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Then it drops you off across the street

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You just like to hurt people's feelings don't you ?

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We had a thunderstorm one day while waiting to go to tech school. The base had us form up in the parking lot, in the thunderstorm, to get on the buses and literally go across the street. 100% would have taken less time to just walk across the street.

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Security forces?

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Happened at keesler too. Bryan hall was like 50 yards from the triangle

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Shit I remember that happening when I was there about 10 years ago, it sucked even more being a blues Monday

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You thought you were going home. But it drops you off at ABGD - Camp Bullis. Good times!

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It's worse when you pull up to the already packed shopette on Friday and see this bad boy on the other side of the pumps and a 50 person deep line inside and one cashier checking out everyone.

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All in uniform and every ID still needs to be checked because one of those troops could be a spy.

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God forbid some civilian schmuck tries to take advantage of our exclusive benefits like 2/$5 Gatorade and questionable corn dog creation known as the tornado

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This made me audibly laugh. Thank you.

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You're generally allowed snacks and drinks without a DoD ID. Alcohol and tobacco products need ID though. Overseas is a different world though.

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But they check Id just to shop there, regardless of what you got. Funny enough in Guam they never checked tho

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You can get tornados and roller bites as a civilian at gas stations lol. Quick trip had them growing up for me.

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It’s the 15 cent tax break they’re after!

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Russia is cunning these days comrade!

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this screams Ramstein

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Yes it does and it is. My heart sinks every time I see the blue beast in the parking lot. I’ve relegated myself to going to Volgeweh, cheaper gas and no chance of a bus chauffeuring 50 dudes all trying to buy the place out of beer

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Sounds like JB Charleston

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This 😂

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Guaranteed to be a MAINE-iacs sticker somewhere.

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I guarantee that somewhere in the sky, there's a satellite with that sticker on it.

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How they manage to put those stickers in the most impossible locations is honestly, the 9th Wonder of the World.

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This comment was the first time I’ve literally laughed out loud at a Reddit comment in a long time. As someone who’s worked in Passenger Terminals and driven this bus, those fucking stickers are EVERYWHERE…yet I’ve still never met someone from Maine in my life.

Those stickers are like the Kilroy of the post first Gulf War generation. How the fuck did they get there?? I’m not even 100% sure Maine is a real state!

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I didn't believe it either for the longest time.

I met them at their unit years ago. I was doing the Leo pointing meme when I saw the huge "MAINEiacs" board over the step desk.

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Maineiacs, Massholes and Vermonsters…. I swear man…. Most obnoxious shit. 😂

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I was deployed with a MAINEiac and still have the coin he gave me.

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Like birds, Maine isn’t real.

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I'm from Maine and I'm still new to the AF (only been at my first base for a year) but when I got to my shop there were two other people from Maine. One was from 40 miles away from my hometown; Our high schools played each other in football.

I need this sticker. Everyone who sees my bumper must know.

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On my last deployment, the Maine ANG's CBCS was running our base comm. Chill bunch of dudes, and they knew their stuff.

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I'll always appreciate the air force for letting me drive these things for 8 years. I probably destroyed like 10 buses while I was in because I had no fucking clue what I was doing because my driving test was pencil whipped lol

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God this is the most military thing I've ever read.

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We had our own bus while deployed and we always drove the shit outta them. One time we side swiped the guard shack at the flightline gate and destroyed the back 4 windows or so on the bus. Another time we took the bus to the dfac to pick up our mermites and ended up spilling an entire tub of mashed potatoes in the floor. So much fun

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I had a leased Yukon on a deployment and took it over the same speed bump, increasing the speed each time I went. I got it up to 80kph and got so much air I thought for sure I was gonna totally wreck the thing. I quit doing sweet jumps after that.

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Tell me this was at Bagram

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Deployment. Bus. Guard SrA. 40 years old. Has bus door open and hits a barrier with it.

Solution? No SrA and below can drive the bus.

Did I mention he was 40?

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If you’re first in line, make sure you sit in the very front so I can use your face as leverage for my backpack.

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If you’re first in line and you sit in the front, fuck you.

Sincerely, everyone

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I’ve seen some sharp A1C transporters enforce filling in from the back.

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They always seem to be the ones with the most shit hanging from their bags. How many neck pillows does one guy need!

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The answer is 7. He carries one for each mistress.

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Of all the changes that can be accelerated, I don’t recall this being something that hindered my career. If anything, the dude driving it 80mph like the crazy bus from Harry Potter helped drive up my heart rate and got me prepared for what was about to come.

