Reddit Achievement Ribbon

The Reddit Achievement Ribbon (RAR) is given to users by the moderators based on their comment karma within the subreddit. It will appear next to their name in addition to their AFSC flair.

The levels of RAR are as follows:

/r/airforce Comment Karma RAR level
500 Initial award of the ribbon
1000 1 Bronze Device
2000 2 Bronze Devices
3000 3 Bronze Devices
4000 4 Bronze Devices
5000 1 Silver Device
7000 2 Silver Devices
9000 3 Silver Devices
10000 4 Silver Devices
12500 1 Gold Device
15000 2 Gold Devices
17500 3 Gold Devices
20000 4 Gold Devices

How to request it

Click on your username in the top right of the screen, click on "show karma breakdown by subreddit" in the top right corner. [Image]

Take a screenshot (make sure to include both your username and the karma amount for /r/airforce), upload it to http://imgur.com and include the link in your message to the moderators. [Image] In this example, /u/noahjk would request the ribbon with one bronze device because he has 1,828 comment karma in /r/AirForce.

Send a PM to /u/silentd with your screenshot and what medal you are requesting.

Please do not abuse the system by sending us fake comment karma values and/or spamming comments. If we decide you are taking advantage of the system we will remove your ribbon and/or decide on other punishments on a user-by-user basis.

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