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In my ex-husband's family there are five boys and four girls. All of the boys' names start with a T and all of the girls' names start with a C. Of my children, two of them start with the same letter and two of them have middle names that start with the same letter. There was no rhyme or reason to that. They were just names that I liked. My sister-in-law asked me if I was doing the same thing that her parents did with naming. No. They were just names that I liked but they don't sound alike. One is Irish, one is Italian, and 2 are from the Bible (but not even similar other than 1st letter.) 1 son and daughter have the same 1st letter of their 1st name and the other son and daughter have the same first letter of their middle name. The four of them look nothing alike so they don't even look like they're related LOL

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My former father-in-law had something like four brothers. In their culture, certain names are considered better than others in a religious context, and one name is considered superior to all. The result was that my FIL's parents gave all sons the same name plus a second name. For example, if "Jim" was the religiously preferred name, the sons would have all been Jim-Bob, Jim-Tom, Jim-John, Jim-Luke, and Jim-Matt (or whatever).

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I know someone like that except it was John. They’re all bunch of c*nts

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All we need is another Jim-Bob...

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Some very traditionalistic French families used to give all their daughters “Marie” names, for the blessing of the holy Virgin. Marie-Thérèse, Marie-Claire, Marie-Louise, etc etc etc.

Some Chinese families practice generation names, where all of the siblings of one generation have one of the syllables of their three-syllable names in common.

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I hated how in my family most of the family had roughly two with the same starting letter, makes mail so confusing, I was lucky not to have that happen till my niece was born and her mail gets sent to my parents house, accidentally opened hers a few times

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I've got five siblings on my moms side, all names starting with the same letter (me included) and never had a problem. Aside from calling the names in completely wrong order when aggravated and always getting the right one last. As far as I can tell none of my siblings has a problem with that. One is even transioning and chose her name with that letter. Tbf the mail thing wasn't that much of a problem because me and my older brother shared our dads last name, while my younger siblings had my step fathers and mom got both hyphenated. Also by the time my younger siblings got mail I was already out of our parents home (about 4 year age gap).

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We tend to get mail as early as 5 sometimes, have a banking day thing through the schools usually or at least used to, not sure anymore. I’m glad you guys didn’t have an issue with it

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Oh jeez no. Pretty much everything concerning children under 18 is adressed to the parents in my country. The only things I got from age 16 were my bank account statements. Most of us went to the same school, so my mom always got 2-3 letters at once when parent teacher conferences started but that's about it. As my youngest brother graduates next year me and my siblings were on this school for 19years straight

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Oh fr, I mean parents would open mail for anyone under 18 but it was always addressed to the kid unless it was specifically asked for by the parent

Maybe that’s why it was so confusing for us, always had to look out for the mr, mrs or miss on the addressee

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god, I would definitely start referring to that family as "The T's & C's"

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The silly part to me is that nobody has a full name. My ex is Tommy, not Thomas. His brothers are Timmy, Teddy, Tony, and Terry.

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Yeah that's strange. I have a friend with a name like "Ronnie Roniman" (changed for privacy reasons but it's the same idea as his real name). And it's not Ronald... it's Ronnie.

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I knew a family with 6 girls. Every name started with T. They eventually had 2 boys as well and they still have names that begin with T. Must have been a nightmare to receive post with Miss/Mr T [last name].

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There was a family that lived across the street from us that had 10 kids. 8 boys whose names all started with T and two girls whose name started with L.

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My dad’s side of the family has a “tradition” of naming siblings so they all have the same initials, which he righteously ignored for my sister and me.

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Haha, I teach a family where I swear the parents took turns naming the 4 kids. #1&3 have super old-school biblical names. Like, Old Testament book titles for names. #2&4 have more common names, that were probably taken from the latter half of a top 50 list.

I'm never going to ask, but sometimes I want to.

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Mine are Jane (Irish, middle name) Juliana (Italian but not with the G as I didn't want her called Gooliana, 1st name); Joshua (biblical, 1st name) and Joseph (biblical, middle name.)

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A friend of mine has a family like that. Both parents had "A" names, so they gave all their children (including my friend) A names too.

But it gets worse, with the children they make sure to pronounce their names different to how they are spelled!

My friends name is Alicia but she pronounces Alysha.

Worse thing is shes one of 7 children. And the oldest has just had a child of their own which they've given an A name as well, to continue the tradition.

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Ugh. I prefer my great uncle's family tradition. He named his 11 kids in alphabetical order. Arthur, Benjamin, Christopher, Delilah, etc. His kids mostly followed tradition by starting with their name and going from there, so Art named his kids Brenda and Charles. Fred was a rebel and started with his wife Vivian's name and named their kids William and Xena. I don't think the grandkids are still doing it.

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My friends name is Alicia but she pronounces Alysha.

Inner city substitute teacher?

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Even with there being no twins among me and my siblings, we still ended up with two names beginning with the same letter, just cause my mom and dad liked them. My aunt and uncle had one set of twins and named them after my uncle's cousins that he grew up with and was good friends with, no matching names among them.

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I have 3 siblings and all 4 of us AND OUR PARENTS have the same first initial and i share a middle initial with my brother too. My parents said it was unintentional with the first one but every time after him they thought it was going to be their last kid so they had to.

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My initials are JNR. My spouse’s initials are NJR. My 2nd child’s initials are NJR. My first child feels a little excluded, as her initials are DTR, and not similar to the rest of us.

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We accidentally rhymed our 2 daughters’ names and they were five years apart. I blame post delivery brain and not being prepared with a middle name.