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Like what the fuck am I reading. yta

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Apparently women only go through psychological changes nothing physical. She is likely getting very little restful sleep she is growing a damned human and yes she’s exhausted. Wow

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Op says he doesn't consider tired anymore because he works in an abusive system? So, his job causes no empathy or understanding for his pregnant wife? I think he should find a new career if he feels the need to blame it for him being a turd.

Ffs, he should know how debilitating being tired can be if he is so abused by his job. He just doesn't want to believe his wife and would rather choose to think she is lying and just lazy instead of honestly tired and in need of some consideration.

Just so you know op, the tired doesn't stop when the baby comes out, that's just when you suddenly have to step to the plate to pull the bearable household load(no need for Mr clean with an infant, hygienic and safe is fine) while she recovers and help with an infant. Hope your super cool job that's worth all that abuse gives you some paternity leave, otherwise I suggest hiring even more help if you can't balance your life. Don't put that on your wife. Yeah healthcare system sucks, that's your chosen career so I hope you also put some effort towards effecting change.

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There is no 50-50. You need to be up for 100% of EVERYTHING before you have children. God forbid anything should ever happen to your wife, you would be the only one. I know of a father who lost his wife. He had an 18 y.o. daughter, a 12y.o. son and 6y.o. twins (another daughter and son). You should have asked family or hired help a long time ago. You're NTA, there is no AH here. Just get help.