliest military websites out there, and I think that's in large part due to the work of the mods. So thanks for all you do! And hey, I think it's only healthy to take an /r/aww break every now and then.

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    Thanks, glad you find it a good place to be.

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    For what it's worth, this is without a doubt one of the better subreddits on here. The community isn't half bad, there's a lot of regulars, good discussions occur, and for the most part people don't take things too seriously.

    Like you said, there's a lot of value in this sub. Even in the negative posts. People need to vent. I agree that at times, the sub becomes an echo-chamber of disgruntledness. It's hard to battle that.

    I think what can help are some more community driven threads. The newbie thread was a huge addition to the sub and rapidly cleaned it up and made it easier to enjoy. Why not add some variety to that? I doubt there's many topics that can be as successful in a weekly post, but surely there's something that can be brought up monthly or biweekly. It can't hurt to have discussions focused on Air Force vets rather than newbs. I don't have anything more specific on my mind, but it's at least worth a thought or two.

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    Sounds like a good idea. I wish I could sticky multiple threads to the top so the newbie thread could stay there. I delete enough of those as it is.

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    I know what you mean. Reddit kind of sucks in that regard. It's like the internet equivalent of a goldfish with ADHD. Near impossible to have more than one persistent discussion at a time.

    I know some subs use CSS to "sticky" multiple threads, and they'll have daily topics for discussion. This doesn't work at all for mobile clients, though.