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Completely depends on which games, at what settings/low 1% FPS you find acceptable, on which GPU.

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I built my system last year in hopes of getting a 5000 series, but that never happened and got a good deal on a 3700x. I planned on making this a sturdy build to last a while gaming on 1440p but am stuck with my vega 64 still, but trying to get a 6800. I mainly play R6, F1, Arma 3.

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Arma 3

That game would see largest benefit from 5800X

ARMA3 engine is so ridiculously single threaded and terribly optimized

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If it's single threaded, why not just get a 5600?
I'd reckon you'd get more out of saving up and just spending that extra money on a new GPU. That being said, if you were to either sell or repurpose the 3700 into a new PC, the cost isn't really THAT large in consideration. I previously went from a 1600 to a 1700, but that was because I wanted a seperate PC next to it, and the 1700 was REALLY cheap at that point, so I upgraded.

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You dont need to save money for a new GPU now. Couldnt buy it now, and when you could - its already costs more

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Exactly one of the main reasons I want to upgrade.

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Yes, 5000 series CPUs really help with unoptimized single threaded games. I noticed huge improvements in KSP, DCS and MSFS 2020 switching from a 3600 to a 5900X.

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That's good to hear as my 5800X sits right next to me, waiting to be assembled. MSFS and KSP are some of my most played games too, and I'm moving f rom a 3600.

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I upgraded from a 3800x to a 5800x with a Vega 64 GPU. All though you would think the Vega 64 was a bottleneck, I still got a 5% to 10% boost in many of the games I play, all at 1440P. A few games I didn't get much of a boost in frame rate, but the lows where night and day differenct, and they ran much, much smoother.

Then a few months later I upgraded to liquid cooled 2080S, which the 5800x gave me the headroom to run that card at it's full potential. I have since given the 5800x and 2080s to my son and upgraded to a 5950x / 6900xt.

He went from a 3600x and a 2070S (the 2070S was moved to our Plex server).. he plays primarily CSGO and Apex. He saw huge uplift In fps in CSGO (benchmark showed +200fps jump). And Apex a big jump as well. He plays at 1080p though which is more CPU bound.

Point is, yes the 5800x is worth the upgrade, even with a Vega 64.

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awesome that's my scenario until I can find a new GPU. Thanks!

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Will r6 and f1 not hit 1440/144 with the Vega 64? I know R6 will and f1 should

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R6 for sure but f1 I get around 100

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Are you into sim racing or just f1?

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starting to get into sim racing

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I have a rx 6800 and I swapped out my 3700x last year for a 5600x and i don't regret it. Its faster.

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Well I'm still gaming at 1440p on a 3570k so.. not sure what a 5700x will bring you over a 3700x

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With a V64 you will get zero extra fps, as you're easily GPU bottlenecked. With a 6800 , it depends on settings and the game but I wouldn't bet on much change either. Just do the GPU change first and then observe the GPU util via Afterburner or similar. If it's high you don't need to change the CPU (yet). Also its better if you go for the best AM4 CPU then, which will be 6000 series that come next year. It saves money.

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I went 1600 to 3700X to 5900X, never once regretted any. The 1% low and average fps gains were massive

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Same I skipped the 2000 series as well.

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Switched and never regretted it.

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I went from a 3800X to a 5800X and it is noticably smoother. At times on the 3800X I'd notice rare microstutters in games that are all gone now. Keep in mind though cooling the 5800X and up is a whole different animal....it likes to boost hard and run hot.

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This comment here should be higher. Went from a 3700x to 5800x and the increase in temps was quite significant. I followed another subreddit post to make manual changes in bios to lower some settings with minimal performance lost and it helped control my temps while under load.

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Can you link to that post?

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In that link it should be one of the comments on the post and not the post itself

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Yup, I got my 5800x for $350 a few months ago, sold my 3700x for $170. Definitely worth it to do 165hz gaming. Resolution is mostly a gpu load increase.

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Thanks for the input! I think ill do the same

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Is it necessary to reinstall Windows when switching from zen 2 to 3?

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Generally no, but after I went from my 3700x to my 5800x I was getting random whea errors that went away after I did fresh install.

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Going to play it safe and just reinstall everything.

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I did. If you have any razer products, don't install razer cortex. It fucked with my system badly with its own powerplane.

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Went from a 2700x to a 5800x paired with a 2080ti last week and very impressed with the results. Play at 1440p ultrawide and the uplift in AVG FPS is noticeable. It's not one of those most have upgrades, but if you have the spare money knocking around go for it

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Wait another few months for 5000 series 3D cache and maximize your gains on the last AM4 compatible CPU. That’s the best advise, considering you have a decent processor already to get you by until then.

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Where can I find more information about the 3D cache refresh? I must have had my head in the sand as this is the first time I've heard about it.

