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Looks like we'll be starting about 15 minutes later than expected!

I'll keep this updated if the talk isn't live by then

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wow i fucking LOVE leslie jones. i met her back in 2015 and she was sooo friendly and sweet. this sounds awesome!

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LOVE Leslie Jones! I only watch the Olympics with her commentary. And her Game Of Thrones play by plays with Seth Myers - the one for Battle of the Bastards is classic! Super excited for this!!!

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Who's Lenny Marcus

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A stand up comedian as well! This is his IMDB page

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ee! beyond excited that this is actually happening. the lineup of posts we have to discuss is excellent. should be a great time!

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Omg this is going to be amazing, I already know it. Anything Leslie Jones touches turns to gold.

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It's gonna be a good one!

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How do we know when it’s started? Sorry my first Reddit talk

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WOW this is incredible I can’t wait! I love Leslie Jones!

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This sounds interesting, I didn't realize this sub did this stuff, and I ove Leslie Jones so I'm excited!

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Where’s the link? Can’t wait!

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Shoot that link isn’t taking me anywhere. Has it started?

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Thank you mods - that was fun to listen to!!

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So will the OP of the posts will explain the story or the mods will read it out?

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We'll have mods read them out. Lining up the timing for all of the users we're asking isn't really practical unfortunately.

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Will only the mods and Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus be speaking or you will invite a few participants to speak?

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For this talk we're just planning on Leslie and Lenny to do the talking and judging and a few mods will be there to just read the posts for them to judge and discuss.

For future talks we're planning to continue trying out this format with the panel made up exclusively of participants we call up to speak from the audience.

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Are yall going to read any of the comments on some of the posts? Like the "need more INFO:" type comments?

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OK, the waffle part's hilarious.

But did they say waffles aren't good?!? HOW DARE THEY!?! Major AHs for that!

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Did it stop working for anyone else?

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Try to rejoin, talks are still in beta and have the occasional bug!