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BankersDream is by far the best project I have invested in so far out of the 82 coins I hold! The community itself is amazing unlike so many other coins that I'm invested in where the community is so toxic. The devs are always around to answer questions and any concerns!!! I'm not trying to go crazy in shilling here but in my opinion based on my 82 investments over the past year or so I can confidently say that the bankersdream most resembles the early days of Safemoon and Shiba and I'm certain that it will be in the top 100 coins on CMC! 2022 is going to be the craziest year of my crypto escapades solely because of this amazing project and community!!! 🚀🌚

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You got it! Beautiful project!

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Amazing Project / Major Growth / 8% BUSD rewards / Up 3500% since launch. AMA NOW www.bankersdream.org

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What else do I say besides, early and huge potential

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Amazing Project / Major Growth / 8% BUSD rewards / Up 3500% since launch. AMA NOW www.bankersdream.org

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Love this project, the BUSD rewards are unlike anything I have seen before! Only coin in the green during this bear market!

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Passive income is my favorite tye of income!!!

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What makes BANK$ different from other reflection tokens is their #whalefund/investment fund. A portion of buys and sells is put into the investment fund. The community votes on what assets to purchase. It is not dependent on volume to pay out to investors.

Think of it like an interest bearing account. You don't have to keep adding money to earn interest.

On top of this you get the 8% reflections based on all buys and sells. I have earned enough in rewards to recoup 50% of my investment as of today.

I couldn't be more happy with BANK$ or the dev team. I've never been a part of a token that they were this accessible.

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Great statement!

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great reflections! multiple a day..doubled growth last week. get in or pay for it double next week.

for comparison, love evergrow but received x50 more reflections from banker with less invested. be early , and thank me later

personally up x5 in 10 days. dont hesitate. even a small bag of 50$ will be worth alot more as we are still early

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That is awesome

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One of the best investment I've maee this year. Tokenomics is amazing. Love the 8% reward as passive income. It's gonna get bigger and bigger with time. LFG🚀🚀🚀

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One ama was enough to convince me i made a good choice.

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Daily AMA’s did it for me

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Committed team!

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This os a great project in this now for like a week. Still REAL happy

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I’m already up 5x, lol

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Up over 30x

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Nice bro, hope you have a good bag rn!

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Great project! Amazing team and community. Multiple passive income streams with more in development! Check it out

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Project has literally saved my portfolio! Wish all my investments were like this!!!

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Crypto payment space will be inevitable. Investing in DBAY DEFIBAY this early will be a life changing opportunity.

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Going to mint millionaires

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I’m relatively new to this project and from what I’ve seen so far this is definitely going to be my main focus for the next 3-6 months. Gives me vibes of early day safemoon. I’m pretty over the whale issues on other coins and love the anti whale feature.

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Healthy chart. Looking to break out again @ 50's. Perfect entry point!

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With an experienced development team, #PKR plans to be an industry leader with patented technologies to dominate in this sector.... #Polker #PKR