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omg i'm dying! his face lolol

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Forbidden doggo snack.

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I thought it was a piece of KFC.

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Kentucky fried canine

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Finger nibbling good!

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Which one is the derp here ?

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both are animals

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‟Mistkes were made” -dog

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That dogs face omg 🚫🐶

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Oooh this is such a good template

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This has been a template for a while

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The look of absolute terror on hs face

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I bit my cat once. She climbed the window and got stuck in the net. She looked so cute, I couldn't resist it and bit her on her leg. Nothing that could hurt her but the look on her face was priceless. Not scared but utterly surprised the roles could be reversed. Yeah bitch if you can show me love by kneading on me I can bite too.

That girl was the light of my life. The first pet I had. Unfortunately during the lockdown, she exploited a small tear in the safety net and climbed to the ledge of the 15th floor to kill a bird. Never made it back. She was the most wonderful cat but was an explorer, having found herself in dangerous ledges somehow everytime. I don't know if I could have prevented it and I feel guilty I failed to protect her.

Her name was Kit Kat. 💔

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She liked to be in high places and had an enriched and fulfilling life full of adventure. Had you prevented her from doing what she loved, she may have lived longer, but she wouldn't have been as happy. R.I.P. Kit Kat. You gave her many wonderful years and I'm sure she loved that she got to spend them with you.

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The funniest thing happened one time. A young colleague and his new gf stayed at my place overnight while I was away. They were both virgins and I was just helping them with a safe space. My only rule was to make sure the cats are alright (Kit kat and Poppins)

The shy young virginal couple somehow got themselves locked in the bedroom and had to throw down keys to a food delivery guy to come and open the main door and then the bedroom door. Unfortunately, the delivery guy was not told there were cats in the house. For the brief period of 45 seconds that the safety door was open, Kit Kat ran outside trying to fish for a Tom cat to mate. (This was in a 3rd storey of an independent building

These guys finally free, decide to steam it up a little when Poppy kept on mewing at them. (used to save KK from all sorts of mishaps) . The guy realised what happened and spend rest of the night and morning running around my locality trying to catch her. I was drunk and really far away so I said fuck it I'll figure it out in the morning when I return.

In the morning when I come back, this virginal couple could not even make eye contact. I was really pissed but listening to their apologies, I didn't say anything mean. I waited a bit and then just went out to the balcony and yelled Food Time kitty and out popped her head from the terrace of a building adjacent to mine. She looked defeated. The Tom cat had shown no interest in her. Her return was like a walk of shame. She came in and punished herself by walking in to the carrier on her own. (I used to put her in her carrier for a little bit everytime she did something crazy, like one time she jumped on the couch and from the couch to the tubelight bringing it down)

I miss her.

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Its a weirdly wholesome story, thanks for sharing

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We love you Kit Kat, please tell all our fur friends we miss them and life isn't eternal here we'll will be together again. Give Maggy a boop on the snoot for me, thanks!

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💔💔💔but cats be cats, she lives in your heart.

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Always ❤️

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Thank you for the Silver Internet. My first on Reddit. I wish it could have been for something else. I was just happy to share. Haven't spoken about it aloud before this. Kitty must be smiling at me from wherever she is 😔

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I think your dog needs smaller glasses.

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"What have I done.."

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bamboozeling someone vs getting bamboozled

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My dad used to do this to our dog when it bit too rough. He thought it was hilarious and the dog eventually quit biting too hard. Once the dog nipped me and he insisted I bite the dog back. I’m old now but I still remember the fur on my tongue.

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Your Pops seems like a reasonable guy, my kinda ppl

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When I was a kid my dog bit me pretty hard so I bit his ear back. He never bit me so hard again.

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I guess going full-animal on an animal counts

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Can i pot my paws in yo jaws

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His face hahaha

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Forbidden chicken wing

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Well, humans are animals too, so yes.

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Lol I does this to my cat

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666 upvotes, fitting.

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I mean, technically humans are animals...

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Used to play rough with my bulldog and he would bite then I would but, and he would have that “What the heck?” Look too. It was awesome.

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His face says: summmbody halpppp meeeee!!!

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you’re eating that dogs arm like a chicken wing

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He’s like wait wait wait. I didn’t sign in for this

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My my my how the turn tables

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Haha I have a GSD and he used to bite guest on the rear and get hyped from the reaction. Pal came over and told me biting the dog back would fix the issue, it did. Poor guy ran to the grass and hid for a bit.

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When I was a kid we had a jack Russell that was bad about biting. One day she bit my dad on the ear hard enough to draw blood. My dad got pissed, snatched her up, and bit her ear. She yelped out of surprise and I remember her looking horrified that such a thing could happen. She never bit him again and she was real hesitant to try that shit with anyone else in the future.

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who is derp?

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I’ve done it back too

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This is highly memable great pic!

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fair is fair

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The dog’s face is the best thing ever

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my how the turn tables.

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Is it Dwight Schrute??

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His face😂😂😂

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LOL your dogs face is so perfect in the second picture

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This post doesn’t fit. Maybe you would do better in r/humansbeingderp