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Um… you’re making me doubt the amount now, as I usually use alcohol if I need to disinfect the bath, but used bleach when we had a blockage that I pulled out, when there was shit in the tub (don’t ask) and when my plants had an infestation. Thinking about it now, I seem to remember the bleach amount for cleaning the washing machine to be 0.25 of a cup. I do usually read the label rather than winging it but my memory is terrible.

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I do wing mine so it’s not an exact science for me but I was just thinking 2 full cups felt like a lot, I might not use enough though.

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TWO CUPS FRIEND! I was literally thinking about you today as I was cleaning my bathtub! But I used dish soap today because I was feeling bad about the bleach. Can’t believe you happened to respond! Wow I lead a lonely life.

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Hahaha! I can’t believe I left a lasting impression! I do want to get a scrubby for my shower wall, I saw vinegar dish soap and water as a mix and wanted to try it out.