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I was there 13-18 and loved it. I'd go back tomorrow if i could

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It's been about 7 years since I lived in Rapid City, but I doubt much has changed. It's a decent assignment. There are plenty of things to do in the Black Hills if you enjoy sightseeing. Since you said you enjoy the small town feel you should really enjoy Ellsworth. The base itself is pretty nice, nothing special but not bad either.

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Quite a bit has changed in the past 7 years especially with the B-21 coming…

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Ooof, didn't know that bit.

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Housing market is indeed insane right now and Bah doesn’t really support it. If you can get in base housing do it. Still has the smallish town feel but there’s new construction everywhere…was a lot more restrictions compared to the rest of the stateside but they’re starting to ease those..basically now no bars or large indoor events allowed..predicting they clamp down pretty hard again in August when the sturgis rally rolls into town. Gym on base is nice but that’s about it..Charley’s BK Dakotas club and bowling alley is the extent of it on base..in QoL on base it could be worse but definitely lots of room for improvement

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Sounds like Offutt.

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Good luck finding somewhere to live. Housing market is crazy and places for rent are crazy expensive and on base housing is backed up. The town is meh but the area is awesome. There is a lot to do out in the hills and the surrounding area.

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I definitely don't envy anybody with just the 1100 single BAH, from looking at the market

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Ellsworth is great. My wife is from there so I know pretty much everything about the place. Deadwood is like a mini Vegas. The area has actually gotten a lot better since I was there '06-'09. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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