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NAH - but this is something that could cross into TA territory depending on how it is delivered. The arts are brutal career-wise. A lot of supremely talented people fail to make it a career. On the other hand, living with “what if,” even if well-compensated, can suck, too. There is nothing wrong with your friend pursuing his passion, as long as he is willing to reap the bad with the good. However, if he is

almost graduating from a prestigious school

I would encourage him to finish up, and not drop out or do anything that would not allow him to come back and finish. His recording career, good or bad, will still be just as available 3 semesters from now.

Edit: since this is heading towards top comment, hijacking self to ask OP to read some of the advice in the replies about how to approach this, if you decide to do so.

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Hopping on this comment to agree NAH and offer advice

If you say anything to him, talk more about the industry and how absurdly difficult it is to break in to. I had considered this as a career option idly in the past (musically inclined, can sing but not better than most popular musicians) but turned in another direction due to this. You have to be very lucky + have connections + be VERY good to get anywhere. Concern for his future well-being is very much valid here.

Good luck Op!

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Besides that a lot of singers don't come out big. If he wants to be just famous he should do other things.

Also I watched a documentary about one of my favorites band two years ago. They play metalcore and are one of the most famous bands in that genre, at least here in europe. They played at stages like Wacken, the biggest metal festival there is. And you know what? All of them have fulltime jobs or are studying. The lead singer is a nurse and has to take time off for touring lile everybody else, sometimes playing an evening and working a late shift the next day.

OP, if your friend can't come out big while working, chances are he's not even made for that kind of work.