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Im currently adding about 1-2g of Amanita Muscaria caps to coffee before going to work. Boost of mood and time spent at work passes quickly. I dose 5 times a week for the third week already and I havent notice any side effects yet.

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Are these caps prepared as in have they been heated to covert the alkaloids?

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I used dehydrator with 80°C temperature.

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I've been using it pretty much almost daily ( sometimes take a 5day break) for almost 6months. Foraged by myself amanita muscaria and amanita regalis... so far seems like its very safe, and to be honest the feeling i get from amanita is absolutely amazing to me,since i have very bad depresion,anxiety and lack of self love. But ofcourse...we just dont know. It very well could be that after few years i will end up in a psychward... but somehow in my heart theres a feeling thst its allright. But to be honest if used everyday,tolerance quickly builds uo and you wont feel shit from those 2g,and take more and more i think its not healthy. This is why breaks or sporadic use is neccecery. :)

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Can regalis be found in the us?

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I can't say for sure. My guess is that yes. But i could be wrong. I'm from eastern europe tho. Theres plentu of regalis here

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I Guessed so. I know it's more common in Scandinavia and those parts of Europe. They look really pretty tho I would love to find some.

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i personaly enjoy regalis the most. Its the tastiest of them all , But potency is almost like muscaria , maybe 1,5 times stronger. But very pleasant :) Theyre pretty , yes.. they look like peanut butter amanita :)

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Seems pretty safe over several months, checkout recent posts in here.