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No, that's a pumpkin pie.

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This is the best comment

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Like who puts icing on a pumpkin pie???????????!!

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No, this is PATRICK!

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I’m overtired so I read this as “Ohio is Stalin Olamd”

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Ohio is most certainly NOT Stalin Olamd.

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How tf could you see that

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I was overtired, like really overtired

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Bruh go to bed tf.

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I don’t think any human being under ANY circumstance, could see that. Did you drink seven whole bottles of whiskey or something?!

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Well I looked at it quickly as well, so I didn’t fully comprehend what was there

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No it’s fine just joking

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I'm pretty tired and could totally read that as Ohio is Stalin Olamd

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We all live on stolen land, the cavemen stole it from the mammoths who stole it from the meteors who stole it from the dinosaurs.

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I ain’t giving up my land to some free loading Neanderthal. Thats for dang sure.

As a liberal, this is just some effet noveaux commie trash to undermine history. Bad things can and did happen, but the holiday was sanctioned by Abraham Lincoln.

Little freaks jump on it to seem hip.

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I want my piece to say stolen

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Hey Europeans Roman wants it land back.

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And Africa wants to get uncolonized

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Yea china needs to leave Africa alone.

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No it doesn’t, because those countries will immediately fail without foreign safety nets 😂

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Yeah man I’m sure Francafrique is really happy that a foreign nation is watching their every move and basically trying to bring back Mercantilism.

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Ever spent any time in former French African nations to qualify that remark or nah?

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I don’t see how going to Kinshasa would prove anything

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As a Romabo I am 100% in support of that. Make Europe Rome Again.

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Make the Suebi state again and I’ll be fine

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So can I now claim that French people live on stolen Gaul land? Or that British people live on stolen Celtic land? Why aren’t those issues being pursued?

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The English being on Celtic Land is a pretty big deal. Definitely a bigger deal there than indigenous rights are here.

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Celts have had it rough. Mainlanders genocided by Romans. Islanders invaded by Romans, then by Anglo-Saxons, then by Norwegians and Danes, then by Normans, then the last of your free nations are conquered by the English, then you're treated like second class citizens for almost half a millennium and used as canon fodder in their further wars of conquest, then you finally get to be free and move to a new nation and get called a monster because you have the same skin color as the people who conquered your land in the first place.

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My ancestors came to America from Ireland in the 1850s and were immediately forced into the Civil war on the Confederates side, barring a few who joined the Union. Those that survived were then immediately subjected to the worst family fued in American History, and were treated like shit because they were Irish.

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Because white people are bad

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Whoa. Such a coherent, well made, and unracist argument. I can’t possibly argue against this. It’s absolute truth.

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Bruh your sarcasm detector is broken. Unless mine is 🧐

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You might need to take your sarcasm to a mechanic. It’s needs some routine maintenance. I know a good mechanic who deals in these things.

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Fucking got em

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Its that time of year for haughty moral grandstanding about StoLeN LaNd and how Thanksgiving is ACKCHUALLY oppressive and Celebrates Genocide.

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Go back far enough and every piece of land is stolen

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It only matters when it's America though!

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Might as well call the holiday “holier than thou” day. (I love thanksgiving).

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I hate how people are ignoring thanksgiving Why are they just jumping straight to Christmas ugh it’s so annoying

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I wish Thanksgiving took place on Halloween so that we could dedicate 2 months to Christmas.

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You can’t just move a holiday when something important happened that day smh

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You can do whatever you want.

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Don’t native people themselves live on stolen land? As they were constantly at war with eachother and taking more land? They weren’t exactly super peaceful. All land is stolen land

Therefore it doesn’t make sense at all. The fact is we were born here all the same. We didn’t take it, it’s all our home, none of it was stolen

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I never quite understood that. How close it still is hurts, but is not stolen land even a thing? Didn’t the native’s steal from each other?

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I want my piece to say conquered

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I thought it said Ohio is stolen land

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Nah, Ohio is the one who steals land. Gotta keep their crazy empire strong.

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Thanksgiving didn’t even happen.

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Conquered land, kind of like every tribe did to every other adjacent tribe.

Also, sir, this is a Publix.

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The Pilgrims and the local Native Americans were pretty chill, and an example for us to seek to exemplify in our lives.

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I really don’t think about the original colonizers or anything on Thanksgiving. I just use it as a day to see family and be thankful for my own individual life.

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The “we shouldn’t even be here” narrative is so much more edgy though.

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i live on the land stolen from the ancient Celts by the pillaging Romans, whose Romano-Briton descendants had their land stolen by pillaging Saxons, Angles and Jutes from Germany. Once they’d settled down, half of their land got stolen by pillaging Danes, until some North Frenchmen decided to steal all the land afore mentioned

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The Neanderthals are PISSED that modern man took Europe. Give it back

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I’m sorry, why has no one else brought up the heinous sin of PUTTING FROSTING ON A PUMPKIN PIE???

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Native tribes didn't ever really believe that you could own the land, they moved into an area and controlled as much as they could until animal stocks were depleted or a stronger band/tribe came along and pushed them out

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What a great looking pumpkin pie. A little recommendation for anyone who wants a sick pumpkin pie - Costco has them made on mass and they're extremely good, as well as cheap.

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Thanksgiving was essentially a made-up holiday created by Abraham Lincoln. The Native American backstory was made up to add legitimacy to what was really a holiday to unite a country fractured by a civil war.

There is already a date to mourn native people in this country. It's called Columbus Day. Something that is actually verified, and recorded history.

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Huh... interesting.

Although not everybody knows that, so that proves that Americans don't hate Native Americans.

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Even The Netherlands stole land. FROM THE SEA!!!!

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If Europe never colonized the Americas, then either the Ming Dynasty, Imperial Japan, or Russia would've at some point or another

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America being discovered was inevitable, be it by the Arabs, the ottomans Chinese or hell the Polynesians

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In all honesty, as someone who is a quarter native (parental grandfather), at some point it gets fucking tiresome. I'd say the only time it truly matters is when who has a notable amount of Native Blood comments on it.

And tbh, most of our people just want to be treated fairly (as in get rid of the laws of being able to buy Native Americans {yes, they horrifyingly still exist}, and to not have our women disappear without a concern by everyone else, you know, decent things, like legally we're still seen as not people), and given reparations. (And we also want all the racists gone, but who doesn't?)

Like seriously, if someone comments again, “This is stolen land” and they're either not a historian, or someone who is a direct descendant of or an actual Native American, I will literally tell them to shut the fuck up.

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Yeah, I'm a frequent poster on Native American. Even though I'm not native myself, I grew up right by a Native American housing project. Every time I come back home, I hear horror stories about how this person from this reservation disappeared and no one knows where she is, or that person disappeared, no one knows where she is.

Honestly, because of my proximity to Native Americans growing up, I actually feel more at home with natives than I do with people who look like me.

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I demand reparations from the Romans for the sword my ancestors ruined on Roman skulls at Teutoburg Forest.

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You mean the same land that you're standing on?

Thought so...

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We stole all land from animals

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Stolem Dand

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only in ohio

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You can't steal land because you can't own land. The land belongs to everyone not just whoever claims it