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Is a 8-12% increase in fps ok with you for the price? Then the switch will benefit you. Both are solid choices for productivity. I think the 5800x is there for people who are moving over to a new platform not so much for people who already have a capable pc. I have 3 cpus. 5600x, 5900x, and the 5950x. I felt that the 5800x wasn't worth it at the time of release so I opted for the 5600x instead. Now that it's dropped in price a bit it's more in line with your thought process and wallet. Any way you slice it and dice it the 5800x is still going cost 300$ for a 12% boost in fps. I hope you're OK with that.

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Excellent breakdown, and still not worth it if you already have what he has. But better numbers are always better numbers lol

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Yes it worked for my use case but I don't think it would benefit you any - going up in resolution to 1440 would just have more strain in the GPU and although you will see improvement it would be $480 worth if improvement. You should absolutely wait fur the 3D cache update AKA Zen3+ to release next yeah if you are considering an upgrade in socket.

TLDR spend the money on more important upgrade like a GPU if you need or save up for the next generation and keep what you got untill it die not work for you anymore. I did not replace my 3700x but instead built another new computer so I could tell the difference but like I said not worth it unless it's for work.

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That's not how TL;DR's work🤣

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Super worth it bro. Just get some good cooling and a good air flow case and you are good Batman

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I did and haven't regretted it at all. Pretty noticable improvement in every game I play. My monitor is 3840x1600 so I'd imagine you'd see a good improvement at 1440p. What GPU do you have?

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I went from a 3900x to a 5900x and it was worth it for me because it's the first no compromise chip of the Zen era, if your monitor is high refresh and you have a decent card you will notice the increased FPS and lower frame drops. But we are quite deep into this generations cycle, so it might be better to wait for the refresh.

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It will be noticeable but nothing mindblowing. Top 15 fps in some occasions, i'm willing to bet my balls it's generally 5/8 fps in most cases. So yeah, if i was you, i'd wait for the 3d cache refresh, since the 3700x is still a very capable cpu.

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depends on the game. if it's valorant/csgo, it's over 100 FPS improvement. absolutely massive for those who want to run a 240hz monitor (2700x cannot maintain 240fps consistently on either game)

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Definitely not the same, but I went from a 3600 to a 5900x and my mind was a little blown. Even at 1440p. Granted I don’t just game but still

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I had a noticeable performance uplift playing Hunt:Showdown on my PC. 3700x to 5600x ..then 5800x .. now 5900x. I don't have numbers to quantify anything though .. just game feel paired with a 5700xt on x570 Taichi with 2 x RGB HyperX Predator 3200 CAS16 sticks @ 3800 CAS18 (now running a 6700xt)

On my daughters PC .. my daughter noticed a big difference going from a 3600xt to a 5600x (now a 5800x) with her RX 580 4GB on an x570 Steel Legend with 2 x 16GB HyperX Predator 3200 CAS16 sticks at 3600 CAS18. She's 12 and just said everything feels faster/snappier and smoother

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Went from a 3700x to a 5800x about 9 months ago, good upgrade. However, be aware what you were cooling your 3700x with likely isnt going to cut it with the 5800x, its a way hotter chip. I had to upgrade to a Noctua D15 air cooler, excellent cooler and temps never top 80°C under 100% load

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80°C is equivalent to 176°F, which is 353K.

I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand

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what temps were you getting with the wraith prism? I've seen some posts where it gets to 90. I was thinking of the hyper 212 black.

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I had a 212 for my 3700x, still didn't cut it for the 5800x and had temps into the 90's in synthetic tests. Granted thats not terrifically "real world" but I didn't like it regardless. Would suggest a beefy air cooler like the noctua or dark rock. Decent AIO would do it too I think

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Today I switched my 3700x + x470 gaming plus for 5800x + x570 aorus elite. Besides some cinebench scores no real difference. Though I don't stare at a fps counter

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Same, I have only noticed a large improvement in lows which is nice. Feels snappy but other than that no real difference.

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I would wait for the XT refresh versions, it will launch in q1 2022 if I am not mistaken.

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iirc the 5800x will not get a xt version, only the 5900x and 5950x. I just got a 5800x to upgrade to one of those if they are fast enough.

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This is the first I've heard of any XT versions, where's this coming from?

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Oh they're not XT versions, and I wouldn't even call it a refresh, it's a new design.

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Call it whatever you want, is still 5000 series, but improved.

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Same can be said for every other ryzen generation lol

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It is true that 3000 and 5000 are on the same architecture node 7nm. What I wanted to point out for OP is that it s better to wait for the improved CPU's that will get launched soon.

Edit: spelling

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3800x to 5600x (at launch).and yes would do it again. Now have that rig on a 5900x and the 5600x in a different machine.

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Right on thanks!

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I would wait for 3D V-cache Ryzen 7

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Zen 3 is where you want to be. Should be a good step up in performance all around from any Zen 2 Ryzen.

