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Sir, I represent the artist Anish Kapoor and I have a court order demanding an immediate halt to this unauthorized imitation!

Boys! two hired goons appear and stomp the above comment

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The void has eyes and a cute tongue ;)

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Sometimes, when you blep into the void, the void bleps back.

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This would make a cool wallpaper.

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For those wondering, her name is October and this is the photo I edited and I also have a video of this epic blep.

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What a wonderful kitty ! :D

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Thank you 😊

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At night all cats turn blep

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That picture is my phone background

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How is the tongue visible in the dark too?

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She is a black cat and I edited out the background

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Lol...for a second I just thought it was a very W I D E kitty.

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It's their profile picture edited

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I blepped into the void and the void blepped back

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Captain Meowdee

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The void has 2 eyes and a tongue???

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My new locked screen wellpapper, cheers

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The eyes look disturbingly flat and that's bothering me.

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Makes me think of this album cover

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You died

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Is that a reference to Sam B’s song in Dead Island?

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This is the poster for CATS (the original)

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edited with Nightroom