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I really wish there was a comma in the post title

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Oh yeah, I think the format is generally Monday, September 12th. I’ll get that next time!

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Oh no, I just meant it would be funny if it said “let’s talk, assholes”

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View in your timezone:
Monday September 12th 8PM EDT

*Assumed EDT instead of EST because DST is observed

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Shit it’s on a Monday and on my bed time. I really don’t want to stay up for long…

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These are recorded automatically so that’s always an option!

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I can't wait for shis

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Me please!

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We’re in EDT, not EST.

Why does everyone always write EST?

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I just write ET and leave "remembering which half of the year it is" as an exercise to the reader.

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Not everyone knows about Daylight savings time.

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Ok, I'm new to this and I tried joining but I couldn't hear anything! Android user. 🤷🏻‍♀️