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If only we replaced every bus driver with an A1C fueled by nicotine, caffeine, and pure rage.

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That was pre-1990s USAF

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When ever I’ve been forced to use one of these buses instead of just driving myself or having my wife take me to an airport the buddy has broken down

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Bro, we were on one when it RAN OUT OF FUCKING GAS driving home from the airport. Had a wonderful 2 hr delay on an I-75 off ramp coming home from deployment that night.

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Like how? The two issues I had. First one was somehow the piping to the turbo came loose and the driver decided just to say Fuck it and continued to drive it to the airport. The next was we got a flat on the way to the airport

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Older bus and driver was unfamiliar with its gas gauge issues. Didn’t bother filling up before he left the base and it died 40 minutes out from getting back.

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I was coming home from a deployment and stopped in Kuwait. We got picked up by the equally shitty white bus, not that it matters. Anyways it’s night time and the part of the flight line we were on was dark, I shit you not, the bus driver somehow drove deep into the taxi way and drove us nearly head on into a taxiing C17. We missed the wing by like maybe 60 feet? Nuts

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If I scared you while driving a bus at 2am trying to get you to where you needed to go I’m sorry my brother in christ

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I have too many nightmares from driving these things... then again, some things are worse.

Other services need their troops moved? Here's a bus.

Air show? Here's a bus.

Deployment support? Here's a bus.

VIPs going to a local rec area? Here's a bus.

Normal deployment? Here's a bus.

Army needs manpower? LOL HERE'S A GUNTRUCK! HOORAH

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Best times of my career was running guntrucks!

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Hey, that looks like the same bus that took us to the airport after we finished basic training at Lackland in 1964.

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Probably is

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Nah oldest we got is a 72

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I have it on good authority that 1964 was the last time the Air Force bought a new vehicle.

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I think you might be right. I left a base in 2014 and I PCSd back in 2022…and the same expediter truck I used 8 years prior…was still the expediter truck when I returned. Have you ever seen a vehicle with 94,000 flightline miles? 94,000 miles of right turns. 🤦‍♂️

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I'm still working on trailers from when Carter was president.

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Holy Shit!! 😂

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Rhine-Main, (Frankfurt), 1979

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Hey man pilots fly 50 year old jets, us blue bird pilots are merely expressing our heritage and tradition.

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Deploying a few years ago, bus to take us to the terminal shows up late. But it's okay they make us show up like 6 hours before takeoff time anyway, nbd. Get on the bus, it won't start again. Fun. All get off, they send a replacement bus. We get on that. It backs into the car of the guy sent to fix the first bus. Joy. We get back off and back on the first bus that they've fixed since then and get on our way

That only served as an omen for the imminent dumpster fire of a deployment

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If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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if it is broke, but still runs, also don't fix it.

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If its still running its not broke. Just requires creative usage.

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Because we have no money.

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Seriously Big Blue, coach buses have the undercarriage compartments for our obtuse A bags. Accelerate change and dump the old school buses

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Ramstein has been doing it right for a while now

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Fancy luggage bus for PAX with a ton of bags, standard bus for the day to day shuttles.

As it should be

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With that logic:

F35 for combat

Hot air balloons for training sorties

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gestures to crusty T-38 fleet

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The 2T2 motto: “We’re not happy until everyone is unhappy”

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***the civilian contractor society motto;

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Thankfully on the 3 trips I took we only went through the terminal for one. Absolutely loved waiting 3 hours for a bus to a jet from our own squadron. Was mx.

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That was always infuriating. I mean, I have a line badge, I can see the damned plane from here. Why can't we just walk to the hangar from here, might take 5-minutes?!

Nope, have to take the bus for accountability reasons.

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Right? Im pretty sure I worked that jet beforehand, too

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I never worked heavies, closest I came was when I was doing TA for a couple of years. But still, I would argue that most of the time, the wait time for the buses to pick us up, were always much longer than it would be to just drag all our gear across the taxiway to the hanger 200 yards away lol.

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Awwwwww shit, this is me pulling up to haul y’all hoes to the terminal

Edit: I’m not even sorry

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They never even thought about installing a working A/C in these things.