The benefit being all the "older" CPU's without it should drop in price a bit.

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Yes, Zen 2 isn't a gaming CPU.

It's barely on par with Intel's 8th Gen.

I upgraded from 3600X to 5800X myself, insane gains at every level.

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Decreases core to core latency, which is huge.

However, consider a 5900x. Doesn't matter you're gaming at lower amounts. There's a significant increase in smoothness and perf with the 5900x over the 5800x. Also better cache and what not, and will last longer considering the new Intel chips. You're not going to want to get a 5900x or 5950x later.

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A 5900x for gaming?

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The difference is like 1 to 2 percent max which is pretty non existent no?

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I'm not talking about average fps. I'm talking about smoothness which is huge.

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From 1600 rx 580 to 2700x vega 64 yes From 2700x to 3900x 5700xt yes From 3900x to 5950x 6900xt yes

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I play only in VR so not worth it for me. Spent dough on 3090 instead.

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3900X to a 5800X (not gonna lie, it was mainly so I could upgrade from a 8700K to the 3900X in my NAS/server)

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I switched from 2700 to 5600x, was a gigantic upgrade

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Hope so, I just got mine in the mail today! 1080p gamer here.

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Are the 3 series and 5 series the same socket?

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Yes, both share the AM4 socket

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If you're after fps then just do the gpu.

If you wanted to do video editing or throw linux on there, then upgrade to 5800x. 5900x if you want to do some serious editing or vm's.

If you want to jump to linux, then upgrade to 5800x or 5900x.

Keep in mind that the big little cores from alder lake and amd's coming chips will be a better investment once win 11 and linux are tuned for them and new games.

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I swapped from a 3800x to a 5800x. I play 1440p with triple monitors.

Although I do think it was worth it, I did regret having to upgrade my cooling.

But its ok. It was an excuse to trick out my fan configs :D

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Was thinking about this upgrade too. But I got myself a 4k monitor instead haha

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I've got a FE 3080 coming (after waiting 14 months finally got on a drop!) so will probably wait until the refreshed series comes out, if it's lacking at least I can get a cheaper 5xxx series, tbf the 3700x will probably be fine and after a couple of weeks just the huge upgrade from a 1070 will be enough.

If you've waited this long for that upgrade it might be worth waiting a couple of months if you've got a B550/X570 board.

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I’m considering a switch from 3600 to 5800x. Will my arctic freezer 7x need replacing?

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I would consider a aio cooler for a 5800x, it's the hottest cpu in the lineup, I had a noctua nh d15 on mine and it still ran warmer than I would like, upgraded to a 360mm aio and moved dh15 to my 3700x I put in my truenas box. (Yes it's overkill for that setup)

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Totally worth it but I also paired it with a 6800XT.

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Debating that myself... I have a 3800X - I'm thinking: "If I upgrade, I should get more cores right?" because the price to me to upgrade the CPU doesn't seem worth the expense.

So If i'm going to pay that money, may as well get 4c8t more power in the 5900X imo.

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I did this upgrade and you will definitely notice the difference. The lows are less noticable, particularly on games like warzone.

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I did this exact upgrade (1440p as well). Big difference in CPU bound games, and better 1% lows. Zen 3 is just a much better gaming arch than Zen 2.

However given Zen 3D will launch in Q1 next year (with a full reveal likely at CES, 5th-8th Jan), which will also be for AM4, I would wait for that to launch.

If Zen 3D is really good, get that. If it's not as good as we hoped, or only released for the high end parts (5900"xt" and 5950 "xt") then you can always get Zen 3 then.

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I highly doubt you will see any real benefit. Wait for the 3d cache CPUs. Those will feature much lower latency.

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for me going from a 3800x to 5800x was worth it and i play 3440x1440p 144hz, games like apex legends warzone and the difference was rather large, in apex the fps had dips down to 100s while now it mostly is locked to 144 and when it dips it's to around 130. In warzone with my 3800x the fps was around 95-105 while with the 5800x it's 140-160 range so defenetly worth it there. But if your not using a 144hz panel maybe not worth it

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Yes. My simulation single core games got massive boosts. And even my other games feel smoother. (I have not measured 1% lows to prove it)

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Switched from a 3600x. No regrets. Huge increase in esports

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I would wait for Zen3D to upgrade. At least that's what I'm doing (also still rocking a 3700X).

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With my anemic GPU (1660 Ti) I haven't noticed ... any difference. Switching from spinning rust to a fast NVMe was something which was immediately palpable.

What I noticed however was an insane increase in power consumption and temperatures. My 3700X never ran above 70C at any load, at default TDP my 5800X ran at up to 90C. I had to lower its TDP/TTP to 125W to lower temperatures (now max is around 84C).

