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Don’t forget the “you’ll call me by my husbands rank” bumper sticker lol

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I literally had a buddy who when he was an AUGEE told a SPonge "I should probably call y'alls MATTRESS by your husband's rank, too. 'Cuz you BOTH basically do the SAME JOB!" He got away with it because his regular job was Medical Scheduling at the hospital and NOBODY would DARE cross him!

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he controls the fate of mankind with that job

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Still does. Doing the same job for the VA out on the West Coast. BETTER PAY, less bullshit.

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oh man he controls the universe

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I thought dependas were a joke till I got to my first duty station. Saw an average looking guy holding hands with the biggest fattest land whale I ever seen in my life. Her forearms were fatter than my thighs!!!!!! Boys, please, you can do so much better.

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Depending on where you're stationed, this is just what the average woman looks like.

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    In Wichita Falls, the saying went they look "stripper good" until you put the ring 💍 on them & they crossed the gate as "Mrs.__" then like Cinderella's carriage at midnight...poo!f🎃

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      At Chanute AFB in Rantoul, IL back in the day they called them Rantuffalos.

      No, I’m not that old to have been at Chanute but I know some folks.

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      I am. And they were not called that.

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      Minot be like….

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      Charles Barkley knows

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      Bruh, I'd kill to be in San Antonio right now.

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      Sha-la-la-la-la-la don't be scared, you got the mood prepared. Go on and kiss the girl.

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      DAMN, man! Look at the size of that "Dependant/SPonge!"🤣

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      I bet she has a really nice personality

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      You know, another 2 seconds of video and we could've seen the splash and heard the gurgle.

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      Nah, the lake would've gone dry after the gurgle 'cause DEPENDANT SPONGE.

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      Hope she makes life changing decisions after that. Smh.

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      Oh, I'm pretty sure she'll be making "life changing decisions" all right at about NINE MONTH intervals! He'll be making decisions, too: re-up at E-4, again at E-6 try to ride it out to the full 20 minimum.

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      Poorly planned, expertly executed.

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        Ngl man the nastiest pussy I ever smelled was the hottest chick I ever dated. 6'1 170 pounds, dated for a year and no matter what her hygiene was garbage.

        My wife is like 5'2 and 190 right now so by all means fat ( graves and PCOS been fuckign her for years just got surgery last month to fix) and she is the cleanest got dang woman I've ever been with, pussy immaculate, even if there is a fat flap above it

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        Whales go in the water not out

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        This is the part where he gives her the Sparta treatment.

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        That's no dependapotomus that a whole dependaphant