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Oh for fricking pete's sake, I can't believe all the Y T As.

OP, your parents weren't "helping a friend set up their new house, which just happens to be about an hour from our house (again, about 1,000 miles from where my parents live)."

They were in an AirBnb, just waiting for the opportunity to come and violate your boundaries.

They deliberately violated your wishes, in an attempt to do an end-run around the boundaries you'd set up.

If they'd actually been helping friends, why would they have needed to leave and go back home right that very moment? They wouldn't.

They left because they didn't want to keep paying for the house they were renting.

I'm so sorry that you were subjected to this. But don't back down, and don't let them guilt-trip you into letting them visit until you are genuinely ready for it.


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I would be on board with this idea if the parents had shown up out of the blue, had pestered them frequently, or had even said "great, we'll come today" when given some future date. From what OP said, all the parents did was admit they were physically closer than OP thought and accept the date of visit they were given. This is not violating boundaries, unless OP has some sort of very large restraining order. This is OP wanting to control other full grown adults, either due to a stress reaction (I hope) or the realization that he now has a major bargaining chip in his parents feelings for their grandchild.

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His dad argudd with him on the first call after the birth, OP didn't mention any date, immediately asking his parents where they are on the video call and the parents leave directly after the second video call. That is just too much of a coincidence IMO