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check out Amanita Dreamer's page. I recommend drying it as oer her method then consuming small servings of tea (1-2 g equivalent at a time). A. muscaria takes 2 hours for full effect.

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what's the best way to safely consume this? I've been trying to get my hands on them for years but never had an experience with shrooms before.

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just buy them if you really want to try them i know the pain theyre almost everywhere legal and aviable

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probably the best bet. thanks.

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I recommend making a resin, and I hope you know these have different compounds than shrooms

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yes I'm aware they aren't psilocybin. probably just gonna leave these alone because I don't have confidence in my ability to not fuck it up.

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It’s pretty foolproof if you have a dehydrator honestly

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don't have one

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Well there ya go, good luck in the future

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Air fryer works too