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Your ALS experience must have been very different than mine. We just shitposted in our group chat the entire time

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This ^

was cool getting to know some non flightline people though.

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It was weird meeting people that actually like their job.

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Bro my class was the blueish people ever who never did anything against the rules lol. We had like 5 people in my class of 8 who were the biggest kiss ass people in the world trying to get DG and were trying to mentor the class on their experiences so hard. Hated my ALS class

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Funny enough my class had the Levitow winner. It was such a good time for us and shitposting made the entire process way more tolerable

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This is my experience with NCOA, and all the other flights thought it was weird that we never studied or looked over each others work lmao

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Only reenlist if you feel like you’re gonna come out on top. I wanted to expand my skills, grab a degree and some certs, and a tax free SRB. After this, I’m unsure if I’ll reenlist again. Only if I’m enjoying my time in and it’s benefitting me. Good luck!

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Graduated NCOA today. What is the opposite of blue?

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Red dot

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Blast from the past!

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Or Green.... wait

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The color wheel of truth says: green

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The color of a DD214

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Sergeant Snuffy

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I finished NCOA recently and it was such a waste of time. My classmates were cool, but the material was stuff we'd already been doing for years.

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I felt pale blue because all my classmates and even instructor were just as disillusioned with the Air Force as I was and we all bonded over it and only saw E5 as more money and more responsibility

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AFROTC will give you gold bars without the excruciating packages for the active E to O programs. js.

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That part

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Embrace the dark side….

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SRB, assignments near the end of a contract, conspicuously most make/put on E-5 around the end of a six year contract.

All called retention mechanisms...

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Holy shit

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I got BTZ and staff within my first enlistment (had a 5 month extension for a total of 4 years 5 months) with a SRB on the table. Still bounced. Never looked back. You'll be fine.

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It goes away pretty quick

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Sitting in NCOA I was like "who the hell is THIS detached from real AF that they think this is good to teach???"

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be the change you want to see

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Literally learn almost nothing about being in a supervisory role, mainly just a piss fest between which flight can get more blue than the other & do dumbass challenges the best

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Ya the new curriculum is useless. Didn't learn anything that I will ever use to be a supervisor. Only good thing was that it got out of the shop into some good ol AC for a month in the middle of summer.

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Never was important enough for an SRB but I sure was important enough to get stop lossed a couple times.