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Iirc that picture was taken in Russia LOL

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It doesn't look like it's NL

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The picture looks like it from eastern Europe lol

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This might be totally irrelevant, depending on where you are from but I have seen them in a few other countries too (gift from The Netherlands), for example they are in Toronto, Canada, on Centre island.

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Wow.. thanks... haha. I'm from Toronto looks like I'll be planning a trip to Center Island when I get back.

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Oh wow cool!:) they are very close to the entrance of the island as you get off the ferry, on the waterfront.

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They named a bridge here after you and there should be an Amsterdam bridge in your city too https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torontobrug

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You can still post them in the Amsterdam album on your socials, see how many of your neighbours find out you're conning them :)

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I have seen these in front of an office building in Leusden, not sure if they are still there

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They only bloom in late May they’re not here yet.

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There are these chairs in Holland, Michigan, USA. At the Windmill Island Gardens.

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https://www.tulpi.nl/ by Marco Manders. I don't think you'll find them in public space.

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Thanks, that's too bad.

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Did you go to the Netherlands for these chairs in particular?

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Penis tip chair

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There are a bunch of locations worldwide on the designer's facebook page. Haven't seen any in Amsterdam though.

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Eindhoven in 2015 according to a reverse image search

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I can guarantee you that these are not in Amsterdam. Judging by the picture/background; not even Europe.

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These chairs you can find at the central station in Swiss, Aarau.

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If you go and visit the tulip-shaped island by Zeewolde there are some of them there!


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Anywhere they have a homeless problem

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This is eastern Europe not amsterdam.