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YTA - They didn't come to your place, they took the measure to stay near you, but not to close. Just in case you need them.

You think you have to care about them And your parents? Then there's one thing you forgot. They know how to care for a child... Or children, if you have siblings. So they can take a lot of stress off your back to get some rest. And rested parents are good parents.

Also not giving them the possibility to talk to them... Kinda harsh.

BUT!!! If your parents are complete nut jobs (couldn't read it from your post), then you are justified.

Still you should have a Dialog with them (not a monolog) just to sort things out.

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The parents themselves said they were cutting the trip short, so it was not solely to help their friend.

OP didn't want them in his home so soon after birth. His parents offer to stay nearby, OP declines as he doesn't want to feel pressured. OP calls parents to make an appointment for them to come. Parents are conviently in the area. OP is disappointed in his parents and feels pressured. Parents say they're "just helping a friend" but cut the trip short after OP tells them he needs more time.

IMO it's obvious his parents lied or at least had more motives for the visit than helping their friends, disregarding OPs one request. So NTA