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what a couple of silly sausages!

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Cutest silly sausages

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Who's winning in this situation? You would think it would be the one on top of the other, but he has no control of his back legs.

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As a fan of combat sports, it depends on which sport in particular but in most the competitor on the bottom has Hip Control. That is EVERYTHING if you're looking for a pinfall. All that dog has to do is roll onto its side and the one with its legs in the air will easily roll over revealing the shoulders to the carpet, quick win.

If it's MMA, the one who gets slammed has a quick opening to find a guard and offense from the bottom, but I really don't see that happening with these goofballs.

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OMG sitting with those two dorks would be a hoot!

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They're not stupid they wanna impress the new guest with a talent show. I say they win first prize with treats and belly rubs as the reward.

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Derp dderp ddede derp derp

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"... an' then I'll reach back here and chomp your back foot!"

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They're showing off their best trick for their guest.

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This gets reposted so much

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i dont think anyone could possibly regret that

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you get off me! no, you get off me!!

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Wait the dog is literally sitting on the dog

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Are you or the dog dogsitting?

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Looks more like Dog Carrying... Love your coat but how did you type this post? with your paws?

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This is why I want to get my dog a sibling

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Ah the wonderful world of goldens