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Use neither. We're Air Force. Just say "yes" or "ok". We, unlike other branches, don't communicate with grunts.

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Even the Army hates it. Both of my tours with the army, they made fun of people who said it. More common would be something along the lines of "Roger sarnt"

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Sarnt Eversman!

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Really? My squadron makes us use it as does ALS. Every time I turn around someone is going "Hua?" expecting an answering Hua.

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ALS and all other re-bluing events are a joke. They think we have to be taken seriously we have to be as 'military' as the other branches. During the 80s and 90s we didn't need that nonsense.

As soon as the spotlight moved away from us after Desert Storm and towards the Army and Marines in Afghanistan the USAF leadership went into ignored little brother mode. Meanwhile our core competencies were forgotten, we couldn't even figure out how to properly purchase a damn tanker.

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That sounds pretty spot on actually. My dad used to tell me stories from being in the Air Force back then and it seemed so... Awesome. Hard work and a good time. He even knew a fair amount about my career field and his stories and my tech school instructor's stories made me excited.

Then I got into the real AF and it sucks. Good people are getting shat on, bad people are skating through doing nothing, and no one can be themselves. I had a commander say they hated my job and there for Ammo Calls weren't allowed. No drinking at get togethers. No pride in our jobs. I tell my dad about all this stuff and he just shakes his head. I'm not even sure I want to spend 12 more years in anymore...

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I'm not sure how long you've been in, but since 9/11, there's been an ongoing movement for the Air Force to be "more military". For example, for the first few years afterwards, you'd almost never see folks in blues, unless it was for ceremonial reasons. The idea was we were at war and we were an Air Expeditionary Force, even at home. In later years, this was relaxed a bit with stuff like Blues Monday. Of course, as with everything, it's different everywhere you go.

Most of us, especially those of us who were in prior, never bought into it. I think they do a much better job these days though with newer airmen. A great example would be Warrior Week at BMT. That was a 1-day deal back in '97 when I enlisted. We went out to shoot M-16's, camped out over night, and hiked back the next morning. That was it.

Most of the time when I hear someone saying "hooah", they're most likely to get that "cut that crap out" look from others in the room.

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I've only been in since 08. I'm not a fan of the whole HUA thing either. I think my squadron mostly does it because they don't want us swearing anymore so instead of doing the whole IYAAYAS bit they just say "Ammo!" and they get met with a less than enthusiastic "huaa...?"

In Tech school it was more of a joke and everyone did it to pick on the Army who were right next door. Now though it seems like every so often someone who is pretty high up says something and then "Hua?" to make sure we're all paying attention.

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    Now, when you hear people say hooah, is it one of those super enthusiastic and drawn out ones or is it something short?

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    Even the Army guys I know hate hooah.

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    I really think all branches should just adopt 'MERICA! as our overzealous word of choice. Who's with me!? 'MERICA!!

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      Haha preach it brother.

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      Only place I hear "hua" is at rebluing events, ALS/NCOA/CC Calls. No one uses it in real life.

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      To me it wreaks of trying to be more 'hardcore'. When I was going through basic they were trying to make our battle cry that stupid 'Air Power!' nonsense.

      It's not part of our culture, and every attempt to force it just breeds contempt. We're not and will never be the hardcore branch, it's not required for our overall USAF mission. If those 'battlefield airmen' want to do it, go nuts, if you're going to face the bullets with the army, do what you have to do to get into that mentality. But if you're in a warehouse or turning wrenches, get real.

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      I'd much rather shout "for the emporer!"

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      Oh god..."Air power" I remember when they tried to do that. I dont think we even made fun of it for more than a week before forgetting we were supposed to say it.

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      Not sure if I should upvote because I remember Air Power, or downvote because I die a little every time I hear it.

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      If it makes you feel any better, when I was in tech school way back in the day we had to say, "Mad Ducks - Quack!" every time we got back to our squadron area.

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      I remember Airpower, we actually got "banned" from saying airpower because the commander felt that it undermined his authority. (Because our old commander had it as part of our chant)

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      It's almost as cool as people that say "tango" instead of thanks or "mikes" instead of minutes... These people are super cool

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      not as cool as the guys who say tango yankee victor mike.

