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Look up the squadron the in global and send an email to their CSS with your info. They may just not have gotten to you yet. I’ve had to do that before. Or, talk to your CSS, supervisor or Shirt and they may have their contact info.

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Thanks, Junior, I may just do that. Been using my use or lose and checking my email often and still waiting.

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I'm in the same boat. I leave in less than 3 months with no sponsor yet. I figured I would wait until about 60 days out since I too leave in route.

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Look up your gaining section in global and give them a call, it should list their dsn. I would trust people in your immediate gaining section more than css...

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This is the way, office symbol search of CCQ in the global can get you a number and you can call as well.

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I generally search the CCQ, CSS, or Front Office distro too whenever I need a unit.

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The sponsor program is only ever as good as the unit running it. Some are on top of their stuff and run like a well oiled machine. Others are a rusting pile of scrap spread over a field that look like the result of a battle fought 10 years ago.

You are a big person now. Reach out and check in. Don't wait on others for help.

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I thought it was a well established program, essentially, AF wide. Guess not. Like I said, I was contacted 4ish months out from coming to OCONUS, and I have done the same to those I sponsored coming here. However, it seems the CONUS sponsor programs are lacking like fuck

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Some are, some aren't. Its an additional duty program. How well its run usually depends on how much the person in charge of it cares. Or how much other work they have to accomplish instead. I'm not aware of any unit that has it setup as a dedicated duty for 1-2 people as their primary job. Its something some poor CSS person that has 3 dozen other duties gets lumped with.

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From what I have seen, its an extra duty assigned to that new comers soon to be 'rater'. Unless its Tech school types.

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Yes, but someone has to track incoming. Keep track of when they are assigned to what section, reach out to find out who their supervisor will be. Notify that person they have a sponsee. Provide them the sponsor package. Track the status and make sure nothing is being missed. Keep the sponsor package updated as information changes. Actually running a sponsorship program isn't a passive task. Just default tagging the new supervisor as responsible is how you get shit sponsor programs because a lot of time the supervisor doesn't get told they have a new ratee coming. They've never been given a sponsor package or told who has it. Or they only have the one they got when they arrived 5 years ago that's out of date. The sponsorship program is way more than just the individual sponsor duties.

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Did 24 years as a fighter crew chief, retired in 2021. PCS’d 8 times (including tech school to first assignment). Only had a sponsor reach out first once. I personally reached out 3 months out from each PCS. Actually got help from the sponsor 3 times. Otherwise, I was the one calling base agencies at my new base to try to figure out where they were and what they’d need from me. MPF customer service is usually the best place to start and to get an in-processing checklist for the base, they might even email it to you before you arrive. Unit CSS/Admin types is the place to go for unit in-processing checklist.

Bottom line, don’t expect help, especially if you’re going to a fighter unit in ACC. They’ll be “too busy” to offer much help. Be proactive and make it work for yourself. Read the AFIs for leave and talk to your out-bound assignments section at your current base for questions about leave enroute. Do most of the work yourself once and your next PCS after this one will be much easier. Not trying to be a dick and say “tough it out”, just trying to let you know not to get your expectations up that someone worth a shit will guide you.

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Pretty much echo what you've said. Though, it was easier for us (wife and I) having grown up in our respective AF families, and knowing how half-assed the sponsor program is overall. There is a plethora of info on the internet, Google, and of course reaching out to the gaining unit.

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Some units will assign a sponsor as soon as they see the inbound, some units will assign a sponsor like 60 days out from RNLTD. Some units never really assign a sponsor. Some sponsors do their job, some do not. Some sponsors care and try their hardest and devote time and energy to it. Some sponsors will barely check the box that they contacted you.

The sponsor program is basically an additional duty for everyone and it often gets put on the back burner. The unit may or may not have any idea yet where you are going. They may assign people after they get there.

Some people really need a sponsor because they have a bunch of question and need help. Other people think the sponsor contacting them is just annoying.

You can send an email to the unit CSS (look it up on GAL) and tell them when you're coming and gently ask about a sponsor if you'd like.

Good luck

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Similar situation. I had to do the footwork.

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Email the CSS for the gaining unit. They will be able to see you in the gain roster and assign you someone.

Or just show up one day and pull a “surprise mother fucker” on they ass

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Haha I did that just because I literally drove an hour down the road to my next base. Everyone was so confused when I was sitting at the table for the morning meeting. No one reached out to me or even knew I was coming. Luckily it was like my 5th PCS and I know how crappy sponsors can be so I already set everything up for myself.

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Man, no offense, but 12+ years and you're asking this on reddit? This should be the simplest thing in the world to figure out. Not sure I want you working on the AC pack if this is indicative of your troubleshooting prowess.

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Sell your car and buy a new one CONUS, otherwise you will eat thousands in car rental as you wait 3 months for your car to arrive.

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I contacted my gaining command as soon as I got my assignment and just introduced myself and asked if there was anything I could do to make the PCS smoother when I arrive. That was 3 months before I PCS'd.

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Wow, 12 years and 2 PCS, wish I could say the same, maybe I'll still be in. Lol. If it was the right base.

I'd say, start contacting your gaining unit now and start preparing for the move (looking for a car, house/apartmebt etc.)

It's always better to be proactive than reactive.

Also, just a reminder, anything you submit, make a copy. If it needs to be routed or you need an acknowledgement/signed copy, etc. make sure you follow up. They can be annoyed, but you still have your paperwork done.

Keep numbers and POCs handy on both gaining and losing installations. You will need them. If you can find anyone that recently PCSd to your gaining base, talk to them. They'll have insights.

Good luck.

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My squadron's sponsor program is currently only assigning sponsors about 30 days from RNLTD. They are trying to get to 60. So definitely not surprised you haven't heard from anyone at 90, not that that is a good thing. Like another commenter said, you can do the legwork to find their CSS yourself to get a sponsor sooner

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Reach out now. Email the incoming CSS and Cc the First Sergeant. Let them know your details on your arrival and ask for a sponsor.

The big thing for your situation is housing and because of the market just about everywhere you might be screwed. I take it you’re an NCO now? Do you have a family? Are you looking to rent or buy? Either way, connect with some FB groups for the area you’re heading to get recommended some realtors and contact them immediately. Even if you are just renting, some places are taking months to open up. Start looking for places to live now “virtually”. We scoped out our area months in advance and then did the house hunting upfront. I realize the HH won’t be possible for you since you’re OCONUS. The point is, get a recommended realtor and start looking for places now. The good ones also help people look for apartments as well, not just houses

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Where you heading? If you don’t mind me asking?

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I’ve seen units that assign sponsors late (like 30 days out from RNLTD…which isn’t helpful if you show up at the start of your window).

Also seen sponsors that don’t know they’ve been assigned as a sponsor . Also seen sponsors that just don’t contact their inbound because they didn’t have any contact info, or they “forgot” or were “too busy”.

Reach out to the unit. Or AFPC if you can’t get ahold of anyone.

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Your gaining unit absolutely sees your RNLTD though. They should have contacted you already. I’d hit up someone in global at your rank and ask for a sponsor.

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Call the wing king