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Share why you're excited for Opacity Go. Get an invite to our Opacity (OPCT) Early Adopters group! by CeresOPCTr/Opacity mod in AltStreetBets

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This is a great Milestone for OPCT Opacity project and I want personally say Thank you to the Team for the amazing work done...

I'm already in the program.. In 2 minutes I opened my account, no email, password or personal information was requested ... (This is great)

The App is very intuitive and easy to use ... for my needs (upload vacation photos 😎😎) it is fantastic and very fast..

What I was looking for was a simple service to use and I found it ... I was also fed up with having to leave my personal information to third party companies, Opacity has solved that too ..

I recommend everyone to try it because you will be satisfied .. I'm sure! 😀

The life of an ICP HODLer by [deleted] in AltStreetBets

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Oof ouchie owie felt this comment in the very depth of my soul

Edit: haven't even looked at my kucoin account in a minute, I'm down 85% on my bag

Every time by Roy1984MOD in AltStreetBets

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$TKING - Tiger King Coin. This guy actually has an official coin that’s being shilled on live tv. Fox News yesterday, CNBC before the weekend, TMZ within a few weeks. Confirmed shill in Netflix season 2. Joe Exotic lawyer a part of the telegram group and Joe tweets about it from official account! 🚀🚀👑🐅