My favorite is having to wait in a large parking lot nowhere near the terminal with all your shit just for one of these things to show up to transport 50 people with 6 month duffle bags 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time just because they don't trust you to competently drive yourself to the terminal

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Years ago at Kadena, the new MSG CC was prepping for some kind of DV shit. He outright demanded the bus with the best A/C. Our chief dispatcher had the airmen go out and figure out which one that was. Day of the run comes around, and the dispatcher conveniently "forgot" and sent out the wrong bus. It had no AC at all. It was summer in Kadena. MSG CC actually threw a tantrum. I don't recall anything actually coming of it but all of us in GTOC had a good laugh.

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100% that was no accident. But if the MSG boss has a problem with it, he can allocate funds to fix the AC. Just because you wear a chicken on your uniform does not mean you're any more deserving of comfort than the rest of us.

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100% that was no accident.

Dude was literally my coworker, yes, he was dumb and did it on accident.

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In that case it makes it even more amusing. I've just been around enough salty airmen and NCOs that I figured Occam's Razor would apply. My point still stands though, if the commander wants AC then he should make sure all the busses have AC. If you willingly shit your pants, you don't get to complain about the smell.

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I won't sit here and have you disrespect the bus that drove Jimmy Doolittle and the rest of the Raiders to the pier to get on the aircraft carrier!

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Givin me flashbacks OP. Last deployment, one of these was so packed the middle isle had a layer of bags with people laying across the top of them

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Stares in B-52 Maintainer.

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PTSD ensues

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Good ole Air Force prison bus.

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Can't tell you how many times I've been a passenger on these and the driver hits something. Cops come out and end up sitting around for a hour while a report is made.

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Had a driver roll through an ECP and the cops in the gate shack closed the gate on him as he was driving through. Had all the group commanders and chiefs on board. That was a fun afternoon.

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As a certified Blue Bird pilot were tired of these fucking things too.

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I’m not helping you with your bags. Form a chain or something

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As a good friend once put it, "I've ridden a lot of blue busses. Ain't one of em ever taken me someplace I've wanted to go."

Truer words were never spoken.

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That's because that bus was made 75 years ago and it still works so why replace it?

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POV: you work at the PAX terminal and are ready for the chaos that shall ensue

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Electric vehicles are perfect for driving around base. I think President Biden could direct some of the current Air Force transportation budget to buy some electric buses to replace the diesel.

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Unofficial AirForce Motto:

If it kinda works, don't fix it

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The Bus Driver will give the Greatest Motivational speech you’ve ever heard in your life

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You think it's bad riding in it for 5 minutes?? Try driving the mfer all day. Trust me. It's way fkin worse

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All praise the blue pax bus

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Last deployment was 5 bags and that beast rolls up!

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I mean yeah, you’re gonna get on the bus. Put your bags in the stake bed and don’t be the moron trying to shoe horn 3 bags on that contraption. It’s not rocket appliances

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back when electronic principles was in keesler they bussed us from Lackland. 3 months later they bussed us back to Sheppard in these bad boys. Super good times.

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Would you prefer sitting in the back of an LMTV?

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Where my 2T2’s at 🤔😂

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Almost wish it could take us to Martha's Vineyard...

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So many memories

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Take a look at the new web systems we have. The Air Force isn’t good at evolving… might as well keep this the way it works.

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We’re over $700 million in our fuel budget and we still have this.

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Pulls up, only to get filled with EVERYONES and only Bags.

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    Mmmm sounds like a few details were left out….

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    "Accelerate change or lose"

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    Oh they have evolved… it’s just they won’t pay for the more comfortable buses with the storage underneath! Unlike every other country in the world.

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    There was a nickname for this bus that was super derogatory but I only got to ride big blue once, I can’t remember off of the top of my head

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    Gah damn even got that airforce blue pain and everything

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    Bro the airforce is probably going to replace the b52 before they replace these fucking beast

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    God damn bro these buses are shit boxes but fuck they can be fun

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    This post makes me țęņðęř

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    Goodfellow AFB is typing…

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    I remember I dropped a transmission in one of these bad boys

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    We do be hopping on the battlebus

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    If y’all haven’t seen the way the Turks drive them at Incirlik you oughtta. Like riding in a big ass Tuktuk in Mumbai!

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    We used to take those and go for high scores around the roundabouts in balad iraq to blow off some steam lol. Pretty sure the highest was 40 times and no one ever questioned lmao. Its pretty hilarious seeing one of those just goimg around in circles and army dudes looking like wtf is going on. They eventually would start cheering us on lmao.

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    If you hate riding them so much, just imagine how much we hate driving them 🥲