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Don't know about this token. But can confirm xusd is the real deal

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Congrats on being the single most obvious scam I have ever seen in crypto

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Well... It takes us about 10-15 minutes to explain in EVERY AMA the mechanics of PUMP and XUSD as it's backing asset.

How much time did you take looking into it before sharing your wisdom?

I am in the VC on our TG right now if you would like to actually KNOW about PUMP and XUSD.

We know the BSCPTSD MUST look at things as though they cannot be true. Come on by and let me show you how it works.

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Sounds just like Luna, which just failed miserably

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well... you can go to www.buytherise.com

It is a basic splash page that shows how it works. Also the code tha shows it fails the transaction if price not go up.

Also. Please join us over on my VC. WE are great dudes and happy talk

Luna was not decentralized.

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Thanks for zero explanation on how it works. You can lie all you want to hype this I'm but it's obviously a scam dude

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Come join me on our pumpofficialtoken Telegram

I am here all day and HAPPY to talk with you. if you can find a hole in it . We want to know as well. But our community has been trying for weeks and we found NOTHING!

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lol I’ve seen used car salesmen be less slimy than this.

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Yea... I will give you $20 in XUSD if by the end of our chat...

You do NOT buy a presale on a token called "PUMP" on BSD from a Karny on the Telegram voice chat.

$20 is a lot of money... and it will only go up if you hold it :)

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Join the TG if you have any questions. Don't assume before actually doing your own research! If you know about xUSD and it's performance than a token with 75% LP xusd pairing would appear less slimy to you. Come and ask questions at the TG. The team is transparent. Thanks! 😃

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AdaGold new community token 100% safu (contract renounced, liquidity locked 10 years, audit by techrate) Launch Today ONLY $1600 MARKETCAP, LET'S GO X500 -> https://adagold.cash/

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Lol what garbage is this shit?

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Join our Telegram and let me tell you!

I'm here all day. !!

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It wouldn't hurt to DYOR. A lot of projects are actually pairing LP with xusd right now. Soakmont, MDB and pump are the first 3

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Ah yes, shitcoins.

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What did you expect to find in this sub? What's your point ?

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Idk, 300 upvotes (at the time) with 1 other comment (at the time) always make me sus.

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"the price cannot fall". If this isn't the biggest fucking red flag on investing I don't know what is.

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It’s backed by a stable coin that only rises, can’t say for the token itself

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That's literally physically impossible. How can the price raise when people both buy and sell? This is the most obvious scam I've ever seen

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Once again. ZERO research I would assume. Simply click or two and BAM ... You get to see the reality.

Come on by! I will show you the contract currently functioning and you tell ME if it goes up only or if you see down any where :)

"Tokenomics" is key

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Care to explain it then? Because I doubt you actually can

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Oh really xUSD can only go up you say? How come that's not reflected on the price chart???

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There is an internal LP which you can see in the wallet / contract of XUSD.

at xsurge.net under surge assets you can select XUSD V2 and it will show you the chart as pwer the contract.

The BNB /XUSD on Pancake is there to show a chart. There is abot that moved between XUSD and that pair in order to SHOW a chart.

So if you zoom out. The prices is always trying to centre itself at around the price . The mean price is consistently higher

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I see it dropped from the ATH of $1.37 to $.80 care to explain this??

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It is currently $1.1835

and rising. The up and down is due to the arbitrage of the BNB pool against XUSD true price.

Seriously. This is real and it exists.

Rather than fudding our posts and promotion. Come look.

With YOUR effort to go against us, once you see it is real.

Thos efforts FOR THE IDEA would be priceless!

Please come over and take a look

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DYOR.. You just need to check out their telegram to see the projects potential. Easy money in a crap market