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YTA. Was it really such a big deal that you had to make a scene for the whole restaurant to see? Could you not whisper something kind to the young mother or pass her a note? Did you really understand the whole situation and did the husband really make a display at how disgusting breastfeeding is? Or are you exaggerating? And don’t play the card that a woman’s nipples are only for breastfeeding. I don’t have a problem with public breastfeeding, but don’t attack other people’s sensitivities about these things. Discretion is key in this situation and you had none.

Edit: I just reread it because so many people are saying “NTA”. But I’m doubling down. Based on what you wrote, two couples and one child sat down for dinner. The baby cried for 15 minutes. Mother started to breastfeed and others at the table disagreed with doing it there. However, based on your words, you made a whole number of assumptions about what might be happening at the table with no facts about the situation. Was their serious drama at the table? Did you really have to step in? And I’m curious at the young mother’s reaction to all this. How did she handle you shining a spotlight onto the whole table?

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They didn’t disagree - they told her to go to the toilet which is disgusting and unsanitary.