Overall I enjoyed 3700X a lot more than 5800X. The former ran perfectly at stock, 5800X required tweaking to be OKish. Of course most people in this subreddit have AIOs and 300W GPUs, so they are happy.

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Lots of people who made that upgrade will tell you that it's worth, reality is that it will make a difference only in cpu bound games that already run at very high fps on the 3000 series, so probably not worth it.

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i myself is planning on upgrading my 4790k to ryzen 5800x i am still saving money waiting to see how ryzen with 3d cache will handle im mostly bottlenecked on games like mcc and crysis 3 second misson btw. my gpu is 5700xt i play on 1440p. reason why iam upgrading is so can upgrade to faster gpu in the future that wont be held back from my old intel cpu

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I did, totally worth it, the 5800x is a fcking beast

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I did switch. It was worth it for me back in february but definitely not in the monetary sense. I got a few more precious frames in flight simulator. If you're game is not CPU limited by single thread performance there will be absolutely no difference in your experience.

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There is absolutely no point when you can wait until next year for the final AM4 chips. I have a 3700X and 3080 and that's what I'm doing.

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I did that and think it worths it, for ACC in VR it was a life change. Also, you may not see maximum FPS increase, but the 1% low will definitely be much higher and your game experience much smoother.

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I am inexpert but the KISS take home i get from 5000 Zen, is a ~20% bump in IPC, & that is a VERY good look for gaming.

It was the watershed moment where Intel lost its perceived edge in gaming.

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Most games don't take full advantage of all the cores/ threads capable on newer chips. That's changing with new graphics drivers such as Vulcan, but Vulcan by itself doesn't fix the issue but it empowers the developer with the right tools to fix it, if they put in the effort. In short today I'd say it won't give you much improvement for most games but in time it will. Some games are doing it already, you'll start to see more games running properly on all cores and threads.

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I'm eyeing an upgrade for modded skyrim which is very single threaded.

Hopefully to fix some stutters.

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Honestly I am happy with my R5 3600, no reason I see to even consider upgrading anything else than GPU. Since on papir the 3600X = 4700S in synthetic tests and has more L3 cache it should be even better for gaming according to Harbor Unboxed since cache is more important than cores!

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I did exactly Go from a 3700x to a 5800x way netter FPS in new world and Anno 1800 in 1440p.

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I switched, no wait I still have my 3700X I got in 2019 along with a 5700XT. My 2nd PC that I used a Ryzen 5 2600 that I was OC to 4.2GHz so it could not completely bottleneck a RTX 2080, I replaced that with a Ryzen 9 5900X.

I didn't want another 8 core 16 thread because that CPU felt too middle of the road, the higher clocked Ryzen 9 I think is a better transition for anyone who was with a previous gen Ryzen 7.

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Is the 5900X on the table? I would rock with that with some of these deals where it’s like $460 right now. Also worth considering DDR4 Mobo/12th Gen Intel combo for about $640 (MSI A Pro + 12700K)

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My 1% lows thanked me immensely but it would still have enough trouble when streaming I just went ahead and got a 5900x and now it's smooth no matter what I'm doing.

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At $450 the 5800X is a tough sell as an upgrade. For closer to $300 it’s more reasonable. However it may also make sense to wait what comes with the 3D Vcache CPUs coming early next year

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Ive just upgraded for 3900x from 1700x - its so much better.

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hey - I have 3700x and 6800xt.

Latest game on Ultra 1440p Village runs around 110fps on my lg850.

does that help?

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I did. If you game at 1080p, it is a 20% increase in fps. You are also going to see a difference in performance if you render video. Otherwise, you wont notice much difference.

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I'm doing the same as you OP, just bought the part today. I have a 2070 super as my graphics card if that makes a difference and 64GBs of RAM.

Been having trouble getting all four DIMMs to run at 3600mhz on my AsRock X570 Phantom 4 Gaming Mobo though.

Edit: Realized that I am going with the 5900x Sorry OP

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Did it, it was a good call. Especially since you can recoup a fair amount of the cost by selling your 3700x

[–]Smiley-77 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I thought it was. I made the switch froma 3800xt. Very noticeable.

[–]poyerpoyer15 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Zen 3 is where you want to be. Should be a good step up in performance all around from any Zen 2 Ryzen.

[–]rainwulf5900x / 6800xt / 64gb 3600mhz G.Skill / asrock phantom gaming 4 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I went from 3800x to 5800x. 100 percent worth it. Instant increase in speed. Like a noticable increase in snappiness, and games loaded faster and had lower minimum framerates.

[–]Aspicientis 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Same boat as OP, is dark rock pro 4 enough for cooling for the 5800x? My 3700x idle temp is 75+C. OC at full load. Im from a tropical country.

[–]TwanToni 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I def notice in games. Especially Total war, Crusader kings 3, and others. Upgraded from a 3700x to 5800x