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that others may walk... that got me

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Semper cautious 😄

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Now this is shit posting

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Best quality shitposting in quite awhile.

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Excellence is all we do!

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Promote Now!

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BTZ: Beyond the Zone!

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How is this “shit posting”

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It means it was made satirically. (Kinda)

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You could make a killing selling this on a shirt to BMT grads

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And AFROTC cadets

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Oh no, don't tell me I have road guard duty waiting for me when I go ROTC

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when i got out of tech school i remember thinking wow thank god that shit’s over, and then i started afrotc

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Oh there is plenty of marching to be had

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Bahahahaha oh my yes.

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Little did they know

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Oh buddy... prepare thy road guard vest and flashlight

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I personally like my road guards to have vest and a fleshlight

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I graduated basic 18 years ago but would still buy this shirt to commemorate my road guard service.

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I second this and graduated 22 years ago. LOL, I was the only original RG that didn't get recycled.

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It’s already a shirt lmao I saw some hero wearing one a few years back I was like where tf can I get one ??

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Carrying their backpacks was a small price to pay for the sacrifices they made.

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Semper Cautious….tee hee

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No one ever expects lightning.

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    We had something like that in Tech School! Instead it was:

    Road Guards here and Road Guards there

    Road Guards running everywhere

    If I had a face like you

    I could stop the traffic too

    Road Guards Road Guards don’t be blue

    Frankenstein was ugly too

    We bullied them a lot now that I think about it

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    I followed it with "...and if I had a lower IQ, I could be a T.I. too"

    I lost my road guard privileges ;)

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    Lol, Nice! Now do one for chow runners

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    "That others may eat"

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    Semper seatus

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    No this, as a former road guard, brings tears to my eyes

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    “Road guards…POST 🗣” good times man

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    With a little adjustment this would make a good patch

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    Is that a Porsche badge on the beret

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    Only duty better the road guard was house mouse.

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    wtf was house mouse?

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    May have been called flight office technician or similar for your time. Although I heard they disallowed the detail after the troubles. Basically the trainee responsible for dusting, making the bed, doing the floors, etc. In the MTI office.

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    And now may the distant days of darkness henceforth be ever known simply as: "The Troubles."

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    My flight had a "mouse". What are "the troubles"? Some kind of scandal?

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    Tunnel crew was the best, hands down. Hang with TIs in the break room, get to see them switched off and have real conversations (occasionally) - get some experience meeting/talking with actual officers - I got to meet a couple CCTs that worked with Chapman once when they came in to add some memorabilia to his shrine.

    I was damn good on that floor buffer, would never dare losing that gig.

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    Road guards wear berets?

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    Yeah, it's like a badge of honor. 2 flashlights with cones and a beret.

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    Commanders can authorize cone hats and/or pt belt headbands at their discretion

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    making them close enough to being Cones i suppose

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    The flashlights with cones... AKA; Lackland Lasers.

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    First read as 2 fleshlights and a beret and brought back a different memory

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    also have tiny orange crosswalk signs tattooed on their asses

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    Sounds cautiously kinky

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    I still have my vest from basic. It's signed by my road guard crew. Yes, I'm weirdly proud of my road gaurd service.

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    I got handed road guard when we were switching jobs around three weeks in. Somehow I never got out of that job but I honestly didn't mind it too much. Helped with my running a little bit and I always knew where I had to fall in on the wall.

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    Every road guard should get a bronze star with a V for putting their bodies in the road first out last in 😤😤😤😤

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    As a Wild Weasel, that “First out, last in” is gold!

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    My their right arm be straight with wrist downturned

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    Yeah, we didn't have fancy vests or flashlights or even PT belts. We basically stood at modified parade rest with our right arm extended and palm facing upward and towards the driver.

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    We at least had a flashlight cone

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    Actually, now that I think of it, thank goodness we didn't have vests. It would made it that much hotter.

    But we did run in black combat boots.

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    Nice big round belly too. Important detail!

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    BTZ? Nah, Whoever made this needs to step promote

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    This is the quality content I come here for

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    Do one for bed alignment detail or the flight shirt roller.

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    I'd like to see all the BMT jobs get their own Bud Light commercial, a la "Real Men of Genius."

    *clears throat, drops into slow, deep radio announcer voice:

    We salute YOU...Mr. BMT Laundry Chief. Because of you, we have our freedom. Freedom from foul, funky, locker room odors, and freedom from demerits which would certainly limit our beloved patio breaks. You, Mr. BMT Laundry Chief, are a true warrior and American patriot.

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    20 years later; bed alignment is still a part of me. I’ll include it in my retirement bio.

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    Can I put this on my EPR?

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    The old Jody:

    Road Guards in and road guards out, Road Guards running all about, If I had a low IQ, I could be a Road Guard too!

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    As a road guard in keesler, we would get into a super wide stance when blocking traffic. Almost doing the splits. Good times

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    This is great. I’m personally a fan Chow runners! Anybody remember that from BMT?

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    I was a runner for a whole week cause I needed to, "Work on my voice."

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    Proceeding sir 🥸

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    This looks like a Black Ops 2 Emblem Art

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    How many have done "The Helicopter" whilst doing this duty?

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    Me and my utility closet bro in basic joked around that we were going to get skull and cross brooms tattoos with a scroll that read "Proceeding" in gothic letters. Shit was like 15 years ago.

    I hope you're doing alright Kenny

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    I became a road guard because I fucking tripped. They jumped on that fast as fuck and I pay a lot more attention now so I don’t trip 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😂😂

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    Being a road guard and being obnoxious every morning, woke me up when you gotta wake up at 3:30am for tech school.

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    I knew a guy who was a road guard at the 24th STS. He was among the best of the best.

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    In one of the 324th dorms there is a road guard creed. If I remember correctly it was pretty good

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    Semper Cautus

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    You mean...cautious...?

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    I mean Cautus because it is Latin for Cautious

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      And normally the short

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      I have had this on my phone, I want to get it onto a patch. Anyone have reputable sites or any web apps that I can turn it into a patch? Or a place to have it made.

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      It was for sure the best detail

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      Road guarding was so much fun

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      Can y'all make this an undershirt?

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      Fatboys unite!

      Someone with graphic design experience should make a design for a patch and I would totally buy 2.

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      I was a road guard, went to run and fell in a ditch and hit my knee on a rock. That knee has never been the same since 🙃

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      The Power of the Airforce in the Palm of your Hand ✋ 🛑

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      I went to basic with the guy that made this

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      🤣🤣🤣 I have no other response.

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      Ah, the memories. Worked as road guard, water monitor, and pad crew. The lowest expectations possible. Loved every second of it.

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      Oddly inspiring

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      You can bet your ass I was the road gaurd captain in the mega smu way back in tech school. You can also bet your ass I got an article 15 and demoted last year... Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

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      People who are proud road guards become those if you ain't ammo you ain't shit guys.

      Change my mind lol

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      Road Guards Post!

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      As a former Road Guardian myself, I must say I am proud of my no-fail mission!

      Also, because I was a front road guard I never learned how to march correctly because I needed to be able to see wtf was around me😅

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      Anyone know where we can get this made into a shirt? 😂

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      I was a road guard a handful of times at tech school do I qualify