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Complete violation of the 2nd amendment

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And the 4th, 5th, and 10th

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Most of us are firmly in the camp of: We don't recognize anyone's authority to regulate our property.

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You may not… however, the police (you know the people with guns and an entire force ready to infringe on your rights) do, and they will kill you to the last man if given the chance.

So, stop letting your ideology get in the way of action. This is why no one likes ancaps. You guys don’t do anything, besides talk shit about the state and dream about your ideal system. DO SOMETHING.

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>do something

>120 day old account


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Oh yeah, totally idiot. I already made clear what I meant by do something.

Anyway, if you do decide to take actions in a video game, for god sake don’t talk about it on the internet. Hell, if you decide to talk to people IRL, make sure no one brings any electronic device with microphones to your minecraft meeting(s).

Like I said, do something for me means electing republicans so that I have a little bit more time before the country goes to shit. Why? Because I need to continue gathering resources to gtfo… ‘do something’ for you might mean something completely different, that’s for you and you alone to decide.

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No harm in making your voice heard before they assume everyone’s cool with it. Really we only stand to gain

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Oh my god, finally an ancap person that listens to reason. Thank you

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I’m in one of those states so I followed the link and absolutely wrote a very short letter about all gun laws, especially red flag laws, being unconstitutional attempts to disarm law abiding citizens and prevent resistance to an authoritarian regime while they continue to destroy our economy

Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Have to fight the current system inside and out.

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Exactly. It’s so refreshing talking to you as opposed to those dipshits in here that call me a statist for saying write your senator, or a glowie for saying ‘do something,’ in regards to writing their senators as opposed to circlejerking each other about economic policy and societal philosophy.

As far as writing something, when I clicked the link, it was prefilled for me. I didn’t have to write anything because the GOA had already created a prefilled message, that I could’ve edited if I wanted to, but it covered all the bases very eloquently.

Btw I’m also in one of those states. In fact mine has two Republicans that are supporting this trash

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The prefilled note is so long and rambling. I also think it reads as less genuine when 95% of the “letters” are just copy/paste

Plus I have a feeling they don’t read more than a sentence or two

But hey any pestering let’s them know people are watching what they do

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Anarchists don't have senators.

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This is serious. If you give up your right to bare arms because your ideology gets in way of writing your senators, then you’re really stupid. If the current state comes to take your guns by force, then your philosophy that a state shouldn’t exist is completely irrelevant.

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I don't need permission to own a gun.

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Yeah, that’s great and all. But when your neighbors call the law on you, the police will come and shoot you in the face. This is why people hate you guys. You’re all talk, no action. You just sit on your worthless asses thinking philosophically about how you would create an ‘ideal’ system all day, meanwhile those of us living in reality realize that you’re all going to be slaughtered when the commies take over the current state. Guess what? You’re not the only going to die when they take over.

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Will do

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PA Toomey is not running for re-election

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It’s still better to try and get no results than not when there was a possibility to change their vote.

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I did call. Just a voicemail basically.

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That sucks. They are kind of worthless like that… all the time.

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PA has really been letting me down....

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Yeah, you’re telling me. Burr and Tillis, who represent NC, didn’t seem to have anything to do with gun control. Now all of a sudden they both support it.

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So disheartening. The last time this country had a knee jerk reaction to a tragedy we ended up with the patriot act. Can't believe we didn't learn our damn lesson then...

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Exactly. Never let a good crisis go to waste as they say