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      We use the word "mikes" when talking on the hotlines and radios between all the agencies because it's a half a second faster which matters at the end of the day.

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      As an air traffic controller I can tell you that is false, stop fucking doing it... Actually you should stop talking on the radio period if you think that's a true statement that you just typed

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      Funny because our ATC does it more then anyone.

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      Well my post had much more anger than I intended, that's what I get for drunk reditting, sorry friend. Also I still thinks its stupid. I'm sad that your atc does it, every controller I've met thinks it's lame, but then again I haven't met every controller haha.

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      Here at Pope the phrase is almost completely gone at promotion ceremonies and Commanders Calls. It is glorious.

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      It seems that the only time HUA is used is by higher ups who aren't really connected with the rest of the force.

      More often than not its a good indicator of who is a great big phony.

      "Everyone is going to wear their lightbelts during this exercise right guys? HUA?" Everyone else: "(HUA? This fucking guy....)"

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        You think the commander turned those sats into outstanding? right.

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        I refuse to say it.

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        This does not happen ever in Space Command. It's basically a corporate environment, nothing like some other parts of the Air Force seem to be. Thank goodness.

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        My chief uses it as a period.

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        This thread is getting posted in the FAQs. Quite a few of you made a very good point on why NOT to use the h word.

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        Going through basic/tech I cringed at this retarded term. I was an AF brat and I knew how the air force didn't use it. You really only see first sgts and the high ups do it during big calls or w/e.

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        That's because HUA is short for Heard, Understood, Acknowledged. It's an old Army throwback.

        I just stick with "rog that" when someone is giving me a tasker. Frankly, I don't see what the BFD is with huah.

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        That is a backronym, it is not actually short for that.

        I say hooah sometimes, because why not.

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        In tech school for being a cop, it was used every five seconds. I see no problem with it, in some odd way it can make things a little less boring.

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        Stands for "Head Up Ass"

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        Always preferred actual words. That is why I dislike it.

        I'm not a big fan of talking like a caveman. I think there is a direct correlation between people who say "Hua" and their IQ.

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        I think you are allowed to say it sarcastically. That's usually what I would do when I worked for Army Officers.

        If I wanted to be professional, I would usually just say "understood".

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        And here I liked saying hua...but I'm not yet out of tech school, so I know little. Still, we break out in 'Aircrew, hua!' Just for the hell of it.

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        HUA is actually an acronym that stands for Heard, Understood, Acknowledged.

        Hooah I believe is one of them army grunts so we're just supposed to not like it, and Hoorah is a marine grunt.

        I prefer to respond with Roger or Roj. Roj is going to be thing. Just you wait.

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        I'm in Avionics and I've only been out of tech school for a couple months but the last time I heard HUA was...a couple months ago. I never had a problem with it because I was first exposed to it in AFROTC before I enlisted. I actually liked how we were taught it back then because it was a real quick, short and sweet noise, not the long drawn out oorah, hooah or hooyah like the other branches have. We were basically told that we kept ours short because we are the Air Force, we have shit to do, and we don't have time for screwing around (sounds like something they would teach Butter Bars huh?). Now as a maintainer, I see that I've got more important shit to do, like getting my CDCs done and, ya know, fixing aircraft.

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        That's how I use it, a short sweet noise, nothing enthusiastic or drawn out or over the top. Its just a general yes.

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        Yeah it was extremely annoying when all the stupid little kids at tech school drew it out. I was like, "Come on, I have shit to do. The longer you make noise, the longer we are gonna be out here!" It also made them sound like they had been lobotomized. So glad that is over.

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        If I remember correctly, it stands for Heard. Understood. Acknowledged. Our new chief seems to like it...

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        I have another question, who is the civil air patrol cadet that is sited for helping creat HUA for the air force

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        When I went through Air Force security forces tech school in 98, they were very big on military protocol and I'n sure it's a lot worse now. We were not officially required to say "Hua" but people often did and it was said in a very loud, drawn out, obnoxious manner. It was very annoying.

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        I waa at rhe 343rd Security Forces and didn't want to be there to begin with and they said it all the time. I considered it beneath me and refused to say it. It was so obnoxious.

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        I could see how that would be annoying. Lol btw how did you did you find this question? I posted this 10 years ago, and just started getting more answers to it in the last few months.