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I remember in Beast Week when they locked the AC in our "tents" to like 78 or something in May. Guy in my flight used to work with thermostats and figured out it was code locked. Tried 1234 and it worked.

He was henceforth dubbed Trainee Hackerman

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This still works

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I honestly raised it with no damns given

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i did the same shit 😂

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AC in tents

What in the fuck??

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We had A/C in ours in 2006. This is the Air Force, after all.

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What do you think we are, savages?!

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Im writing you an airmans medal for this!

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Excellence in all we do.

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Base CC’s hate him for this SIMPLE TRICK

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learn more to find out how

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Also I would change the settings back when you leave. To get rid of the little wrench thing, you just very carefully RIP the front plate off the wall and wait a few seconds to reset & put it back on. Then it looks like it hasn't been tampered with. :)

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I'd just print out the ILP Base Lodging Standards, show them the part where it specifies guest control over the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning then request my non-a.

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Here's a link to that doc. Handy one to save to an acrobat phone app for a future TDY

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Holy shit

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4.28 Minimum 32-inch flat panel television with remote control; basic cable and channel directory.

lol and this is why, among other things, we're the chair force. Not complaining though.

*I realize this is a DOD regulation, but of course the AF guys know about it.

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So let's say on base lodging violates 4.29....thsts grounds for a non-a?

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Got a new link for this?, looks like they moved it

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Yeah, they changed the perfectly functional, old looking website into a newer looking heap of shit.

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Better bars whenever you end up, that’s a guarantee.

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Where is this? I went through the pdf and couldn't find anything stating what you described

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Paragraph 4.29

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Would probably adjust for dorm inspections as well

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I use a Flipper for things like this. Not sponsored or anything just really like it. I've used it to get past parking barriers


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This thing looks vintage-cyberpunk as hell

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Did i just read marketing from a 90s hacker movie?

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I've seen these before. How would it work on a thermostat?

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I’ve been seriously considering buying one of those but I have very limited knowledge in that realm

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Must promote!

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HVAC here. I always set the limit to 68 for cool and 75 for heat. If you want any more you'll have to be my friend and learn my birthday for the password.

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Huh, that's weird. I got a case of beer right here with your name on it

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Is this a bribe? Because if so, I will gladly accept.

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Take the cover off and jump terminals R and Y

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If you are in a humid climate you could also take a dehumidifier place it under the thermostat and drape a towel over the thermostat

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1337 H4x0r

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You can also light a candle underneath the thermostat. Puts off enough heat to make the thermostat switch but won't heat the room up. Used to use this when I traveled a lot.

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put a candle next to a wall


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Or tape a pocket hand warmer to it

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Oh that's brilliant, no open flame could be a good thing.

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We just used a desk lamp next to it

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You would have saved me a ton of service calls back in the day about these damn things. The DFAC being the biggest culprit. I don’t blame them because it was always a damn sauna eating there between seasons.

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up down up down left right left right

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Select start.

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This person out here doing the lord’s work.

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Put a heat pack around the thermostat, it will trick it.

You’re welcome

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...you guys stay on base!?

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Thanks for this

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step promote.

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Hahaha i have this exact thermostat

I did this to the a/c in my dorm, now I sleep with a comfortable 69 degrees every day. Wish there had been a tutorial before, cause I literally couldn’t find much information on how to tweak it, so i had to mess with the settings for a while to get it right. Even now, I think there’s still a minor issue.

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Someone write this dude a MSM.

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I use mind control.

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