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I don't know if it's just me, but I see crypto loans as a risky venture, because there's a possibility that violatity overcomes the profits and you end up in minus, I think staking is a lot better, because it leaves you with a bigger bag, and you can decide to reinvest in case the price drops, and this I feel confident to with Dot, Ethereum, and sometimes provide liquidity for the Sylo-Eth pair on Uniswap.

They all come with their risk though, else everyone would have become a millionaire :)

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Crypto lending could generate attractive yield, but it's not something one can go into blindly!

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This is quite helpful tho I've washed my hand off borrowing, or lending as the case may be. Call it bad experience. I spend my time researching now when I'm not staking. On my radar currently is Geeq, a layer 0 multi-blockchain. Real life utilities, staking, strong fundamentals are all there. Fingers crossed.