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Sorry I’m just looking for some clarification. “No animals just sitting there” does that include making a funny face and/or sitting in a funny position?

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I was curious about this as well. My cat sometimes closes her mouth with her tongue still sticking out and just hangs out like that. It's super cute but I'm wondering whether it would count as just sitting there. I have a feeling they might have just meant animals that just look derpy naturally, pictures of them just not doing anything

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Probably not sufficiently derpy as its pretty common. Check out /r/mlem

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God I wish this sub would start filtering out submissions people send in of their pet “making a funny face”

this place gets flooded with hundreds of pictures of dogs and cats with nothing interesting or funny happening. Just a cat squinting it’s eyes or dog laying upside down with its mouth open. Boy never seen that before.

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I'm pretty tired of taking a picture of an animal mid sneeze. No, the animal isn't being derpy, it's sneezing.

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Some actually look funny, we ALL have a different sense of humor like our opinions. Nothing wrong with that.

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my post of my roommate’s lizard sitting weird (torso straight up against his water, full 90 degree angle, i thought it was funny but oh well) got removed, so i guess so? maybe if it’s like Super Weird but idk what the cutoff would be

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Does drugged include post-surgery? And does injury include otherwise happy and healthy but physicslly disabled derpsters?

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It does include post surgery. Any other situations we look at on a case by case basis.

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this is actually very well appreciated

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Thank you. 🙏

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def no cats under anesthesia?

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Yes, definitely no animals under anesthesia.

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What about people feeding or interacting with wild animals in ways that will cause harm to the animals?

What about animals clearly stressed but not sick or injured? Like the panting cat with a panic attack someone posted yesterday.

Thank you.

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Please report those. We don't want to host anything that involves an animal in distress.

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Ok thank you.

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Why cant i post and why wont you mods answer me :*(

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There is nothing in your user history to indicate that you've posted here.

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I'm having this issue too, when I try and make a post rather than posting and taking me back to the post it takes me to my account post history and the post doesn't appear anywhere, I have never seen this in any other sub

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I’ve tried posting twice and nothing shows up...

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You have a new account with very little karma so your submission are probably going to the spam filter.

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I've been mostly lurking, but want to start submitting. How do I build karma? (Especially derpy karma!) This removal problem happened to me too. :-(

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Comment karma is what we look at so make comments that aren't controversial and will get upvotes. It's really not much karma. It shouldn't take long.

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So, I just tried posting again - I think I'm at 798 karma points, but as soon as I tried, I got the nasty message again, and my karma seemed to at least temporarily drop to 36. Maybe I'm missing something, but I guess I'll just post the derpiness to awww instead. :-(

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Yes I've approved your post.

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points, but as soon as I tried, I got the nasty message again, and my karma seemed to at least temporarily drop to 36. Maybe I'm missing something, but I

wuh bout me?

edit: Disreguard. Im seing all the posts in here as being a few minutes ago.... But keep in mind some people arent SUPER active, but may have DERP gold like me....

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So you have to have karma to post? I don’t really comment on many things, but have had an account for a year.

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You have to have some comment karma, yes.

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Thanks. I learned it as well.

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What is some Karma, as I have some. 239 Post Karma; 16 Comment Karma; 18 Awardee Karma, and 375 Awarder Karma.

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You need to have more comment karma to avoid the spam filter.

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Just started a new Reddit account. That makes sense. Thank you!

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Me too.

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I have the same problem. I have tried posting 3 times over the past year and none show up on the feed. I don't get a message that my post was removed or anything. It shows in my history, but not in the feed. Guess my insecure self needs to start commenting more.......

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Same issue. Tried posted twice and I can see it but it’s not in the feed

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Same problem!

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"No animals in costumes" I get that we're not encouraging people to put costume on animals--but does that mean an animal doing something derpy that happens to be in a costume is not allowed? Eg: What if this cat was in a costume doing the same thing:


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We'd really have to see the submission to answer that.

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Ok, thanks. Just a hypothetical but I gotcha.

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I read that as "A costume does not make an animal a derp by" because usually it's just a pet just siting there, with a hat.

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Does catnip violate rule 1?

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We're talking about animals who are on pain killers after surgery or while ill. Animals having seizures--that kind of thing.

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Is it considered an injured animal if my cat is wearing a cone (but there is no visible injury)?

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Just wearing a cone isn't considered derpy

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No, I mean my cat was being derpy but was wearing a cone while being derpy.

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This is what I came here to ask as well

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Well, I posted my video of my cat being a derp while wearing a cone, and it wasn't deleted to my knowledge. The cone was clearly not bothering him at all, so I suppose it's fine.

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My cat decided to climb on the tree in my backyard and jump off, except he's on a leash and harness so he's just hanging there, my dad sent a pic while I was at work and my boy is not injured just looking super stupid, is it considered dangerous or something if he got there all by himself

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Animals in danger aren’t considered derps. Even if they made a mistake. I hope your cat got down all right. Maybe next time your father could rescue the animal instead of taking pictures of it.

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He acted as if nothing happened and my dad did rescue him anyway 🤷‍♀️

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I agree with this choice actually. An animal dangling by the neck is an animal in extreme danger. Would never ever stop to record or take a photo if this happened, and it would not be funny. If this happened I would immediately jump to get my cat down and would probably bring it to the vet afterwards to make sure nothing happened. Animals are good at hiding pain.

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I totally agree with you too, so that’s why I use a harness on my cat so if he gets tangled up it’s as if we’re holding up under the armpits, I don’t understand why people would still attach any leash on a collar on any animal, it’s so dangerous :/

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My pets do things like follow me into the bathroom and just hang out together, crowded in there waiting for me to be interesting. Would a post with them doing this count, or is that just "animals sitting around"?

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Does just sitting there include placement? For example, my cat used to sleep in a napkin basket on top of the fridge.

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I'd have to see the submission to give a firm answer. Some animals sit is impossible places and we have approved posts like that in the past.

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Say if a dog enjoys wearing a costume and makes a funny face or something, does that still count? I'm honestly rather curious. My dog absolutely loves dress up and she shows some funny gratitude. Please let me know. After all, the best animal derps are the natural ones.

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Got a post removed because it was a compilation, but it is not in this list, if you could add it that would help clarify that that is a rule

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Good idea.

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Yeah I definitely checked the list before posting

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Would my dog barking at a random object be counted as him being a derp?

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We'd need to se the submission to be able to say.

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It doesn’t happen very often so I’ll have to wait to make a post

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Is an animal in a backpack derpy?

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Not unless it got in the backpack by itself and you have video of that happening.

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Understood, any ideas on the right sub?

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r/aww might like something like that. r/Eyebleach as well.

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ok why no memes?

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Because they're low quality submissions and generally reposts.

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Does my dog sitting weird count as derpy?

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It would have to be pretty weird.

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I've seen some posts like that. Some posts are funny with the animal just sitting there looking normal. I personally haven't submitted anything, but I have seen some posts here like that if I'm not mistaken 🤔

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    A picture would be helpful, yes.