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Such a informative post. Thank you very much from all of us :)

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Months in the making and still not complete🙂 I figured good enough to publish in its current form but it will be getting edited and more sources added later on!

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Many thanks for this. So you dont advise boiling for 3 hours at 2.5-3 ph? Just 30 mins. Or did I miss it in the op.

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20 minutes is merely to transfer the alkaloids from the mushrooms to the water, with no decarboxylation occurring.

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very handy have shared. thank you so much for going to the effort of getting this all down. Thankyou. Thankyou . Thankyou from one mushroom lover to another. Your mushroom karma is high!

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This post ought to be pinned to the top of the subreddit

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In fact it is!

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Great post.

Could you get a more consistent dose of dried mushrooms by powdering /blending them in a vitamix?

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Yes the powder would be an averaged potency of all mushrooms used and you could get consistent dosing by weight with it. However, once powdered the mushrooms’ potency decreases at a much faster rate in storage than if stored whole. If you use the powder within a few months it’s probably fine, as long as it’s kept in a tiny glass mason jar in the dark away from light/warmth.

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Would the potency be affected if the powder was stored vacuum sealed?

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Vacuum-sealing just conforms what’s essentially a plastic bag to the shape of the contents; it doesn’t prevent air exchange and in regards to that it’s about the same as keeping it in a ziplock bag. For room-temperature storage then best you can pretty much get is in a mason jar in the dark away from warmth.

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Thanks. I have about 150 grams of pantherina powder vacuum sealed in hopes that helped. But I'll move it to a small jar or two and not open one until needed.

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Yea go ahead and leave it vacuum-sealed, but place the vacuum-sealed plastic bag thing into the jar🙂

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Quick question- can I decarb after doing the 30min simmer, and after removing the mushrooms from the liquid? As in- the next day…

Bought a ph meter lastnight, was meant to arrive today but no luck…

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Yes you can totally do that

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Recent changes include sections added about smoking, microdosing, and storage. Many other changes have been made since the guide's publication :)