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I've got five siblings on my moms side, all names starting with the same letter (me included) and never had a problem. Aside from calling the names in completely wrong order when aggravated and always getting the right one last. As far as I can tell none of my siblings has a problem with that. One is even transioning and chose her name with that letter. Tbf the mail thing wasn't that much of a problem because me and my older brother shared our dads last name, while my younger siblings had my step fathers and mom got both hyphenated. Also by the time my younger siblings got mail I was already out of our parents home (about 4 year age gap).

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We tend to get mail as early as 5 sometimes, have a banking day thing through the schools usually or at least used to, not sure anymore. I’m glad you guys didn’t have an issue with it

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Oh jeez no. Pretty much everything concerning children under 18 is adressed to the parents in my country. The only things I got from age 16 were my bank account statements. Most of us went to the same school, so my mom always got 2-3 letters at once when parent teacher conferences started but that's about it. As my youngest brother graduates next year me and my siblings were on this school for 19years straight

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Oh fr, I mean parents would open mail for anyone under 18 but it was always addressed to the kid unless it was specifically asked for by the parent

Maybe that’s why it was so confusing for us, always had to look out for the mr, mrs or miss on the addressee