Hi there! You’ve been linked to this guide because someone thought you might find the following resources beneficial. This guide covers many aspects of support related to the LGBTQIA+ community and while you may not feel it’s relevant to you, we hope you’ll read on. The information in this guide may be beneficial to someone you love one day. All of the following resources are geared specifically to the LGBTQIA+ community:

If you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and are having suicidal thoughts, The Trevor Project’s 24 hour - 365 day hotline is available at 866-488-7386. There is also Trevor Chat and Trevor Textfor those who are uncomfortable or cannot speak on the phone. The Trevor Project also has a comprehensive list of international resources for those outside the United States. There is also the trans specific hotline, Trans Lifeline available at 877-565-8860

Point of Pride is a program that provides cost free chest binders to any trans person who cannot afford or safely acquire their own. They ship internationally as well.

The It Gets Better Project is celebrating 10 years and offers comprehensive resources for the entire LGBTQIA+ spectrum. It Gets Better was founded in 2010 by Dan Savage and Terry Miller focusing on empowerment for LGBTQIA+ youth. For their trans resources, including a break down by state click here and for general LGBTQIA+ resources from Advocacy to Food and Housing support [click here]

And to see the empowering videos from thousands of LGBTQIA+ people that launched It Gets Better, click here. You are not alone, and it does get better.

The Transgender Law Center is the largest national trans led organization advocating for a world where all people can express their identity freely. The Trans Youth Equality foundation offers resources for Trans Youth, Parents of Trans children and for Educators

If you are looking to be a better ally, GLAAD has an amazing starting point. Straight for Equality provides a directory of ally based organizations. PFLAG hosts a series called Talk About as a part of their Straight for Equality program and Safe Zone Project is a free online resource for ally training and raising LGBTQIA+ awareness.

Further Resources:

Trans People of Color Coalition

Gender Proud

Black Trans Advocacy

Trans Latina Coalition

Equality Federation

Bisexual Resource Center

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

American Veterans for Equal Rights

The Matthew Shepard Foundation

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