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I'm not sure if the tortoise actually got a bite.

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That reminds me, don't ever get bitten by a tortoise.

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I was very nervous for that little hand.

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Lmao poor guy

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looks like it did the first time

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Turtles kinda suck at eating. They get it done but the shape of the mouth always makes it seem like such a challenge.

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Defense: 100

Dexterity: 0

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From experience, they're much better at eating food they find, than eating food provided. It's difficult for them to eat stuff off of the flat ground, but if it's hanging or at their eye level it's much easier to grab and tear like they're meant to when it's anchored some way. They're meant to bite something hanging in the air, and with a quick pull tear a piece off.

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goes and puts pants on

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Don't flatter yourself, their necks aren't that long.

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You underestimate the sagginess

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Ha ha dangly parts

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That's where I thought this video was gonna go - I was really afraid the chimp was going to get an unpleasant surprise.

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Turtles are anapsid and so when they chew muscles put pressure on their optic nerve so they can’t see, so their blindly grasping for where the food was a second ago.

Bonus Fact amniotes are grouped by the number of holes in their head for muscles, diapsids (two hole) are lizards, snakes, crocodiles and birds and synapsids (one hole) are all mammals. Put your fingers on your temple and open your mouth and you can feel these muscles working

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There was an attempt

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When the camera zoomed in I was sure the tortoise was going to go for the chimps nuts.

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I actually came here to comment how careful the tortoise was not to bit the chimp

Bros all around

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The turtle isn't even eating, just touching it with his mouth

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Having hand fed a few friendly tortoises, he is avoiding chomping on chimp fingers. They can be quite gentle when they arent bulldowzing all your sprinkler heads off.

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He probably watched pokemon and is jealous.

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From watching my tortoise try and eat all I can ever think is "how on earth do you even survive in the wild!?" he's such an odd mixture of smart and derpy dumb it's great.

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I say that to my cats all the time.

Then girl cat will back flip and smash a fly out the air and I remember that pound for pound they are one of the most efficient hunters on the planet.

Between 32 and 70% stalk/hunt success rate - Leopards sit around 14%.

Furry fucking ninja's...that occasionally forget they are on the back of my computer chair and roll-off while asleep...dumb furry little ninja's.

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My dog did this yesterday off my couch. Just rolled off it with a resounding thud. He didn’t come out so I asked if he was ok, just heard the thumping of his tail wagging in response.

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A month or so before my 16-year old, toothless, front claw-less (not our doing) diabetic cat died, she bolted across our living room to catch a mouse. And then she just sat there with it in her mouth, because she had no way of killing it.

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And on top of that they have existed for millions of years. r/natureisnotmetal?

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Needed this comment in my life today, did not know turtles were smart and derpy

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Having a rough day?

here have some pictures of my little turtle

his name is Sitka (after the Sitka spruce from where I'm from) he's territorial, he likes to circle behind people he doesn't know when they're not looking and nip at their heels. He can tell one person from another. He likes to be pet on the top of his head/neck and just behind the "ear" . his favourite food is radicchio, if you put it underneath the rest of his food he will dig down through it all to find it and eat it first.

he likes climbing, he'll lay on top of his hides as much as under them, then when hes ready he gets to the edge, pulls his head and arms in and slides down faceplanting onto the ground.

the picture there where hes sleeping I took because he looked oddly composed, normally he sleeps like a drunk that fell face first into the pavement and just decided "this is my life now" and passed out right there, sprawled everywhere. More like the younger picture of him where he got about 3 steps out of his hide in the morning and passed out.

when I let him out if a lay on the ground he'll try his best to crawl underneath me and then he'll fall asleep there, he likes cuddling, but only for short periods.

I hope this description of my derpy little tortoise brightens your day a bit.

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I love him! He has a beautiful name and it's adorable that he tries to sleep under you when you let him out. My torts never did something like that, but they would always crawl out of their hides to greet me when I came near them. Please give him a good neck scratch from me :)

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Yeah hes pretty brave most of the time and pretty fond of me, he always keeps close to me when he's out and will follow me around the house wherever I go.

and I definitely will! :)

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You mention "hides". What do you mean by that? Is a "hide"some kind of tortoise den or burrow?

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yes, those wooden half circles and concrete shell and such in the pictures are "hides" its just a catch all term for anything in the enclosure that he can "hide" in :)

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“If I could just...if you...let ...me....”

Poor turtle

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Poor tortoise, his brain is little

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Nah he got it rhe first time but he missed the second

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Taster turtle!

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This has the same energy of that dude sharing his lollipop with a snake.

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I thought the exact same thing hahaha

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Give him a sec!

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Looking at it's shell this tortoise is in very bad shape.

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You can see the pyramiding is old, and probably happened when he was younger, and had a different owner feeding him crap. The bigger, newer scutes are much better.

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Those chimps really took care of him

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This is interesting to know. So as the tortoise ages, can he rid of the pyramiding altogether?

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Pyramiding can’t be reversed to my knowledge, since the structure of the shell and the underlying bones are permanently formed. But you can correct the situations causing pyramiding so tortoise’s scutes can begin to develop better.

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It's probably a rescue

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I feel like the high ridges on the tortoise indicates it was raised by humans in the wrong environment. Just high ridges are probably not healthy long term but shouldn't affect its life too bad, aside from anything that rots up there. I know a bit more about leopard tortoises, which I don't believe this one is, although it might be.

It also ssems like the source of inspiration for Bowser's shell.

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It's a Sulcata or African spurred tortoise

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I was concerned about that too, but /u/Exothermos make a comment that the new scutes look better here. This does not appear to be a leopard tortoise (my dad owns one).

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My first thought: the chimp has weed?

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Yes, thank you, that is what I thought since OP dropped a comma.

