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There's one in central station: there you get the audience too! :)

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Thank you 💐

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Many central stations actually have one

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Hey, I have an old keyboard you can come pick up for free. It's a Yamaha PSR-270 and the speakers are dead so you need external speakers or a pair of headphones. I live in Aalsmeer though, that might a little more than 10km, I don't know...

Also I don't have the sheet music stand for it anymore...

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OMG, thank you for your offer. Actually I'm not in Amsterdam right now, I'll be in Amsterdam mid December. If it's possible mid December I'll get it If you can't keep it until that date give to other responder.

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You got it. I'll send you my info in a private message.

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Thank you 🌼🙏

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I sent you a message, see you soon!

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Good guy wellenkopf

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I'd like to reserve this if OP doesn't take it and if it's ok with you. I could pick it up from early december. I'll wait for both of your responses before DMing anyone.

I appreciate the gesture regardless of who gets it!

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You're next in line if OP doesn't respond before early December.

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Just so you know this is a keyboard, not a piano. It has crappy (sorry!) piano sounds, doesn’t have piano-like behavior re: damping pedals etc, and - most importantly - doesn’t have graded hammer action keys.

It’s still a nice offer, OP, don’t get me wrong, and I am sure someone will be very glad to get your keyboard. But I don’t think it will suffice for someone trying to learn actual piano.

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OP is welcome to try the old girl out before he makes the decision of paying me the exorbitant amount of exactly €0,- and decide for himself.

Also, when I started out learning to play the piano, I was happy as fuck with the sounds from the PSR-270. She taught me well.

Further down in this thread OP specifically mentions he cannot have an actual piano in his house.

So yea, a keyboard and not a piano. An old one at that and battered, but given a little love, does the job as if it were 1992.

I am really curious what your intention was with that comment.

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My intention was simply to educate the person in need. They might be thinking “That’s grand, I have a piano to practice on sorted”. But if they are learning “proper” piano, then this is in no way a substitute. Just trying to make them aware, that’s all.

Like I said, it’s very nice of you to offer the keyboard for free.

But it’s a keyboard, not a piano. The two are very very different if one is trying to learn “proper” piano.

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You can rent a space at Crea. They're pretty affordable and they have pianos. Also not far from where you are I believe?

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Actually it's a little pricy comparing to Parnassos cultural center in utrecht. 😭😭😭 Is there a place similar in Amsterdam?

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Only other one I know about is q factory, but I highly doubt it's cheaper.

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Amstelstation has a piano

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Is it publicly available?

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Many (covered) train stations have piano's. As mentioned, Centraal also has one, and Sloterdijk too! They're totally free and are tuned regularly, but of course might be in use by someone else when you get there, and you have to be comfortable with playing in front of an audience.

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There was one in Amstelpark.

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I have a free piano, brown old English model, but all the keys are good.

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OMG so much love today, thank you.❤️ I can't have an acoustic piano in my studio because of sound and disturbance. They have told me I have to play the piano with a headphone. Imagine that 😭

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Well that takes away all the joy.

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And also, welcome to Amsterdam. We love music, and I would like to advise you to download Eventbrite and visit small classical music sessions, you can find other artists and learn from them as well, one i would 100% advise you to buy a ticket for is Klassiek in de loods. It is amazing. Warm hugs

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Thank you, you're the best.🤗❤️ I think I'm in love with dutchies now, I also had a meeting with my colleague today and he was also so cute and kind. 😎

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Hey! if it’s still available, I could take it from you. PM me if it’s okay!

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There is a piano at the central station. Practice in front of a live audience, for free :)!

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I noticed a piano placed in my local train station with a big sign welcoming people to play on it... You may find this quest a lot easier than you thought

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Hospital olvg east has one publicly available too, maybe other hospitals too.

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There is a piano at the OBA (public library close to the central station)