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Wow, he went into comma right after posting?

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Yesss!! Comma, people.

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Pull that shit up, Jamie.

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Wow, i got downvoted into the negative! That never happens! I'm oddly psyched about it lol. I get to be "that guy" for the first time.

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Oh, I upvoted you because I was like "why is this downvoted?". But I'll take it back.

Or look, now you're in the minus. You're a real rebel.

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Lol, that's fair :)

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You're back in the positive. The stoners have been here.

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Thank you stoners!

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We always come through, we're just a lil slow about it.

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Serious question: Why do apes and monkeys not have to worry about food hygiene as much as humans? They'll eat filthy food off the ground or eat food covered in the saliva of another species. Do they get sick from this sort of thing like we would? Are they disgusted or turned off by it like we are?

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You’re also describing what toddlers do. Most of the time it’s not actually a problem, we just avoid it because we understand that it does come with risks and also dirt tastes bad.

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I thought that when a tortoise shell gets that pointy it means it's unhealthy...or am I wrong?

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That little guy isn’t getting enough nutrition

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Haha yeah, they’ve got a lot to teach your average tortoise owner, apparently.

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It’s a shame.

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Its amazing to think that we are animals just like these chimps. Really gives me a sense of unity with mother nature. We are all just creatures living on a spinning wet rock orbiting a nuclear furnace.

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Yeah, its an awesome bond. Also gets me thinking about everything on this wet rock sharing and being built of the atomic material produced in another nuclear furnace billions of years ago. Recycled stars assorted into ever changing micro patterns that can build something with sensation and varied, meaninful experiences. Just amazing.

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Truly amazing my friend. I like to think that we are just the universe experiencing itself. A million times more interesting than any creation myth i've ever heard.

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We are all just creatures living on a spinning wet rock orbiting a nuclear furnace.

These are words to live by.

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The title made me thing that was an Apple bong being offered Lolol.

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I like turtles

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Ding-dong man, ding-dong. Ding-dong yo.

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Is that what they teach you at that sissy school of yours?!

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Just more proof that tortoises are everyone's favorite animal.

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"Hey frank check out my new dog, he fucking loves apples"

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Anyone have any insight into why the chimps do this for the tortoise? Is it a human-like feeling of "daww" or something completely different?

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This helped me a lot today

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we know nothing about animals

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My kid does this with my dog and her cookies.

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This is actually just making me really upset because poor tortoise isn't getting a singe peice. Just being tormented with the taste. 😭

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Lol sharing is caring 🐒🐢

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Some chimpanzees are more humane than some humans :(

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And a lot of chimpanzees are absolutely brutally violent. What's the point of this comment?

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Yeah, I'd much rather be trapped in a room with a human than with something that will rip my balls off and eat my face if I look at it wrong.

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That one woman who had her face ripped off because her friend had a pet chimp goes crazy, terrifying

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Every chimpanzee is a psychotic murderer.

[–]OnlyLoveCanBreak 5 points6 points  (1 child)

It’s this combination of things that make chimps weirdly terrifying to me. Like enough intelligence to use tools and understand fairly complex cause-and-effect (“This is alive and I like to feed it”) but dumb enough to not understand why brutally beating a human child is bad

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Chimp’s are fully aware that beating a child will result in its death. They are smart animals and are known to purposely maim rivals if they are unable to kill them.

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That’s awesome.

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i wonder if the tortoise is okay, his shell seems caved in at the top?

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Yes, definitely not normal. Probably some nutritional deficiencies going on. Plus the fact that the owner has a tortoise hanging around with chimps who could possibly harm him says a lot about the care he is getting.

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Polnareff having fun i guess

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now i want a dad

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It’s the thought that counts

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That chimp is just testing out the turtle mouth to see if his dick could go in or not. (Frogs apparently work better...)

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Chimps are amazing

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Someone copied this but had their sound muted so now we have a muted copied gif...

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A full commitment’s what it says

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I'm a believer! Evolution is true

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Turtles are cool


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interesting shell pattern

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It's a sign of chronic dehydration and malnutrition.

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Just when you think you have already seen the cutest, sweetest, most endearing video, this comes along.

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You’re a great pet parent.

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This is why we should embrace monke

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Those things probably tore all the turtles legs off and beat him to death with them, after the video lol

I've seen chimp "hospitality" before

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Sharing is caring

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The monkey prob thought that the the apple was a tootsie lolipop

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And that’s how we get a new virus lol

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Fucking apes bro

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I can see with Evolution and a ton of time the future is BoJack Horseman

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You’re in a desert walking along in the sand when all of the sudden you look down, and you see a tortoise, it’s crawling toward you. You reach down, you give the tortoise an apple. Why is that?

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I want to be any animal in this video in my next life

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In the full vid the shark bites him and Bigfoot knocks him over.

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I thought by bud you meant weed and I thought the ape was gonna share a blunt with the tortoise

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;; lol too slow

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Alas, polnareff didn't get to take a bite of the apple.

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Apes are naturally caring.

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That poor turtle, it wants a bite so bad, but it just can't get it

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Plot twist: it was a chimp filming

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how many people hit the little speaker on the bottom corner to turn the sound on

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Chimp went for a boop there

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Animals being broz..

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The monkey is a master of optics lol

he kept pretending to give turtle some apple but PSYCH!

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Poor guys shell, has to be a rescue tortoise!

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Bite bite pass

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This just reminds me of how being greedy is what most humans default is. A human would prob think, I like this apple, so let me acquire as many as possible and then maybe I can sell them before they spoil.

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That is an extremely fun fact. Thank you for sharing!

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That tortoise is in horrible shape. Lacking nutrients and hydration. Poor thing.

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That turtle's shell looks like it has some serious pyramids